November Favourites 2014

I am a bit late with the November Favourites but that's mainly because I was on holiday and work was so busy when I got back. Apart from that, most of the products I have been loving from my October Favourites have been pretty much the same. I have a few new products so I thought I may share them with you.

Skincare  Favourite Products
During Winter, my skin just goes completely nuts and it was even worse when I went on holiday but I think it may have been down to the junk food I was eating. Anyway, I put in a little more effort during Winter so my skin looks good and withstands all the dryness that comes with Winter. I have been using more oils and moisturising skincare products. I recently stumbled upon facial massaging which you can do for yourself and I love it. I picked up the Body Shop Facial Massager/Roller which is amazing for massaging the face and helps in ensuring any facial oil used is well absorbed. I just love it! Moving on to Body Care/Body Skin Care, I  generally hate using creams on my body because I just feel it's too much of a palaver and faff in the morning and I hardly use any body cream on the regular. I guess I am just lucky that I have oily skin so it goes unnoticed during the warmer weather but during Winter, I am forced to use a moisturiser for my body because it feels really dry and ashy especially around my elbows. I have gone back to my old love and all-time favourite body cream which is the E-45 Moisturising Lotion and it is very good for all skin types but particularly if you have drier skin. It is non-greasy and absorbs really easily into my skin while keeping it moisturised and fresh all day.

Makeup and Makeup Brushes Favourites
As mentioned earlier, I have been loving and using pretty much the same makeup as always but I recently made two new additions. I picked up the Makeup Forever HD Foundation during my last trip to Paris and I have not stopped using it ever since. I love it and it has been on my wish list for the longest time but it's sadly not sold in the UK. I plan a full review soon so I won't give away too much but I really like it. I have also been loving the Sleek Blush in Sahara which is also an old favourite and I think it was one of the first blushes I bought from Sleek . I have repurchased it a couple of times and I think it is one of the most flattering blushes they make. It can be used as a blush, transition eye shadow colour and even a contour/bronzer. I use it mainly as a blush and as an eyeshadow transition colour and I am obsessed with it. I have also been using my YSL Baby Doll Mascara non-stop because it does such an excellent job for my eyelashes. It holds a curl, lengthens and volumizes the lashes without any clumping. It's so worth the hefty price tag. I have also been unhealthily obsessed with my Sephora Brushes which I picked up from Sephora in Paris. Again, I have used them every single day and I love them. I picked up the Multi tasker brush #45 and Pro Air Brush #55 but I would review them separately so watch out for that.

Fragrance and Nail Care Favourites
Although it is Winter an I think I should be going for heavier scents, I just find myself picking up the Zara Oriental Fragrance because I just love it. It smells like a mix of fruity and floral scent with a twist of musk. I love how simple it is but the lasting power is not the best although I don't mind reapplying it during the day. For Nail Polish, I have been loving the Barry M Nail Polishes in Bright Red and Bright Purple (and yes, those are their names) and I think they are very appropriate for the season (Christmas and A/W). They are so easy to apply and they do not chip easily especially when you pair it with the ultimate Top Coat-Seche Vite. That's it folks and I hope you had an amazing month and you are enjoying December. See you in my next post...x


  1. need to try this ZARA perfume :)..the SEPHORA brushes are amazing..i have 2 back ups of the #45(psychotic i know :) )

    1. Hahahha we are both Psychotic in that case as I have some backups from Real Techniques brushes and I am definitely going to buy back ups for these Sephora Brushes because they are amazing!!! Zara Perfumes need to go on your list asap...x

  2. Dying to try the Makeup Forever HD Foundation! I love the loo of the purple Barry M nail polish too :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

    1. Me too!! I have been dying to use it for such a long time and I was really scared to buy it from Ebay so a trip to Sephora was high on my list all for this baby...a review would be up soon!!..Barry M nail polishes are so lush and underrated..Me thinks!!!..x


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