How to take care of Costume Jewellery + Rings Haul

I just looked through my archives and realised the last time I featured rings on this blog was exactly one year ago!! That's insane and I have actually checked my stash and I have not really bought any rings at all. It's mainly because I just like very simple understated rings and vintage-esque rings. The ones I like are quite expensive and the ones which are affordable have really silly designs. Finally, I found these rings from Miss Selfridge and I absolutely love them. These ones are not particularly understated or simple but I love how they tried to mimic proper vintage rings. They just look like expensive rings/heirlooms that you can inherit from a great, that's what I am telling myself!! I just really like them and I am on the haunt for more of this kind of design. The best thing about these rings is they were on sales for only £3.50. I have had them for a little over a month and I have worn them almost every day and they have not tarnished. That's one of the major reasons why I like these kind of vintage-y rings because they look worn in already so they don't tarnish or look tarnished easily. These rings don't have any names but I would try and describe them as well as I can (I know the names I have christened them do not match them at all...let's just pretend they do!). If you are wondering about the size, I picked up the medium which is slightly loose but the small size was a little too snug on my fingers and I can't stand that feeling.

Spiral Silver and Garney Stone Ring
I was actually scared this would tarnish faster than the others but as I mentioned none of them have actually tarnished. I really like how understated it looks even though it has the tiny spiral designs around it. The faux garnet stone looks very flattering on my skin and it offsets the silver really well because I think silver rings look slightly less flattering on my fingers than gold ones. I wear this on my third finger or sometimes on my index finger and it goes well with other rings.

Rhinestone Encrusted Silver Ring
This is not quite a shiny silver colour and I really like that because it looks more wearable on my skin compared to a really shiny silver. I think this is my favourite ring of the lot because it just feels and looks much more expensive than it is. I like the little encrusted rhinestones which is also understated and you hardly notice it except when it catches the light. The best thing about this ring is it fits three of my fingers really well; my index finger, third finger and ring finger. I love this ring so much but the only snag is you can't layer another ring on it because of the slightly curved design.

Brass Toned Turquoise Ring
If this was sold separately, I am not sure I would have picked it which would have been a shame because I really like it. It is slightly bigger than the other rings so it fits best on my middle finger. It is also not as simple as the others but I love it for being really different. I think this would be the last to tarnish when these rings finally get around to it simply because it already has a brassy tone to it so it would be less noticeable. I think this looks the most flattering on my fingers as it's warm toned and it kind of makes my fingers longer than they are.

Tips on preventing costume jewellery from tarnishing
1. Protect them from moisture and water; remove them when washing your hands and when taking a shower/bath.
2. Keep them stored in a cool dry place instead of exposing them to air which can aid in tarnishing it faster.
3. I know some people suggest painting them with top coat nail polishes/varnishes but I don't really do that and my costume jewellery lasts really well but if it works for you, that's fab.
4. Avoid spraying perfume/fragrances on them as it would tarnish quicker than you can say tarnish when it comes in contact with water/air. This also goes for oils and makeup.
5. If it gets dirty, wipe with a clean microfibre cloth and make sure it is dry and not moist/wet.
That's pretty much it and I hope you enjoyed this post and I would see you in my next post...have a fab weekend.


  1. Good tips! And I love the rings you picked out :) I've got out of the habit of wearing them but Topshop and Miss Selfridge do some lively packs xx

    Magpie Jasmine || Palette Giveaway: Urban Decay, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced

    1. Thanks Jasmine and yes, I totally ignored wearing rings for a while because I could not find a perfect set but Miss Selfridge, Topshop and even Pull and Bear have amazing rings!!..x


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