Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition Perfume/Fragrance Review

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been wonderful especially because Monday was a bank holiday which I think is the perfect way to top off a weekend. Best of all, I was finally able to secure a new flat share so I will be moving in soon; I really cannot wait. For this long weekend, I went into Kingston to see my boyfriend who lives there and we decided to take a nice walk round the Town Centre because the Sun was out and indeed it was a very beautiful day. In Kingston, there is a nice shopping mall which is called Bentalls which houses so many lovely high end and high street stores ranging from beauty brands to fashion and so on. Just beside this mall is John Lewis which is also another wonderful mall with so many brands to feast your eyes on. 

Over time, I have learned to restrain myself from going overboard with all the beautiful things. So, I was quite content with window shopping and browsing but my loving boyfriend decided to surprise me with a perfume; Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition. I was very surprised and extremely pleased.. :-))))

 I know quite a lot of you are familiar with Marc Jacobs Perfumes especially with his Best Selling Daisy and Lola. I absolutely love Marc Jacobs Perfumes especially the Daisy Series and the Lola series. I feel it captures youthfulness and femininity all in one spray.  Marc Jacobs perfumes have become a favorite classic among many women over the years. 

    Marc Jacobs Sunshine Editions

Also, the way the Marc Jacobs bottles are designed always make them stand out among all other perfumes on your vanity because they always have either an exaggerated flower or petal on the design with bright colors.

I totally heart them. The Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition is one of the limited edition fragrances that were launched in earlier this year, just in time, for Spring and Summer despite how dodgy the UK weather has been of late.

The fragrance is really enchanting and exotic at the same time. Its top notes are made up of a mix of guava, mandarin and sweet red currant which lends it its fruity scent while its heart tones are made up of a floral mix of  the lily of the valley, lychee and violet which helps creates a balance of a floral scent. 

When it is first sprayed, the first notes that hit you are the fruity ones which settle after a while to a mixture of the floral and fruity tones which finally settles to its slight base notes of blonde woods and musk which I absolutely love.

I am in love with its packaging because it is so pretty and I foresee it adorning my vanity long after its contents are gone . The outer packaging is made up of a white paper background embossed with many tiny pretty lil' colorful daisies. The outer packaging is quite firm just like many other high end perfume packaging. 

The bottle itself is a 50 ml bottle which looks slightly smaller than an average 50 ml perfume bottle but it is definitely 50 ml. It has a slight curve to it which makes it fit easily into your palm which I love because I have really small hands :-). The lid/cap of the perfume bottle is designed in the typical Marc Jacobs Daisy designs with an exaggerated flower or petal lid but with a nice sweet twist. With the new trend of Acid/Neon popping colors, the Marc Jacobs perfume designers are spot on. 

The lid is made up of three large flower petals in Acid/Neon versions of Pink, Green and Orange colors which makes it look like sunshine in a little bottle as the name depicts. One interesting thing about the lid is the screw like fitting which is on the inner side which I think is designed to secure the bottle firmly to the lid and prevent it from slipping off your hands when picking it up.

I applaud the designers for thinking ahead because i would be so sad if this perfume slipped off my hands if i picked it up from its lid mistakenly.

It retails for £45 in many departmental stores for the 50 ml version. I am not sure if they have 75 ml or 100 ml versions of this fragrance since it is a limited edition perfume. For a Marc Jacobs Perfume, I think that's a fair price. 

Of course, it will be best to buy these if there are any sales or discounts going on. I did not buy this perfume as it was a gift from my boyfriend so I can't really comment on the cost. 

In addition, I also received some special gift along with the perfume which was purchased from The Perfume Shop in Kingston. I received a Thierry Mugler Handbag and Body Lotion which I am grateful for. It does sound a bit strange that I get a Thierry Mugler Gift when I bought a Marc Jacobs perfume but hey! I am not complaining. I love both designs and it is always lovely to receive extra gifts when you buy something pricey. I love the Tote very much because it is a very casual bag which will give me a break from my well worn Zara City Bag which has seen better days. It has some little stars at the corners of the bag which I guess is a tribute the Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume which is made in the shape of a star.

The Thierry Mugler Body lotion has to be the most fragranced body lotion I have ever tried. If you don't like strong fragrances or you don't like fragrances in your body lotion, avoid these. But, I love fragrances so it's all good.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I really missed putting up blog posts but I am defnitely back and expect more posts soon..Have a pleasant week

*DISCLOSURE: I have no material relationship to any brand or person mentioned in this post. All Opinions are mine and the products were bought and paid for by me.



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