Weekend Post #12: The Breakfast Smoothie feat Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker

Writing the title "Weekend Post" made me chuckle because I remember once upon a time when I thought it would be a regular feature on zee blog but it has not been and I make no further promises other than I would try my best. I have always loved a good smoothie especially home made ones which are inexpensive compared to the ones bought in the shops (which I find could be a tad too sweet). I used my Kenwood Blender for a really long time to make smoothies and they turned out good but the whole shenanigan of bringing out the big blender from the cupboards and washing up just made me leave smoothie making to the weekends until I stumbled upon the Morphy Richards Easy Blend Smoothie Maker which is much more compact and easy to use and wash. 

I had to pick it up because I wanted to make smoothies a staple in my meals and I am pleased I did. The Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker comes with a small motor blender, a detachable blade which also doubles as the blender cover, two smoothie jugs (which also double as the blender and the jug) and two lids. I really like it because I can make a smoothie within minutes and I don't have to waste extra time washing up or clearing away as I only have to rinse the blade and I am done. I throw on the lid for the blender/jug  and I am out of the door. All through summer, I had a smoothie for breakfast and it was so nutritious, filling and good for my skin plus it was the most refreshing way to start my day especially when the sun was out. In the light of that, I thought it would be nice to share how I make my smoothie.  I prep my fruits usually on Sundays or Mondays and by prep, I mean I wash them all and peel (the ones that need to be and slice them) and I put them in separate bags and freeze them so I don't have to bother using ice as the frozen fruits will act as ice and cold smoothies are just amazing and refreshing and anything short of that (cool and not frozen/ice cold) is borderline nasty to me.

Ingredients/What you need
In regards to the fruits, I am not fussed at all and I just grab any fruits I have at the moment or any fruits in season although I ensure I have bananas and grapes because the banana helps with the texture and I love grapes so they have to be included (it also gives it a nice colour). I also add a little honey because I like the taste it gives it. In the past, I used to add yoghurt or milk which made the smoothie even more tasty and the texture was so lush but I am a little intolerant to lactose and some diary products so I just stopped adding them but if you like them, you should add them.

What I used for this Smoothie
Black Grapes 
Green Grapes
Red Grapes
Frozen Berries
Honey (optional)
Blender (I used the Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker)

1. Place all the fruits one after the other into the blender.
2. Add some honey (Optional)
3. Add a cup of water (or more/less as you find appropriate)
4. Cover the lid and blend on number 1, then 2 then Pulse
5. I blend for about 3-4 minutes because I still want some fibre left and not a smooth consistency.
6. Serve ice cold.

Personal Thoughts
I really like the Morphy Richards Smoothie Maker and it was on offer in Sainsbury's for about £16 which was when I purchased it. I think the full price is about £23 or so and you can find it on Amazon. I can't say it is the best out there but it is very good quality and has made my breakfast smoothies come out in tip top shape and saved me a lot of time. I am very pleased with it. You can also make milk shakes and other juices/purees but I have not bothered trying them yet but I can see it churning them out really nicely. The only thing I would say is it has a really odd slight smell when you leave it running for a long time which makes me think that it is not built for anything heavy duty or working for long hours which is not bad if you are only making smoothies. But I thought it would be nice to mention. My smoothies have different colours depending on what fruit is dominant and I find that it has a richer attractive colour when I use blackberries and blueberries but this one looks a little red/orange or light pink which is not bad but it tasted amazing as expected from such a nice mix of fruits. There, that's my 5 a day, have you had yours today? See you in my next post..x


  1. Oh I love smoothies! This one looks so delicious Liv, I don't think I've ever tried using grapes in my smoothie, gonna have to give it a go!

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

    1. Awww thanks Paula!! Grapes are my favs and it just makes my smoothie more delicious; just make sure you use the seedless ones unless you use a sieve!!..x

  2. This looks lovely. Will definitely be giving it a go in my new smoothie maker. Have you tried coconut milk? I use one called koko dairy free which is gorgeous and adds such an amazing flavour to my smoothies.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. Thank you Laura!! I would definitely try coconut milk as it sounds like it would make it richer and yummier!!!..x


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