Weekend Post #11: Meet Jay the Lhasa Apso Dog

Jay decided to take over my blog with the little piece he wrote when I was back home in Nigeria. How could I say no to his gorgeous cunning little face? He is my sister's dog and she had him since he was a little pup but don't let me take his shine away as he can tell you more about himself in his piece. He is seriously the most adorable and naughtiest dog we have ever had. I miss him so much now that I am back in England but looking at his lovely pictures make me so happy and my sis always sends me loads of pictures and videos of what he has been up to. I hope you enjoy his little piece...I'd leave you in the able hands of Jay

"Hi everyone, I am Jay and it's short for Jay-Z (yeah, yeah I can see you rolling your eyes; get over it; my name is cooler than yours). Anywho everyone calls me Jay and you are welcome to call me that. I am a Lhasa  Apso breed and my ancestors come from the mountains in Tibet so I am technically a Tibetan and you can read all about my breed here. By nature, we Lhasas are intelligent, have a mind of our own and don't forget, we are very cute with a first class degree in causing havoc and wiggling our way out with our adorable faces if I do say so myself. I promise I am not conceited, a narcissist and vain AT ALL.

Now before you get it twisted, Liv is just my Aunty and not my Mum/owner although I know she was plotting some really evil plans to sneak me back to England with her but I can never trade all the affection I get from my Uncle, Mum and Grandma for just one dose of affection from her..nah, not happening. Besides Nigeria is my home now and I love it here although a visit to London may not be bad. My mum/owner is Liv's sis as you may have guessed and she got me since I was a baby and nurtured me with milk, water, a warm bed, love and let me play around the house. She even let me bite her fingers when I was teething and my gums were super itchy. But I don't suppose you'd remember when you were teething, would you?

My uncle is the most playful because he lets me jump on his bed (I may or may not have wee'd on some occasions; I won't tell if you don't). He also gives me a bath which I totally hate but I know it's going to happen so I just keep a straight poker face and endure it. However, when he strokes and brushes my coat/fur...ohhhhhhh it's bliss. He regularly takes me for walks around the estate  which I enjoy because I am always the centre of attention and people always stop us on the road to admire and stroke me. My Grandma is my favourite because she spoils me the most and lets me get away with some horrendous pranks I have played pssst! I tore her money(1000 naira note) on two occasions; honestly I did not know the value else I would have targeted a smaller denomination..my bad!!  I met Liv for the first time in May and I gave her a really warm welcome. She had been stalking me earlier and asking for pictures of me from my mum so she technically new me before I knew her..she is a chief stalker that one. But I knew we would get along from the first day.. You just know sometimes! Although she tried to teach me some lil commands and tried to train me; I was only doing it because I wanted the treats. Ain't nobody gat time for all dat training!; what Jay wants, Jay gets.

What's my typical day like?
It's always bliss as expected. I wake up by 7am because everyone is getting ready for work and they keep disturbing me with their movements so I naturally have to get up and help them get ready for their day. I have a really long stretch and go and say hi to Grandma because she always strokes me in the morning; lying down behind her legs is the best thing ever!! Trust me!! Next, I say hi to my uncle and help him get dressed (don't ask) then it's time for breakfast. I am not too fussy in the morning but I love to have a light breakfast and some water. I never get treats in the morning which is such a bummer but I get them in the evenings and at weekends. All day I play around in the living room with my favourite toys; jumping from sofa to sofa pretending I am a cat (meow!!!) and I take a few naps(zzzzz). In the evenings, I have dinner and drink some water again and I bully my uncle to take me for walkies. After that, it's time to play pranks although everyone feigns tiredness, I know they can't resist my charm. There you have it; a sneak peek into my amazing glamourous life. Weekends are another story altogether but it's never good to spill your whole life on the internet, is it? Woof!!!!"

I hope you enjoyed his little write-up; I know I enjoyed it. Have an amazing weekend and bank holiday long weekend if you are in the UK!! See you in my next post!!..xx


  1. Replies
    1. Or should I say 'you're so cute!' since you are writing this ;)

    2. Woof Woof Tilo and high five (paws) for such a lovely comment...you are pretty yourself..*wink*

  2. This was adorable. I am an avid dog lover and gravitate to all posts on dogs. Thank you for sharing this story.

    1. Aww thanks Carol!! I I absolutely love dogs and there are truly man's best friend...x


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