Wilko's Makeup Brush Review (Blusher Brush)

I know I have been MIA for a little while and it's just one of those things that happen in life. But I will be back soon hopefully by next week as I have been a little busy and my laptop has been even busier  doing a few updates so all  regular posts will resume next week. But I thought it would be nice to leave with you a review that is short and sweet. If you are regular reader of this little blog, you should have read my review on the Wilko Stippler Brush. So the Oliver Twist in me got greedier/needier and I popped back into Wilkinsons to buy more affordable brushes and to test them so y'all know what to expect. I chose the blusher brush because I liked the feel although I am not a fan of the design. This is not from their Premium range but it is equally good. I am actually on the haunt for the Blusher Brush in their Premium range and I am so annoyed with myself for not purchasing it when I last saw it..

As always, it is neat and regular just like all their packaging although I find that the non-premium range brushes don't have its own individual zipper/travel friendly packaging but it's not bad at all. It feels okay. I am not a fan of the design because it looks to girlish in my opinion but I guess their target may be younger girls. This particular design is called the Carnaby design and they also had a Fuscia design but the blusher brush was not available as expected and it looked way prettier than the Carnaby version.

The bristles are white with blue tips which is quite different and I actually like for a change. The bristles are synthetic but they feel ever so soft....it may be one of the softest blusher brushes I have used. I have washed this brush a few times already and there has been no shedding. As mentioned in my previous post, these brushes are well made and sturdy and I don't expect them to shed in a good while. It does not wash as easily as the Premium version and my other Real Techniques brushes but it is washes out any dirt eventually; you just have to work a little harder.

How I use it
I just swipe this across my blush/blusher and it picks it up really well although if the blush is sheer this brush may not pick up a good amount. Having said that, it works best with blushes that have good pigmentation like Sleek Blushes and it evens it out really nicely on the face so you don't look like a clown. I really like the shape because it hits all the high points of my cheekbones well and I think the shape and density is really good especially if you are new to applying blushes.

I love Wilko Brushes because they are affordable and well made. This retails for £2 and I think it is brilliant for the price especially for the quality and the results you get with it. It's an absolute bargain and I recommend it if you want a nice blush brush to start out with before investing in more expensive ones. You can purchase this in any Wilkinson or Wilko stores and thankfully, this has not yet been sold out. You can also find it online here.

Personal Thoughts
Not much to say other than I really like it and I have been reaching for it much more than my Real Techniques Blusher brush which I still love but I guess the size of this has lured me to using it more. 


  1. This brush seems lovely! I love the blue bristle tips, it looks so cool :) It may sound strange, but I also like the point end at the handle, looks like something I could use to part my hair haha :) Your reviews are always so thorough Liv, I love that!

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    1. Honestly Paula, you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much and so are all your posts and your photos..I love them.. You know the pointed tip of the brush has now doubled as my new hair accessory...thanks for the "reccomendation" lol...x

  2. Yet another item that I'm adding to my 'buying in London wish list'. I love the packaging of the brush and I'll definitely look into their brushes :-) Every day is one day closer to London yay! :D x

    1. I know..I can imagine that list being never ending and I am so looking forward to seeing you come September...countdown!!! ...will email you in a bit..x


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