L'Oreal La Palette Nude Rose (First Impressions)

I actually only heard about this palette like on the 31st October and apparently there was a waiting list for it (lol). Anyway, I decided to add my name (not that waiting lists mean anything; just a sneaky way brands play on makeup lovers emotions) and I saw that the waiting list was closed and it could be purchased directly so into my Boots online basket it went. I was not quite sure what to expect...

I have to say the packaging looks and feels more expensive than it really is and you can tell a lot of thought was put into its production. It is very small and sleek with a shiny surface and I did not realise how small it was until I picked it up. I have done a little comparison to show the actual size compared to other palettes and my phone. With such a compact size, it is very suitable for travelling. When I received it, the eyeshadow was all over the place within the palette but it was fine after I wiped it off. The inscriptions on it have already started fading and it has been less than a week since I purchased it but that’s all by the way. The only version available for now is the Rose version.

Inside, you get 10 eye shadows starting from lighter shades all down to darker shades and a surprising purple one at the end which is incidentally my favourite one. Of the 10 eye shadow shades, four are matte and six are shimmery shades. You also get a double ended brush which I never understand why brands insist on including it but I am not particularly a fan of this at all. I tested it and it felt a little harsh but then my eyes have been spoiled with many other fluffy eyeshadow brushes. However, I like the selection of colours within the palette because it is ideal for an everyday look.

I mentioned earlier that the eyeshadows seemed to have fallen all over the packaging when I first received it so the alarm bells went immediately. I thought to myself- does this mean it would have a lot of fall outs? Well, it’s a yes and a no. Some of the eyeshadows, particularly the matte ones, have fall outs when you pick some up with a brush for application but the others are fine so it’s not too much to worry about. The texture is really nice and it feels buttery and smooth to apply. The pigmentation (or the way it appears on my skin tone and/or the lack of it) is the major downfall for me. The darker colours like purple shade at the end and the light brown/brick red one (fourth from the left) applies are my favourite and most used shades and they have very good pigmentation. The lighter colours do not show up as on my eyelids even with a primer but they are just ok. Surprisingly, the first shade (shimmery pale white) looks really lovely as a brow bone highlight. I know it is meant to be a nude eyeshadow palette but I was a bit disappointed with some of the shades in this palette. However, the lasting power (for the colours that show up) are lovely. As you can see from the pictures of my attempt at swatching, it was a real battle trying to get a decent picture but I have to point out that it applies better on my eye lids than it does on my hand/arm.

It retails for £14.99 and I purchased this online from Boots as mentioned earlier and I believe it is still available. You can also pick this up in some Boots stores but I know it may be sold out in many places. I am not sure but I think this may be exclusive to Boots alone but I will update this if and when it is available elsewhere. For the amount of eyeshadows you get, I don’t think it is a bad price at all as you can create a variety of looks, especially everyday looks, with this palette and Boots is currently having a 3 for 2 offer on their makeup/cosmetics so it is a good time to stock up if you are looking to purchase this

Overall Thoughts
I have very mixed feelings about this palette and I can only hope that L’oreal is looking to expand their range with other versions of this palette as this one is called Rose so I think they may be releasing some other ones soon. I secretly thought the eyeshadows would have the pigmentation and texture of the L’Oreal Color Riche eyeshadows but sadly, that is not the case. I am not totally writing off this palette because I have been using it almost every day since I got it so I have a fair view of it but I think it may be one of those eyeshadow palettes that will grow on me with time. One thing I have not done is pair this with the L'Oreal Color Tattoos as it may help the shades appear more vibrant. Nevertheless, it is a good palette and if you have lighter/paler skin, you would definitely enjoy it especially for everyday looks. Hope you enjoyed this first impressions and I may do a follow up post after a month or so. See you in my next post...x


  1. It looks gorgeous in the pan, it's a shame the shades were a little disappointing on. I think more brands need to do real palettes for eyeshadow but £15 is a lot for one. With cheaper brands like Sleek/Makeup Revolution doing such great ones it's hard to justify that price xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // Blog Sale

    1. It's truly an absolute shame that the beauty in the pan does not translate to the pigmentation on my eyelids. I can understand why it may seem pricey at £15 and you are right, Sleek and Makeup Revolution have whipped out better eyeshadow palettes with amazing pigmentation...I can only hope they are releasing more shades with better pigmentation....x

  2. I agree,it look so gorgeous on the pan. If only the pigmentation is as good as it should be T___T Its not available here in Malaysia though. http://azwaa.blogspot.com

    1. It really looks amazing on the pan and I can imagine why people were excited to purchase it but I guess it may work better on paler skin and the pigmentation may be better with a primer...oh it's a shame it's not available in Malaysia yet but I am pretty sure it would be soon..,it was only released here first week in November...thanks for stopping by...x


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