What's in my Makeup Bag? (Summer Edition)

I just realised it has been a moment since I wrote about "What's in my Makeup Bag?". I switch up the contents of my makeup bag every now and then because I love to try different things. I try not to carry too many things in my makeup bag so my actual bag is not weighed down. If I am going out after work, I tend to carry more makeup for a little switch up before I hit the road. If I am not going anywhere, I just take products for touch ups. I find that I have to touch up more during summer because my skin just goes crazily oily which is not uncommon if you have combination/oily skin. I just make sure I prep my makeup in the morning really well so that it lasts as long as possible with little need for touch ups. I have a post coming up showing the products I use to ensure my makeup lasts longer during this Summer. Right, let's get into the contents of my bag.

Makeup Bag- Lulu Guinness Culture Vulture Makeup Pouch //£65 (similar here for £27.50)
I have a crazy amount of makeup bags because I just love them. Majority of them were gifts with purchases from Lancome, Estee Lauder and other brands. I have purchased a few makeup bags and my favourite one of the lot is this Lulu Guinness Culture Vulture Makeup Pouch. I just love how roomy it is and it never feels bulky no matter how much stuff I have inside. It's seriously one of the best makeup bags I have ever used and it also doubles as a pouch when I don't feel like taking a bag or purse because it still looks chic for casual events.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer (Deep Fonce) // £6.99 // Link // Review
I am sure you all are pretty much fed up of seeing me talk about this concealer but it is really amazing. I know I mentioned that I use it mainly to conceal any under eye circles but it is also good for lightly concealing any blemishes. I find that towards the end of the day, especially during summer, some of my blemishes decide to peek through under my foundation. They are not very visible although you can tell they are there, so a light weight concealer like the Revlon Colorstay just makes everything right. I just use the doe foot applicator on the exact spot and dab it in with my fingers (I always wash my hands before touching my face). It really makes such a difference and I set everything with a powder.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder // £39 // Link // Review
I have had this powder for more than a year now and I just love it. I don't use it everyday as a setting powder but I use it often to restore any stolen glow back to my face. It is one of the best finely milled powder out there and with good reason. It is expensive but totally worth it and I would repurchase it if/when it runs out. I love it so much and don't even get me started with the packaging. It's just so classy to pull out for a quick touch up and it fits in well in any makeup bag and even clutch.

Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder* // £18 (currently to £12) // Link 
This is a new one to me and I already really like it. It is meant to be a bronzing powder but it is too light for my skin tone. However, I use it as a normal setting powder and it matches my complexion really well. It adds such a subtle sun kissed glow to my skin which is very flattering. It also keeps my face matte which is what my face really needs when the sun is out and everything looks super shiny. These are just my initial thoughts on this Bagsy Bronnzing Powder but I would have a full review of all the products I received up soon.

Bagsy Kabuki Brush* // £15 // Link 
I have more than a few makeup bag brushes aka retractable brushes and kabuki brushes. Many of them feel a bit dodgy after I have washed them a few times but this Bagsy is an exception. Although it is not retractable, it does not mess up my makeup bag because it comes with its own pouch. Apart from that, I find that the bristles (which are seriously so soft and fluffy) don't retain any products on them. I really like that because some brushes feel heavy after using it for a few days before it's time for a wash. This Bagsy Kabuki Brush retains its fluff and I love it.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer (Celestial) // £6.49 // Link // Review
I have reviewed my little collection of my Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer over here. I think it may have been one of the first proper semi-liquid lipsticks I tried. I still have a love-hate relationship with it although it is more of love at the moment. I hate the annoying smell that comes off initially when you apply it but I do love the application and longevity. My favourite shade is Celestial and it is almost always in my makeup bag because it just suits me when all fails.

MAC Lipstick (Vegas Volt)// £15.50 // Link // Review
I have a few lip products in my bag which I whip out depending on how I am feeling. I usually pop the lipstick I use when I do my makeup in the morning into my bag. This way I know I can always top it up after lunch or if it just wears away. I still have a soft spot for MAC Vegas Volt and it's been a staple since spring and now into summer,  it is here to stay.

Bagsy Lip Cocoon in Raspberry*// £7 // Link 
This was love at first sight and sniff. It smells so beautiful and I have no idea why I did not take a picture of it open. I guess you would have to wait until I have a full review of the Bagsy products  I was kindly sent. It is a tinted lip balm but its pigmentation is really good. I find that many tinted lip balms don't show up well on my lips but this is so different and I like it. It smells so amazing (it smells like fresh raspberries) and it is perfect for summer.

Body Shop Highlighting Dome*// £8 // Link // Review
On a good day, I won't bother with adding any extra glow or highlight to my face. However, it is summer so any added glow (without a shine) is always welcome. I already featured a review of this Body Shop Highlighting Dome here so I won't ramble too much. One of the reasons  I love it is because it is perfect for on the go makeup and it's also very easy to use/apply. You can use your fingers to dab some product on the high points of your cheeks or just slide it directly from the packaging and blend out with a brush. It adds some glow and blush colour at once which makes it an amazing dual purpose product. Besides, it is super cute and fits perfectly well in my makeup bag

Overall Thoughts
I told you I don't have too many things in my makeup bag, no? I don't think it's a lot but I am sure some people carry way less or more products in their bag. I think these products are all I need for touching up my makeup. I don't do anything to my eyes because I take extra care when doing my eye makeup to make sure it lasts all day. That's it folks!! Now, it's your turn! What's currently in your makeup bag? I'd love to know because I am super nosey!!...xx
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  1. I am a big fan of the Rimmel Apocalips, they are lovely and so creamy x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I love them as well and I just wish they did not have an annoying initial smell but it's a small price to pay for an amazing formula...xx

  2. The Babsy packaging is so cute :) I like the idea of the Body Shop highlighters but not sure if they're a bit glittery for me! The Chanel powder keeps tempting me too...xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Yes, I agree the Bagsy packaging is super cute and I just love how much detail was taken in making them. I have a full review coming up where I would talk more about them. Chanel is one of the best for amazing packaging and product as well....xx

    2. P.S. The Body Shop highlighter surprisingly does not have any glitter; at least I have no noticed it at all. It just gives a subtle glow but it is worth trying it out in store. The one shown here is no 2 and it's amazing..xx

  3. Replies
    1. I think they really do lovely lip products and their Lip Lacquers are really good!!...xx


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