Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier (EDP) Review

Let's just say I am slowly turning into a perfume/fragrance junkie and I am not ashamed to admit it. I remember last year, I had a sizeable collection of fragrances but this year that collection has doubled. An updated perfume collection will be up soon but I wanted to have some reviews of those fragrances first so it is not a super long post. I was lucky to be sent this lovely Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier EDP* and it is one fragrance I have absolutely enjoyed. Roger & Gallet are well known for their amazing fragrances used in their shower gels, body creams and body mists.They are one French brand that has always been quite close to home because they are stocked in Marks and Spencer and other online stores.  However, this is the first EDP they have ever produced so you can imagine my delight when I received this fragrance almost a month ago. I am not sure you may remember this post where I told you about its launch back in May. It was called the #distillinghappiness campaign where samples of this fragrance were given to people outside High Street Kensington Station along with bouquet of flowers. Sadly, I missed all the fun because I was away in Scotland but I heard it was such a lovely campaign and many people were surprised with bouquets of flowers.Who wouldn't be? I love flowers and I think getting one for free would definitely make anyone's day.

Fragrance Overview
As mentioned earlier, most of their other fragrances are mists (Eau de Toilet-EDT) so they are not quite as concentrated as EDP although they still smell amazing and last a good while compared to other EDTs. This fragrance was designed by Francis Kurkdijian and there is actually a whole video where he speaks about the process behind creating this amazing fragrance. I found this out by scanning the QR code at the side of the fragrance packaging and I thought it was pretty cool. I always scan QR codes when they are available on packages.

I absolutely love this packaging because it screams Spring and Summer. It looks very feminine but in a classy "not in your face" way. The fragrance is housed in 50 ml Glass Flacon which is transparent (I think it may have pink hues to it) and it has some pink and purple flowers details on the label. The outer packaging is so pretty with the same pink and purple colour scheme going on.  I enjoy looking at it and I am seriously considering getting a small stand for all my fragrances especially ones with pretty packaging. I know people say it is not ideal to expose your fragrances to light but some bottles look too pretty to be hidden. The Fleur de Figuier is one you would definitely want to show off on your dresser as you can tell from the pictures.

You all know I am useless at expertly describing fragrances and notes so I would go by what the website says. The name Fleur de Figuier translates to Flower Pear (according to Google) and yes you guessed right, it has Fig as one of its notes. I am very partial to Fig, Tuberose, Patchouli and Musk because they are classy and sensual notes. I knew I would love this especially after I tried a sample in Marks and Spencer.  Its top notes are  precious essences of Mandarin and Peppercorn and of course, Candied Fig. I am not surprised at all because the first impression I got was a really fruity almost-citrus fragrance. Once it gets absorbed, you get the middles notes of Violet Wood and Fig Pulp and then it finally settles to its base notes of Musk, Patchouli and Fig Nectar. It is a really interesting fragrance and I love how the notes are expertly combined to give such an amazing scent.

Who is the Fragrance for?
I would definitely describe this fragrance as a sweet fruity fragrance which surprisingly settles into a sensual musky scent. If you are into fruity or sweet fragrances, you would definitely like the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier. If you also like woody or musky fragrances, this is one fragrance you need to try. I am not overly enthusiastic about very sweet fragrances because I think they may be too girly but this one is so different because it is infused with Musk, Moss and Patchouli in its base notes. I think the typical age range for this fragrance spans across a wide range/spectrum. I think many ladies/girls/women would love this although I guess it depends on your scent preference. I am slightly inclined to think that its woody and musky base notes would make it more appealing to people in their late twenties and onward as opposed to younger ladies. However, as mentioned, I guess it all still boils down to preference and I don't see why any one can't wear any fragrance they like irrespective of their age range.

Cost// Link
I have seen several prices for this fragrance but they all start from £39.50 which I think is reasonable given the quality you get. I think its original RRP is £40.50 (as sold in Marks and Spencer and Escentual) but Feel Unique has it for £39.50. However, Escentual has 20% off everything on their website so it is a really good time to buy it if you were considering it. I know it is one I would definitely repurchase because I have absolutely enjoyed using it. I think it would be ideal for travelling especially if you are off to an exotic destination.

Overall Thoughts
I am so pleased I got a chance to try this lovely fragrance. One of the main reasons why it has been one of my top and most used scents is the longevity. OMG!! It really lasts a long time on my skin and I can still catch whiffs of it all through the day and at the end of the day. Many fragrances smell amazing but they fade through the course of the day. With the Fleur de Figuier, I have never had cause to re-spray at all. Once I use it in the morning, that's me done for the day. People always ask me what I am wearing because it is really impressionable but not in a strong way at all. It's just simply lovely and embodies what a true EDP should smell like. That's it folks!! I hope you had an amazing weekend and I would see you in my next post. Have you tried the Roger& Gallet Fleur de Figuier EDP?
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  1. Ugh this sounds amazing! Fig is one of my favourite scents, sweet and fruity but also woody :) xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It really is amazing!! The first time I smelt a sample in Marks and Spencer, I knew it was a fragrance I needed in my collection. I am like you as well with the scents....I love Fig and I am thinking of trying Diptyque's Fig fragrance...xx


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