June Favourites 2015

Yes, we are already halfway through the year and I know it sounds cliché but this year is really speeding fast. It seems just like a few minutes back when I did my May Favourites. I don’t think I have too many new favourites this month because I am a creature of habit. If I see a product that I like and it works for me, I just stick to it. Of course, I am always open to new discoveries but I am very faithful to my old favourites. There are some new products I have been trying out which had to be featured in this month's fav because they are amazing. I will be posting full reviews of them soon so you can find out more. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed last month's favourite and do let me know what product you were loving in June.

Calvin Klein Eyeshadows
I picked these eyeshadows up from PoundLand and I know that they may have been discontinued but they are really lovely. Don’t fret about them being expired as I always check checkcosmetics.net before I purchase any product from Poundland or any other discounted store. I have to say the Poundland stores in South West London have one of the best makeup. I even recently purchased Eylure Pre-Glued False Eyelashes which are pretty expensive in regular drug stores and they were only £1 in Poundland. Anyway, I digress, back to these Calvin Klein Eyeshadows.  I picked up 8 eyeshadows and they have such amazing quality (a review may be up soon). My favourite of the lot is the shade Myrrh which is a nice mix of burgundy and dark brown. I don’t own anything like it and it is so amazing for my crease especially when I need to add some warmth. I have been using it almost everyday since I purchased it.

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner// £19 for full size // Link // Review
I already spoke about this cute eyeliner over here but I absolutely love it. It is one of the few eyeliners that does not irritate my waterline. I think it would last me a really long time because I only use it to line my waterline. I got it as a free sample which was so kind of the NARS sales lady on the counter. It feels so creamy and glides on so effortlessly. It stays put all day and it’s surprisingly easy to remove which is always a good thing in my books. I love it!

L'Oreal Superstar Felt Tip Eyeliner// £6.99 // Link // Review
I featured this in my recent drug store haul so I won't ramble too much. It is really one of the best felt tip eye liners I have tried and I can now conclude that it has knocked  the Super Slim Eyeliner off its top spot in my books. It is sightly thicker with better control which makes it ideal for anyone to use including beginners. I have used it almost everyday without fail even though I still have a back up of my other L'Oreal ones.

Ebay Dupe Makeup Brushes// Review 
I also have mentioned these brushes in a separate post They are so cheap but good quality and I use them more than a few times in a week. My favourite of the lot is the NARS Yachiyo Brush dupe which is perfect for blending out my contour and applying blush. I think this is one of the best brush dupes I have ever come across. It has not shed at all and I have washed it more than a few times. It’s definitely been a firm favourite this month

Sleek Blush by 3 Palette (Pumpkin) //£9.99 // Link // Review
I was a little late to the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette party but I am so pleased I jumped on the bandwagon. Each time I use a shade from this palette, I keep wondering why I took so long in making it mine. It is incredibly pigmented as always and it lasts for a good while on my face unlike some blushes which disappear by midday. It’s really hard to beat the quality of this palette especially at its amazing price range. It’s truly perfect for Spring/Summer.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation// £30 // Link // Review
I am pretty sure this foundation has made more than a few appearances on this blog but I really enjoy using it. I love Bobbi Brown foundations because they just have the right kind of yellow undertone which suits my complexion. It’s my perfect Spring/Summer foundation because it feels exactly like your skin but better (YSBB). It does not offer as much coverage as I would like but I love the texture so much that I don’t mind using concealers in areas that need it. It’s one I highly recommend for Summer.

Wilko False Eyelashes// Link
Wilko (or Wilkinson’s) is like my favourite shop for bits and bobs. I buy majority of my blogging essentials and beauty tools (cotton pads, wipes, etc) from here. I am lucky that there is one near my  office and another one near my house. I prefer the one near my office because it’s like two minutes away and it is massive. I always raid their eyelashes sections because they are such amazing quality and feel quite natural. They only cost £1 but no one can tell when they are on your eyes. I am not yet an expert on buying lashes online; I prefer to see it before buying it. I really enjoy using it and I usually get the Natural, Glamour and Drama ones because they look so pretty. Although they are not made form natural hairs, they don’t feel scratchy at all and they feel so comfy. They are the ones I wear whenever I make YouTube videos in case you are wondering.

W7 In the Mood Eyeshadow Palette*//currently £3.92 // Link
I was kindly sent this eyeshadow palette last month and it has been one I have used a lot. It is really similar on first impressions to the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette but I think the UD version has better quality. Nevertheless, this palette has really good pigmentation with minimal fallouts. I always use it with a primer and I love the overall finish. I use majority of the shades in the palette to create a really nice neutral look which I would be sharing in a tutorial or a blog post with a full review. It is a cool toned palette but I find ways to make it work best on my complexion and it is so ideal for work, school or everyday wear.

W7 Ebony Range*// Link
I have not reviewed this yet on the blog but I have been testing it out for a little while and I am impressed. I don’t want to give away too much because I have a review coming up soon. I had no idea that W7 had an Ebony range that caters to darker skinned ladies like myself. I can tell you on first impressions that I was really delighted at the quality. They kindly sent me their Matte Lipsticks, Matte Powder, Concealer, Blushes and Liquid Lipstick. They are really lovely and I think they would suit anyone really depending on your taste. I have enjoyed using them last month and I know I will keep using them through Summer.

That's it folks!! This month came and went really quickly. I know I am sound like an absolute wimp but I am not really a huge fan of Summer. My favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn because the temperature at these periods are not extreme. Yesterday in London was super hot. I am talking about 33-34 degrees Celsius which is insane. It was hot and humid even through the night. I still love how bright everything is right now and truly people are happier when the sun is out so I am happy that everyone is happy. That's my little rant of the day. What was your absolute favourite product in June?...xx
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  1. I never know about W7 and yeah it looks so similar with UD, hope I can found it on local online shop here!

    1. It really does look similar to the UD Naked Basics. I really hope you find it in your local store otherwise you can check Amazon as it 's really discounted on there...xx

  2. Replies
    1. They are seriously impressive and worth a try especially as they are very cheap!!...xx

  3. So many favourites! I also inc the Nars Dupe Brush on my Favourites too :) x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. Ooohh, I need to hop over and read your faves. The NARS Dupes are so impressive and I almost think they may have been made in the same factory maybe with less quality bristles because they are so good...xx

  4. Ooh I like the sound of the W7 Ebony range - the blush is such a lovely shade! I will also definitely be getting the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation out again this summer :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I know right!! I never knew they had an Ebony range until they sent me some. You better whip out that Bobbi Brown Skin foundation girl!! It's really amazing and I always fall back in love with it during Spring/Summer...xx


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