MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Review

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Hope your week has been swell and cheers to the weekend!. Mine has been fine so far and as usual, it has recently become so busy but I am taking everything in good strides. Today's post is about the MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick. If you would like to see my mini collection of MAC Lipstick, then head over to this post here where i talk about My favourite (and only) MAC lipsticks. Small secret: I have never bought any MAC Lipstick ever!! With the new increase in the price of these lipsticks to £15, I don't think i would be purchasing any soon. Don't get me wrong; I totally adore MAC lipsticks and i think their formula is great and i wish i could buy all the shades on my wish list but I can't so i rely on the MAC's Back to MAC programme for all my lipsticks. That's how i amassed all my MAC lipstick. If you don't know what MAC's Back to MAC is, it is basically one way MAC gives back to their customers. If you return 6 (six) empty packaging (only primary packaging- the outer paper packaging is not accepted), you would receive a free lipstick as a Thank you from them. So, I just gather all my MAC empties, hop on over to my sister's and get hers and also to my cousins to get theirs and I am off to my nearest MAC counters..... Let's get started!

MAC Vegas Volt Packaging
The packaging is the usual characteristic Mac bullet-like packaging which i really like as it always looks very classy. I love how the top part firmly locks with the bottom part. I have had a few lipsticks which have very loose lids and have ended up smearing my makeup bag which left me really cross. You don't get such hassles with MAC lipsticks so i love them for that.

The shade is the MAC Vegas Volt which is a bright orange/coral lipstick with a light tint of pink which is from the Amplified Range. I know this would have been perfect for Spring/Summer but who on earth sets this rules though? My rule is wear any lipstick you fancy. #Endof. I love this shade and i think it looks very flattering on many skin tones even if you are dark skinned provided you line your lips well.

Many MAC lipsticks apply well except for some Matt ones like Ruby Woo which needs your lips really smooth to look good. Vegas Volt is very easy to apply and has a creamy finish once it is on your lips and i really love it. I like that it is super creamy and well pigmented.

It is really pigmented as found in many of the MAC Amplified Lipsticks and it has a very good wear time. Of course, you would need to reapply if you eat and all that jazz but it does last a long while on the lips due to its super pigmentation. It also feels very moisturising and i find myself reaching for this lipstick a lot ever since i got my mitts on it.

As all MAC Lipstick prices have rapidly risen (and may continue, who knows?), i guess it is time to pick them up now. They retail for £15 as mentioned earlier. I did not buy mine as stated but received them through the Back to MAC Programme but if it ran out and i had no empty MAC packaging to return, i see myself repurchasing it because it is gorgeous like that :-))

That's my little show and tell review folks! i hope you enjoyed it especially those of you who are not fans of my usual lengthy post which i write sometimes. Thanks for always stopping by and I would catch you in my next post....toodles..x


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