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I am always on the hunt for affordable makeup products even though I love my high end/luxury brands. However, I find that I reach for drug store products more often than not these days because drug store and affordable brands are really improving their quality. I was delighted to receive a very lovely package from W7 a few weeks ago. They actually sent me two separate packages which was super cool. The first one had regular W7 products including the In The Mood Eyeshadow Palette which is really similar to the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. The second package had products from their Ebony Range which I would be reviewing separately because I don't want this post to be too long. I am not new to W7 products at all because I have purchased two lovely palettes which I have been impressed with. The first palette I purchased was the In the Buff Lightly Toasted Eyeshadow palette which I absolutely adore and the second palette I purchased was the Neon Nights Eyeshadow Palette which is incredible. I was really pleased to try more products from their range and I would be sharing my thoughts on my faves from what they sent me.

Brand Overview
W7 Cosmetics is a makeup brand owned by Warpaint Cosmetics. The brand is located in the UK which is really good to know.  They are known for creating really affordable makeup products and often create products that are dupes for some high end products. They are mainly sold online from their website or Amazon but you can also find them in some stores such as TK Maxx, ASDA, TJ Hughes, Fragrance Direct etc. You can find a full list of their UK stockist here and Non-UK stockists here.  The two products I purchased were from TK Maxx and I was so happy that they had not been tampered with. Now that I have tried a few of their products, I know which ones are my favourites.

W7 In the Buff Lightly Toasted Eyeshadow Palette// from £5.00 // Link // Review
I won't ramble too much about this eyeshadow palette because it has been reviewed on this blog already. It was the first product I ever tried from W7 and I was so impressed that I decided to purchase another palette. Truly, first impressions usually makes a lasting impression. I love the packaging and the colour selection in the Lightly Toasted Eyeshadow Palette. It is a really good neutral eyeshadow palette and I can't think of any colour in this eyeshadow  that I have not used. The pigmentation was surprisingly good for the price but I find that it works best when used wet and with a primer. I did experience some fallouts but they were minimal especially when used wet. I use this palette for everyday looks and it's easy to work with both for beginners or experts.

W7 Neon Nights Palette Eyeshadow Palette// from £5.00 // Link //Review
When I spotted this palette in TK Maxx, I did not need any soothsayer to convince me to grab it. I actually purchased two because I knew my sister would love it. It's just the perfect Neon palette and it has the most amazing selection of colours I have ever come across. The packaging is so pretty and the eyeshadows themselves are incredibly pigmented. They can be used wet or dry but I use it dry and it lasts all day. I always use a primer but I have tried it a few times without a primer and it still looks beautiful. If you are into creating bold and bright looks/tutorials, it's a palette I highly recommend. It's been my perfect Spring/Summer staple along with some other drug store offerings.

W7 In the Mood Eyeshadow Palette*// £3.92 // Link 
Let me just put it out there that I am not a fan of the Urban Decay Naked Basic Palettes because I thought it was too cool for my skin tone. I was a little sceptical when I saw the colours in this palette and I thought it may be difficult to work with. However, that was not the case at all although I won't say it is the easiest to work with if you have similar skin tone as me.  First off, I am impressed with the pigmentation of this palette and I am pleased that majority of the colours show up on my skin tone. The first four colours look very similar in the pan (and due to the lighting) but they appear different when applied on my eyelids. They can be used wet or dry but they work well either ways. I used this palette consistently for a few weeks in June and I grew to love it. I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige as a base and it really creates the loveliest neutral look.

I experienced some fallouts but this can be mitigated by tapping off any excess before application. I use this palette to create an everyday neutral eyeshadow look very similar to one of my neutral looks for Spring. The darkest shade (Cargo) transforms any neutral look to a smokey look. I like the dark brown shade (Katie) for adding some dimension to my crease and it is seriously pigmented so you need a light hand. The first shade has some shimmer in it so it is perfect for the inner corners while the second cream shade (Oops) is perfect for highlighting my brow bone. The next two shades- Venice and Wink can be used as lid colours. I always use a base (Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige) underneath to help the colours pop. It is really a lovely Nude Palette and if you wanted to try the UD Naked Basics but don't want to shell out on it or you are not sure if you would like it, this is a good palette to start with. It has quickly risen to one of my favourite neutral palettes because it is very portable.

W7 King Kohl Eyeliner* // £1.99 // Link
I recently wrote about how I have now gotten into using Kohls or eyeliner to tight line my waterline. I discovered the NARS Eyeliner Gel and it has really changed up my makeup look and made me brave enough to try others. I decided to  give the W7 King Kohl a try and I am delighted that it also did not irritate my waterline (Thank goodness for that!). It is really pigmented and easy to apply so there is no need to drag it. It can also be used as an eyeliner for the top lid and to tight line but I prefer felt tip eyeliners for my top lids. I have naughtily used it to ever so slightly fill in my brow hairs. Now before you scream murder, my brow hairs are actually black so it is not too bad and I use very, very light strokes. I really like this Kohl Pencil a lot.

W7 Thick 'Em Up Mascara* // £2.99 // Link
I am always sceptical about using mascaras that are not high end and it's not because I am a makeup snub. It's mainly because my lashes are super short and curly so I need a super lengthening mascara to give them some length. I am not too fussed about volume as much as length. The wand of this mascara looks a little intimidating; it's slightly similar to the Bourjois Volume 1-Second Mascara. However, its bristles really grip my little lashes which I was very surprised about. It does not do much for length for me because it is a volumising mascara but the volume action is not visible unless I add some length to my short lashes. This is why I use the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara first and then follow up with the W7 Mascara and it looks so good. They both work well together and my lashes don't feel clumpy at all rather it feels just like I have added two coats of mascara. I know this may seem too fussy but if you need just volume, this mascara is good and affordable place to start

W7 Argan Lip Balm* // £1.99 // Link
I was quite intrigued to see an Argan Lip Balm because I had never tried anything like it. It comes in a really cute tube which can be thrown in your makeup bag. It reminds me of something I would like to take with me on a sunny holiday (don't ask why; it just does). It feels really light on application but it's not too greasy. I am not sure it is any different to any lip balm I have tried but it's a nice one and affordable as well.

W7 Hide It Concealer *// £1.99 // Link
I was also sent this concealer which is way too light for me. I have swatched it to try it  so I know it's not suitable for me. If you would like me to send this to you, just drop me an email. I will send it to the first person who emails me. It looks like a lipstick but it's actually a concealer and comes in a lipstick-like bullet for ease of application. As mentioned, I have swatched it so it's no longer brand new. It seemed to have a nice texture on application but as it was too light on my skin tone, I cannot give my full impressions of it.

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased that I got a chance to try out some more products from W7 Cosmetics. They are a really affordable range and I wish it was sold in more regular drug stores like Boots and Superdrug. I am sure they would give other drug store brands a run for their money. My favourite products from the package they sent me is definitely the In the Mood Palette (which grew on me really rapidly) and the Black Kohl Eyeliner which can be used in various ways. Their Ebony range absolutely blew me off my socks but you have to wait for the review tomorrow so make sure you check back. Have you tried any products from W7?
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  1. W7 is a brand i haven't tried much from. Some of these look lovely x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I think I first heard about them last year and only tried them out earlier this year before they sent me these lovely products. I have enjoyed their products so far and i am keen to see what else they have on offer. Some products, especially their eyeshadows, are really amazing!!..xx

  2. I always curious about this brand, but I don't know where to get them.


    1. They are really lovely but the challenge is finding them. They are not readily available in-store except in a few stores like TK Maxx. However, you can find them online. They are affordable so they are worth a try...xx


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