Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara Review

Mascaras are one makeup product that I don't mind investing in my moolah on mainly because my lashes are very naughty. I am sure you are all tired of hearing me talk about how short and curly they are but it just means I have to use a really good lengthening mascara to give them some oomph. I love to wear falsies but only during the weekends because I can't be bothered using them daily. Besides, I don't think it is okay to wear lashes/falsies every day, in my opinion. That's why I love high end mascaras because some of them work really well with my lashes by creating an illusion of length and volume. My all time favourite mascara is the YSL Baby Doll Mascara (review hereand so far nothing has beat it....yet. If you remember my High End Mini Mascaras Reviews (here and here) where I showed some mascaras I wanted to purchase their full size, I listed a few mascaras in there as my must-have/try. I have tried two versions of the Lancome Hypnose Mascara (the Regular one and the Star version) but I prefer the Lancome Hypnose Star version which is why I decided to try out the full size. I totally hate to spend so much on mascara but Lancome is always so generous with their Gifts With Purchase (GWP) so it is impossible to say no. I also got a deluxe sample of the Lancome Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover along with my purchase. Right, let’s get into the review...

I think it is a really pretty packaging as expected with anything high end. I know some high end brands have less than stellar packaging but Lancome has never let me down. Their packaging is always exquisite and beautiful. They even go the extra mile to ensure that their minis/deluxe samples size products have amazing packaging that's really similar to the full size. I love that about them. The Hypnose Star Mascara tube has a slight curve which I like for no reason (it makes it easier to hold) and it has some little stars around the bottom of the tube. You can tell they put a lot of effort in creating this packaging. I got the waterproof version because it’s summer time and my lashes sometimes get moist with the weather. The waterproof version has a blue tip to differentiate it from the regular version.

The bristles is shaped to look like a cone which is quite practical. The bottom edge has longer and fuller bristles while the top bit has slightly shorter bristles. I like this design because it means the top section can pick up my tiny lashes while the bottom section grips the other part of my lashes. It is very practical and easy to use and I think it’s great for an everyday mascara.

The formula itself is not too moist or too dry; it just sits in between which I really like. The bristles do a good job of separating my lashes while adding the necessary length and volume they need. I have not experienced any clumping even when I used more than two coats of this mascara. I think it is designed as an all rounder mascara i.e. volumising and lengthening and  it does a good job. I would not classify it as a life changing mascara but it is really good.

As mentioned earlier, it is really easy to use and there is no need to prime my lashes. I start with the narrow tip to brush up my shorter lashes (usually the ones at the corner of my eyes) and then I use the bottom tip to brush up the rest of my lashes.I go in a zig zag method so no lash hair escapes and this method is very effective. It has a really good grip on my lashes which I like and you can see immediate results. I have tried many mascaras and only few make a difference and this is one of them. I feel if you have longer lashes, the results may seem dramatic/outstanding but to me it is just good. It’s perfect for everyday and I really like it. In terms of holding a curl, I think it does pretty good especially as it is waterproof. It is slightly difficult to remove as well but the Lancome Bifacil Eye Makeup Remover makes it super easy.

Cost// Link
It’s a pricey mascara as expected from anything high end. It retails for £22.50 and I could not get hold of any discounts. However, I got a generous sample of the Lancome Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover (Link) which I like. It has 125 ml of product in it (I think this may even be a full size) which I know would last me for a good while. Overall, I think it is good value for money especially with this lovely sample.

Overall Thoughts
I already mentioned earlier that the only mascara which I am heads over heels in love with is the YSL Baby Doll Mascara and it's almost irreplaceable. I really like the Lancome Hypnose Star mascara but I don’t love it. I am not sure I would repurchase unless they have a massive discount. It’s a good mascara but it’s not one of the best I have tried. If your lashes are not very short like mine, you would really like it and it’s worth a try. Next mascara on my hit list is the Chanel Sublime Mascara as I was impressed with the sample I had. That’s it folks!! Have you tried the Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara?
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  1. This product seems great! I'm curious to try it

    1. It really is a lovely product and I recommend getting a sample first to know if it suits you!! ...xx


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