First Date Tag (Video)

One of my favourite videos to watch on YouTube is Tag videos. I think they are so much fun to watch but even more fun to film. They are so easy to film and edit as well!! My first video when I relaunched my YouTube channel was a tag video- The Shine Strong Tag and I loved doing it. I decided to film the First Date Tag video because I have watched a handful and I always end up laughing. It also gives you an opportunity to find out more about people's personalities. You can watch my take on first dates which includes what I would wear, where I would like to and mostly, who pays?. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section on what your take is on First Dates. Meanwhile, there is direct link to the video here and you can subscribe to my channel here. That would absolutely make my day!! Hope you are all having a great weekend and I would see you in my next post tomorrow...xx


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