May Favourites 2015

May was a little crazy month for me because I had so many tight deadlines at work. It’s strange that I enjoyed it a little bit because I love the whole adrenaline rush that comes with challenges. Ignore me, I am very weird. Seriously, I was the girl always excited by exams!! Anyway, I don’t think I have been loving any products that are very different from what I have been loving these past few months. I just enjoy all the products I have in my stash.  I will add links to any reviews where relevant. Of course, I filmed it for you all. I have a direct link to the video here and you can also watch it above. Don't forget to subscribe here  for more videos...xx

Olay Deep Wrinkle Treatment//Link
I know the name sounds super scary like I am old and greying but that’s not the case at all. I picked it up on offer in Boots because I wanted something for the fine lines under my eyes. I have to say I've seen a lot of improvement from using it over 2 months. It applies really easily and sinks in immediately which is a plus for me. I don’t like eye creams that have that wet feel to them. This is not wholly designed as an eye cream but it states that it can be used for fine lines around the eye. It’s amazing and I love it.

Garnier 5- Sec Perfect Blur//Link
One of my favourite past times when I am grocery shopping is to scan the Beauty sections because there are always amazing deals there. My local Sainsbury’s is so good with this and I have purchased many skincare products that are heavily discounted there. I picked up the Garnier Perfect Blur for only £3 or so and I regret not purchasing at least one more. It retails for £12.99. If you have enlarged pores and you are after a product that will blur them out perfectly, this is your guy. I would never have imagined that a blurring primer will also keep my shiny T-zone at bay and this is really good. It is also suitable if you don’t want to wear makeup but you also don’t want your enlarged pores out on display. I love it!!

W7 Neon Nights Eyeshadow Palette//Review//Link
I am pretty sure you are all tired of me mentioning this eyeshadow palette. I seriously love it and it's perfect for creating Spring/Summer looks. The eyeshadows feel so buttery and highly pigmented which is exactly what I look out for in eyeshadows. I won't ramble too much. I have just been too excited about it and I always use it.

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Shower Gel*//Review//Link
I was kindly gifted this amazing shower gel along with other amazing products from Molton Brown and I am obsessed with it. It smells incredible and makes me feel so fresh and invigorated. I feel like I have been to the Spa or on holiday whenever I use it. I use just a little on a loofah or sponge and it lathers so beautifully well. It’s not just a pretty face; it actually cleans my skin well and I love how the fragrance lingers on my skin after I shower.

Molton Brown Pomegranate and Ginger Hand Wash*//Review//Link
I already mentioned that I am not crazy about hand washes but this Molton Brown Pomegranate and Ginger Hand wash has totally converted me. It smells so exotic and I always find myself looking for excuses just to wash my hands. It cleans my hands really well and the lingering fragrance makes my hands feel so fresh. I love it and I know it will be an automatic repurchase once I run out of this one.

Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser*//Link
I know this lovely Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser has been popping on various blogs but it’s with good reason. It feels so moisturising and refreshing on the skin. I have been testing it this past month and I will have a full review up soon. It’s one of those products that you can see and feel its effects once you apply it. It is definitely a Summer Staple and I really hope it will never be discontinued (I may just pop over and get a few backups)

LA Girl HD Pro Concealers//Review//Link
These are oldies but firm favourites. I have reviewed them here and here already. I remember mentioning that I was not a fan of the packaging. I still am not but there is something about the quality of the products that makes me use it every time. It is incredible pigmented and can be used for a variety of purposes including concealing blemishes, hyper pigmentation and highlighting. You can even use a darker shade for contouring. I recently added a few more to my stash including Fawn (my match), Cool Tan (highlighting) and Toffee (for blemishes). They are also incredibly cheap and I got mine from BeautyJoint. If you are in London, you can check Beauty Base is Westfields.

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush//Review
I wonder why I have never featured this brush here because it is one of my favourite brushes ever. I rekindled my love for it this month as I have travelled a few times. As the name suggests, it is perfect for a variety of functions. It can be used for foundation, powder, blush, etc. I never miss out on packing this when I am going away as it saves me a lot of space and time. It’s such a shame that it’s not sold separately as I would have bought a few backups already.

Maybelline Lipstick in Peach Juice (130)
I totally can’t remember where I purchased this Lipstick but I think it may be Poundland or maybe in the clearance section in Boots. I love everything about this lipstick. It is a light pink lipstick that has some hints of peach in it which makes it the perfect Spring Lipstick. I have been wearing it a lot and I cannot get over it at all.

MaxFactor Excess Shimmer in Bronze//Review
I may have already featured this in my December 2014 Favourites and I just forgot about it until I updated my Muji Drawers. It has such an interesting texture for a cream eyeshadow. It's just like whipped cream but it applies so smoothly and lasts really well. I think it's so perfect for creating the perfect Summer Bronze look and I have been using it as a base since May and even up till now. I love it!!

JORD Wood Watch- Ely Maple*//Review//Link
I have been totally obsessed with the JORD Wood Watch in Elys Maple which was kindly sent to me for a review last month. I have been wearing it every day since I received it and it is now a staple in my wardrobe. I love how unique this watch is and it feels so light on my wrist. I have been wearing it everyday because it goes with all my outfits. The fact that it blends really well with my skin tone and complexion makes it so easy to style and I always get compliments when I am out and about.

That's it folks!! I hope you had an amazing day and weekend!! It has been so beautiful this June so far and I hope it remains the same. I enjoyed May and I am hoping June would even be better. What was your absolute May Favourite?...xx
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  1. The LA Girl concealers are my favourites! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I absolutely love them and for the price, it is almost unbeatable...xx

  2. la concealer is bae! I'll check out the Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer and w7 palette :) I'll teleport to take your watch--you just wait and see :)

    1. It truly is a complete Bae...The Vitamin C Moisturiser is really good and the texture is so different and refreshing. Hahahaha, I need to hide my watch quickly *runs to hide watch in most secret place* hahahaha..xx

  3. I really love the Multi-Task brush :) I'm using it for bronzer right now. I will definitely try to get the LA girl concealer soon! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I know!! I actually got this one from you during your Blog Sale and I totally love the Sam's Pick set I got from you!! I have enjoyed it so much!! You should try the LA Girl Concealer as it has a wide range of colours and your would find something for your skin tone...xx


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