Body Shop Virgin Mojito Range Review

I attended The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Event sometime last month where I was kindly gifted with a generous goody bag containing several products including the Virgin Mojito range.  I have now tested most of the products so I can tell you all about them. The Virgin Mojito range is is set to hit the stores today being the 2nd June 2015 although I have seen a few products form the range over the weekend last month.  I received two products from the range- The Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* and the unique Virgin Mojito Body Splash*.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Range
While I am not a  regular drinker, I enjoy cocktails when I decide to drink. One of my favourite cocktails is Mojito and I don't mind if it is alcoholic or virgin. I just love the minty citrus mix taste and it always reminds me of summer. That's exactly what Body Shop embodies with the Virgin Mojito range. It's just literally Summer in a Bottle or Jar or The one thing I love about this range is that the scent is not too strong or too weak; it's just the right amount to linger nicely on the skin without interfering with anything else. Body Shop has designed the Virgin Mojito range with the aim of refreshing the skin so one can stay cool all summer long or during the warm weather depending on where you are. It really does smell like Virgin Mojito but it is not overpowering or too strong and even if you don't like Mojito, you would enjoy the minty citrus fragrance.  There are a total of four products in the range including- The Virgin Mojito Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Body Sorbet and the Body Splash.  They are designed to cater to all parts of your body care starting from 
1. Cleansing- You can opt for the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub//Link  if you are after gently exfoliating the skin especially with all the sticky sun cream. You can also grab the Virgin Mojito Shower Gel//Link if you are after a cooling lather.
2. Moisturise- There are two options for this within the range and they include the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet*//Link (my favourite) and the Virgin Mojito Body Butter//Link which is non-sticky and greasy. I would opt for the second option if you have drier skin.
3. Splash- This is all so new and innovative and I feel it can be used in any order and not particularly after moisturising. The Virgin Mojito Body Splash*//Link is a new fragrance format inspired by the beautiful beach bodies of South America and it can be splashed generously all over the body after a shower.

Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet*// £8// Link
I believe the Body Shop's Sorbets were launched last year and everyone went a lil' crazy about them and with good reason. They have such amazing textures as you would imagine a sorbet would have if you had to apply it on your body. I feel it has the smoothness of whipped cream which feels so amazing. The Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet is infused with the refreshing scent of crisp fresh mint blended with a twist of freshly squeezed lime. I use this straight after I shower and I absolutely love it. It applies so smoothly and it has the right amount of moisture. I am not a fan of body creams that leave that wet feel after you use them and I am so pleased this is not one of those. It feels ever so refreshing when it hits your skin; it's like a cooling effect (not the annoying menthol type) that makes you feel so fresh. It gets absorbed super quickly which I love and it keeps my skin moisturised. I would not classify it as the most hydrating body cream/lotion I have ever tried but it's not a problem for me because I don't particularly have dry skin. I feel it is really ideal for summer or warm weather when you want your skin moisturised but not greasy. The fragrance in itself is one I enjoy and I guess it helps intensify the fragrance from the shower gels/scrubs/splash from the same range.

Virgin Mojito Body Splash*// £16 // Link
I am pretty sure I have never used a product like this and I was really keen to try this. It's essentially a body splash as the name implies that you use straight after shower to help keep you smelling and feeling fresh. I was a little at a loss as to if I should use it after I shower before I dry my body or after I dry my body. I don't think it matters either ways because I have used it both ways. It goes on just like water but it feels different. The first thing I noticed was the cooling effect it had similar (to the Body Sorbet)  which felt really refreshing. I did not really have to dry it off because it got absorbed pretty quickly but it still retained its moisture (if that makes any sense). As mentioned earlier, I really like the fragrance and I don't think it is overpowering at all. It's just the right amount and we were told in the presentation that it actually contains only 1% fragrance so it's nothing to be bothered about. Now, time for some graphic TMI which I would not share normally but you all are like my friends so I can't skip this. If you use this right after your shower, please ensure you have your panties on because it won't be a pleasant experience for your VJ if this trickles down there. Let me just leave it at that #datsall. Other than that, it has been so lovely to smell very fresh all day. I still get whiffs of the lovely citrus and minty fragrance in the course of the day but I am glad it does not interfere with my fragrance. For some reason, I reserve this for the weekends because I feel more relaxed then and I can take my time with body care, skincare and makeup in general.

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased I got a chance to try this lovely range and I am loving how innovative Body Shop is with their products. The Virgin Mojito range also comes with some amazing gift sets complete with an  ice bucket (The Big Splash- Party Collection), a metal cocktail shaker (The Big Shake) and a travel size cube (The Cool Cube). I have really enjoyed using these products and I am going to purchase the Body Scrub and Shower Gel so I can have the complete set of this limited edition. That's it folks! Would you be purchasing the The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Range?...xx
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  1. I'm kind of intrigued by the Body Splash - I'll have to check it out :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I was as well as it's such a unique product and it's worth trying out...xx

  2. I've smelled the entire range yesterday and man, oh, man. It smells soooo devine! I almost bought the body splash and body butter. But somehow I contained myself, which I now regret deeply! Hahah you better believe that I'm going back there to buy them one of these days :-)

    1. I totally agree!! They smell simply divine; exactly like you would on a holiday!! You need to go back and get them. I think I may be purchasing the shower gel so I have the complete set....On another note- I really missed you and I am so glad to see you on here again....xx


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