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Last Month, I was lucky to be invited to a blogger's lunch with Molton Brown during the Rakuten London Symposium which was amazing. I have always known about Molton Brown right from when I lived in Nigeria because my Dad used to bring me back little samples when he travelled. I think at the time Molton Brown was given out in British Airways and also in some hotels he stayed in. Naturally, I was delighted to be meeting this lovely quintessential British brand and I was kindly gifted with huge bag of goodies. I felt absolutely spoiled and pampered as you would imagine with Molton Brown products. They are absolute treats to pamper/spoil yourself or someone with.

A little about the Brand
Molton Brown was co-founded by Caroline Burstein and Michael Collis about 40 years ago and it actually started out as a hair salon. The name Molton Brown was derived from the name of the first store's street location ( South Molton Street) and Brown's Fashion Boutique (founded by Burstein's parents). I am always interested in how people formed their company, brand and even blog names although mine isn't anything interesting. Anyway, Molton Brown was very successful as a hair salon and decided to branch out into skincare, body care, hair care, men's grooming products and fragrances. The rest is history...Of course, the brand has spread across the England shores and is now available in over 70 countries which is impressive. There is a high chance you would have come across Molton Brown products especially if you are frequent traveller because there have partnerships with some hotels. I still have one of the lip balms I once received on a flight and it's one of my favourite lip balms when my lips are acting up. I spoke about it here if you want a peek.

What did I receive?
I already mentioned I was absolutely chuffed with the contents of my goodies bag and I could not wait to try them all out. I received some products from the Yorkshire inspired range-Delicious Rhubarb and Rose which just smells incredible. I also received some products from the Pomegranate and Ginger range and lastly an amazing candle from the Ginger Lily range. They all smell delicious and I can't even decide on which is my favourite scent because it is so difficult. Most of the Molton Brown ranges are inspired by lovely places around the world and the scents and fragrance blends are designed to invoke the essence of these places. 

    Enjoy our NEW Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Collection at Molton Brown                                 Yorkshire Inspired "Delicious Rhubarb and Rose" Range
As the name suggests, it is inspired by Yorkshire in England which I have been to a couple of times. I particularly love Leeds as my cousin lived there for a while and I used to spend my weekends with her. The good times!! The Delicious Rhubarb and Rose range is made from a blend of Rhubarb sourced from the popular West Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle. I received the Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Shower Gel and the accompanying Body Lotion. I particularly love it when I have matching shower gels and lotions because it means the fragrance of the shower gel can be locked in for a longer time with the body lotion.

The Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Shower Gel*//Link is made from Rhubarb with Rose and Yuzu fruit accord and it really smells amazing. It is difficult to describe it but it really reminds me of an exotic holiday. I am pretty sure it has some musk in it because I can definitely smell it and I love it. I feel it transforms the fragrance of this shower gel from something that's so floral and fruity with a twist. You need the littlest amount ever and it does the job really well. I have used a few shower gels that smell amazing but let me down when it comes to actually cleaning my body. The Delicious Rhubarb and Rose shower gel is  one that has a beautiful fragrance and very effective at keeping the skin clean.  I just dispense a little into my loofah and that's all I need. The scent actually lingers in my bathroom after I have showered to show you how lovely the fragrance is.

The Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Body Lotion*//Link is also made from Rhubarb, Rose and Yuzu extract in addition to other moisturising ingredients. It also contains Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Shea Butter among other ingredients. This makes it really pampering on the skin. I like that it does not feel greasy at all because that's my bug bear. It feels really hydrating on the skin, moisturising and it gets absorbed really easily but it does not lose its moisture. It smells incredible as you would imagine and when I use it immediately after the shower gel, it locks in the fragrance even longer. I am impressed that it lingers well on my skin but does not interfere with any of my perfumes which is always a good thing. It's very subtle but you can tell it's there.

The Rhubarb and Rose  Replenishing Hand Cream*//Link is definitely one of my favourite products of the lot. I am obsessed with Hand Creams because my hands have recently become very dry. I am not sure if it is the weather or a change in body chemistry. I was delighted to try another hand cream and I am pleased it did not let me down. It comes in the cutest pink packaging with a silver lid which gives an interesting look. It is also made from Rhubarb and Rose similar to the other products from the range. I like the level of hydration it gives and I always use it after I wash my hands when I am on the go. It's always in my hand bag because I can reach for it easily. It does not feel very wet at all which I like. I find that some hand creams are so wet so when you use it after you wash your hands and  are incredibly difficult to get absorbed.This hand cream does not feel that way at all. I really like this and I would definitely buy more from the other ranges they have.

                               The Pomegranate and Ginger Range
I think this range was originally known as Rose Granati before it was changed to Pomegranate and Ginger and this is one of their popular ranges judging from reviews on their website. I am not sure if they have a shower gel or body lotion for this range because I would buy it in a heart beat. I absolutely love anything with Pomegranate in it (I adore my Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Fragrance) and when you add Ginger to the mix, it just seals the deal. The range is inspired by Marrakech Markets and I can now understand why it is such an exotic fragrance. 

Molton Brown Pomegranate and Ginger Hand Wash*//Link is not your regular hand wash; I feel it is a fragrance in itself (very silly but you would think so when you use it). I don't think I have ever used any hand wash as amazing as this one. It is made from a blend of pomegranate extract, ginger oil, vetiver, lily of the valley and sweet cardamom oil. It is also effective at keeping your hands clean (it's not just pretty) and it has anti oxidant properties derived from pomegranate. Anything with anti oxidant makes me happy because I know I am keeping my skin clear and clean as much as I can in our environment. This is a definite repurchase for me and it lasts for such a long time as I have used it for almost a month and I still have a lot left (and I wash my hands a lot). The fragrance in this hand wash is so beautiful and I absolutely love it.

Molton Brown Pomegranate and Ginger Enriching Hand Lotion*//Link is the accompanying hand lotion for the hand wash. It is also made from the same ingredients as the hand wash but it also contains Shea butter and Honeysuckle flower extract. It's simply amazing and it actually feels slightly more moisturising than the Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Body lotion. It's really good at preventing dry hands which usually happens when you wash your hands a lot. I love it!

                                    Molton Brown GingerLily Range
The Gingerlily range was inspired by Tahiti and it's Molton Brown's way of bringing the exotic scents of Tahiti back to us in London (or wherever you are). It is made from ginger, cardamom, peach, tuberose, plum, cedarwood, clove and musk. I received the Gingerlily Single Wick Candle*//Link which smells absolutely incredible. I remember just opening it without lighting it up and I caught whiffs of it in my room. This is my first luxury candle (and first from Molton Brown) and I am very impressed. It has a single wick as the name implies and it burns really well. 

It comes in such a beautiful package and I love to use this on Fridays to usher in the weekend. It really invokes a sense of relaxation and it has uplifted my mood many times. Who would have taught a little candle as this could make me happy? It is always recommended to burn candles for at least 2 hours to prevent tunnelling and that's what I do. This candle burns really evenly and it does not burn too fast as well which could be annoying if you have an expensive candle. I have burnt it many times (apart from Fridays) and I still have a lot left. It's pricey but I feel it is worth it and you can still smell it long after you have put it out.

Overall Thoughts
I really love all the products I was kindly gifted and there are products I would repurchase (not at the same time though because they are expensive). I know the first product I would repurchase is the Del Rhubarb and Rose Replenishing Hand Cream and I will also love to try the other hand creams they have.  I know I would definitely repurchase the Delicious Rhubarb and Rose shower gel and Pomegranate and Ginger hand wash when they run out because I love them so much. I love the hand lotions and body lotions but I rarely finish these kind of products so I know it would take a long time. I know Molton Brown products are more expensive than other regular brands but the quality is seriously outstanding. They also last for ages so when you look at it in the long run; it's more value for money. They also make amazing gift sets which is I know anyone would seriously appreciate especially as Father's Day is approaching. They have an amazing Male Grooming range which I know men would love. That's it folks; I hope you had a lovely weekend. Have you tried any products from Molton Brown?
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  1. I'm totally inspired to buy myself a whole kit of this stuff... it looks beautiful and you describe it perfectly.

    1. Thank you so much; your comment means a lot to me!!..xx


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