Amida Spa Experience in David Lloyd Club, Hampton

I am sure I may have mentioned it before but May was a really busy month for me in various aspects of my life. My personal life was busy and it was the same in my work life. It was even difficult to keep up with my blog sometimes which made me sad. I felt like all I needed was to go away to relax somewhere on holiday but alas! that was not to be. The closest I could get to a holiday spa feeling was at the Amida Spa in David Lloyd Club, Hampton*. I was kindly invited to experience Amida Spa and  choose any treatment I fancied. Of course, it was a no- brainer that I chose the Full Body Massage because I knew I would benefit most  from it. I literally counted down the days before the session and I was delighted to finally attend at the end of May.

Background of Amida Spa
Amida Spas are located in some David Lloyd Clubs across England. I think majority of them are within Greater London. You can find them in Farnham, Beckenham, Chelsea, Hampton and High Wycombe. Amida Spas offer a wide range of spa treatments including facial therapies, massages, maternity treatments, body treatments and even Male Spa Packages which is super ideal for Father's Day or for treat special guy in your life. They also offer various Day Spa Packages where you get full access to the gym, wet spa, a choice of some selected treatments, a light meal, etc. If you  choose any other spa session when you get a Spa Package,  like say the Full Body Massage, you get an additional discount off. It’s so ideal if you want to treat yourself, mum, sister, friend or even your boyfriend and Dad for Father’s Day.

My First Impression
I chose to attend the Amida Spa in David Lloyd Club,  Hampton because it was the closest to me as I live in South West London. I also chose the Full Body Massage (also known as the Aromatherapy Associates Intense Muscle Release Massage) and I was also given full access to the Gym, Wet Spa and a light meal. I have never been to the David Lloyd Gym in Hampton so I was excited as I heard it also had a golfing course. It is located in a beautiful expanse of land and it really looks like a holiday resort. The ambience in the club was so relaxing and I knew I was definitely going to have an amazing day. I was welcomed by the friendly Amida Spa staff and given a questionnaire to fill out my details/answer some questions. Then, I was ushered into the Spa room and the lovely therapist/masseuse did her introductions. She told me about the massage I was going to get, its duration, oils to be used and any areas I wanted her to concentrate on.

My Experience
I already mentioned that I chose a full body massage called the Aromatherapy Associates Intense Muscle Release Massage*. I was given three oils to choose from because the masseuse told me that the body can usually tell what it needs via smell. She did not tell me their names at first because she wanted my body to do the choosing. I chose the Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Oil which was not surprising as my body definitely needed to feel relaxed. Apparently, the Deep Relax Oil would have sent me instantly to sleep as it is always reserved for evening Spa Treatments. She asked me what areas I wanted her to concentrate on.  I chose my head, neck and back mainly because I am constantly sat on my desk at work and at home and I sometimes feel some tension around these areas. Once I had chosen my oil and agreed on the areas I wanted her to concentrate on, she left the room for little while to give me some privacy as I undressed and got on the massage recline/bed. It was very warm, complete with warm clean towels, and the ambience of the room was super relaxing. The lights were dim and there was soft music was playing in the background which  incorporated sounds from nature like birds chirping away and the ocean/sea.  I honestly thought I would fall asleep even before the massage started because I already felt very relaxed by the atmosphere in the spa room. I wish I could say I remembered all her techniques but I wanted to enjoy myself and relax. She started with the Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Oil to ease my body into relaxing. Then, she moved on to the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel relieve some tension around my neck and back. She was really so good; not too soft and not too firm. It was just perfect and she worked every single muscle on my back. I have no idea how she managed to do it but I gradually felt relaxed and I felt the tension slowly leave my body. I know it really does not sound real but that’s exactly how I felt.  I seriously wanted to stay on the massage bed/recline forever but it was over after almost an hour (I think it may have been 45 minutes or so because I was slightly late). I had to get dressed and go for lunch. My body seriously felt new again and I was surprised the oils used were not greasy at all. They sunk in well and the fragrance/scent still lingered and left a calming aura all around me until I took a shower when I got home.

Lunch Time
After I got dressed, I was given a glass of water and I allowed to take some photos as well. I then popped into the restaurant called DLICIOUS which makes really healthy meals and snacks. Of course, you would not expect anything unhealthy in the David Lloyd Clubs. I chose the Chicken Caesar and Kale Salad which was really what I needed after my spa session. It was delicious, felt nutritious and surprisingly filling. I also had a glass of  lemonade and ice. I really wish I drove down but thankfully there were good transport links around the club in Hampton so I was home in no time.

Overall Thoughts
I am not even joking when I say I jumped on my bed when I got home and dozed off. I have not felt as relaxed as this in a really long time. It’s an experience I know I will definitely revisit and recommend to my friends and family. Even as I type, I still feel relaxed from the spa session and the tension around my neck and back is nowhere to be found. Many thanks to David Lloyd Club Hampton and Amida Spa for giving me such an amazing treat. Have you been to any Amida Spa?
*I was kindly invited to Amida Spa for this lovely Spa Day. All opinions are mine based on my experience on the day. Read my full disclaimer here


  1. I've heard of the David LLoyd gyms, but never been there. Now I see it's a lot more than just a gym.
    The Spa experience you had there looks absolutely amazing. I would love to pamper myself with a gym session, followed by a massage.

    It looks lovely! :)

    Lu |

    1. I truly had an amazing time there!! I also did not know that David Lloyd Clubs had Spas in them. However, I think it is only in some select clubs (Farnham, Beckenham, Hampton, Chelsea, High Wycombe). I really felt very relaxed and rejuvenated...xx


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