Summer Fashion Haul (Zara, Warehouse, H&M, Aldo,etc)

I cannot believe I forgot to post this video on here. I finally got around to film a fashion haul. I think the last one I filmed was the Primark Haul which people seemed to like. I am not a huge spender when it comes to clothing per say. However, I am trying to buy more expensive pieces that will last longer for me. I went into Zara to do some damage and I picked up three skirts. First off, I am a non-skirt wearer but the pretty skirts in Zara have well converted me. I have always preferred to wear trousers or jeans and I rarely ever wear skirts but that's all changing as I absolutely adore Midi Skirts at the moment. The Zara skirts were a little pricey but I know they will last for a good while because they have amazing quality. I even saw that they have started their sales and a few items I purchased are now on sale. That's really good savings so hurry up if you want to pick up some items. I also did some minor damage in H&M and got some comfy tops which were a little too big (although I purchased size Small). I think it's just the style. Anyway, I would stop rambling and leave you to watch the video. You can find a direct link here and I would appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel here. I upload every Sunday although I am trying to see if I can increase it. I really enjoying making videos almost as much as I enjoy writing blog posts. It's just that it takes more effort to film a good video. I am still trying to sort out my sound and light quality but I don't think it is too terrible anyway. Right, I would love to hear your feedback and I will see you in my next post. What fashion bits have you been buying this Summer?...xx


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