JORD Wood Watch Review (Ely Maple Design)

I have always loved watches right from when I was a kid and my parents always got me colourful watches back then. As I grew older, my taste changed (obviously!) and I opted for leather and chain straps. Now I have a new addition to my stash- The JORD Woodwatch from Ely Series in Maple*. I was very delighted when the lovely people in Jord Wood Watches contacted me to see if I would like to try a watch from their range.  I have never tried any watch made from wood so my interest was instantly piqued and I was intrigued to see that there were watches out there made from wood. I chose the beautiful Ely Series-Maple Design* because I knew it would go best with my skin tone/complexion. In all honesty, it was an uphill task choosing one watch from the range because they had so many amazing watches to choose from. I just kept scrolling and scrolling the website (which is a visually and aesthetically pleasing one, if I might add). All the watches listed are super beautiful and they look the same on the website as they do in real life (judging from the one I received).

JORD Wood Watches Brand
I had never heard about JORD watches or even any wood watch before they contacted me so I was very curious about the brand and their watches. JORD is of Swedish origin and it is translates to earth, soil or land.  The JORD brand prides themselves with creating  timepieces that model the modern lifestyle. The JORD Style is guided by a deep appreciation for natural elements as can be seen from the materials that are utilised in the production of their watches. While browsing their website, I noticed that there are several series within the range and they include the Fieldcrest, Dover, Cora, Sidney, 746, 94A, Delmar, Ely and Sully. They cater to male, female and unisex designs and I love that some of the watches are unisex. I am not a fan of very feminine watches per say; I like them to be a bit on the androgynous side. 

The wood used to create these watches are sourced from natural sources and sustainable sources across the globe to create these lovely pieces. The types of wood used include Maple, Koa, Cherry, Zebrawood, Bamboo, Cherry and Blackwood. Some of the watches are made from one material while others are made from more than one wood material. I particularly love the fact that no toxic chemicals are used to treat or protect the wood as there is no need because they are made from 100% natural wood. I was relieved to learn this as I definitely don’t want to be wearing anything that may cause any allergies. All the metal clasps are made from Stainless Steel to prevent any metal allergies that may occur with some metals. They also come in various colours ranging from Black, Cream, Natural Green, Red, etc and some of them have some extra designs on them such as Turquoise and Rose Gold crafted all around them. They all look so intricately made and you can tell a great deal of workmanship and craftsmanship were put into creating these designs.

The watch I chose- Jord Wood Watches Ely Series (Maple)
As mentioned earlier, it was incredibly difficult to choose one watch because there were so many beautiful watches to pick from. I eventually settled for the Ely Series- Maple design* because I loved its simplicity and I knew the colour will match my skin tone and complexion. I love that the watch face is clear with a tiny date area. The JORD Maple watch is made from Maple Wood as the name suggests and it feels incredibly light on my wrist. That’s one thing I love about Wood Watches- they weigh next to nothing and you can hardly feel them on your wrist compared to some chain watches. The Maple watch is made from 100% wood with the only metal (stainless steel) bits found enclosed in the watch face and the buckle.

The buckle is the push design where you just click on the two clasps and the watch comes off. It’s so easy to put on and off every day. If you are particular about specifications, I would leave a link to the watch page where you can find out more about the measurements. Here are a few measurements though; Case Width (37mm), Case Thickness (11mm), Lug ends (45mm), Band length (200mm) and Band Thickness (21mm). All Jord watches are made with scratch resistant mineral and the actual timepiece is made from Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement (with date display). I was a little concerned about the sizing but there was nothing to worry about. The JORD Website has some instructions on how to measure your wrist, complete with a virtual ruler. All you need to do is print it off, wrap it around your wrist and enter your size on the website. Your watch will be adjusted to fit your measurement. They will also throw in some extra links in case you need further adjustments. It’s totally fool proof and it’s very hard to go wrong with it.

I was not expecting such beautiful packaging at all but the JORD Watch packaging absolutely blew me away. You all know I am a sucker for packaging and I have often bought makeup products just because they looked pretty (I know, I know, I'm terrible). The Ely Maple Watch* came in a matching box also made from Maple. The box is embossed with the JORD logo at the top and on the side. It really makes the watch feel extra special and if this was a gift, there would be no need to wrap it. Inside the box contained, the watch itself, a watch cushion/pillow (also embossed with the JORD logo), some extra links, a warranty card (12 months warranty) and a complimentary card containing links to their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). I am really pleased with the packaging and I store my watch inside it everyday after use.

Care and Maintenance of JORD Watches
One of the things I was concerned about was the longevity of wood watches and how I could maintain it. There is a whole list of FAQs on the website on how to maintain and clean wood watches. First off, I was delighted to know that Wood Watches are splash proof and this is mainly because I am always washing my hands, cooking, washing dishes or getting sweaty in the gym. These activities don’t have any negative effects on the watch and it still looks as new as ever. However, submerging in water is not recommended e.g. it is not advisable to swim in them. Wood watches are inherently porous so they are susceptible to dirt and oil however I have not experienced any stains at all. I have been wearing this watch continuously for almost a month and it still looks brand new. If you are concerned about cleaning, you can always use a cotton cloth and a solution of lemon and olive oil to get any dirt off.

I already mentioned that this watch was kindly sent to me by the lovely people from JORD Wood Watches. Their watches are exquisitely made so I never expected them to be cheap however they are within a reasonable price range. The Ely Maple* retails for $129 which I think is incredible value for money. They ship internationally so you can always get your watch anywhere you live. The international shipping cost depends on where you live and I tried a couple of countries and it always came up as $20 for USPS First Class International.  I guess that may be the flat shipping rate but it is best to enter your country from the drop down box to be sure. If you live in the US (you lucky thing), shipping is free for you.

1. They are mainly sold online and I know it may be a problem as some people may want to see/test it in-store before purchasing.
2.  It may be prone to dirt over time but I have not experienced any at all and it is super easy to clean.

                                              How I style the Jord Watch- Elys Maple
I am the girl who wears her watch immediately after my outfit for the day; even before I put on my makeup. I feel incomplete without my watch and I am never without it. I have styled this watch in various ways and it always complements my outfits. I wear it everywhere including work, gym, lunch dates, dinners, church and I have travelled with it as well.  I think it goes well with all my outfits largely because it is such beautiful colour and design and it complements my skin tone. For this post, I styled it revolving around my life during a lazy weekend. I love me a lazy weekend where I get to do all the things I love.

Relaxing/Chilling on my Bed
One of my favourite places in the world is my bed because I feel safe and at home in it. It has birthed so many ideas for this blog and this is where I relax. On a lazy weekend, you would find me sat with my legs tucked under me and a pillow propped on my laps. I have a weakness for cereals especially Coco Pops and Krave but I reserve them as treats for the weekends. I just chill on my bed, having my cereal while watching my favourite channels on YouTube. I always have my JORD Maple Watch on my wrist because I need to keep track of my day. I know it’s a lazy day but I don’t want to waste it all on the bed watching YouTube and Netflix.

Blogging Time
I do majority of my blogging during the weekend just like many bloggers who have full time jobs. I won’t lie to you; it can be incredibly time consuming but it is all so rewarding when you appreciate my posts and the efforts I put into them. I blog on my desk because I feel a little bit more productive when I am sat there. Of course, I need to have my JORD watch with me because it is so easy for me to lose track of time when I am enjoying myself blogging and creating content. I always take short breaks in between to give my eyes a little rest from all the screen action. I usually restrict the time I spend on social media because it is very addictive and can sometimes prevent me from being productive. Once my set time is up, I go back to blogging and scheduling posts for the week.

Makeup/Beauty Time
I hope this does not sound shallow but one of the highlights of my day, especially during the weekend, is to do my makeup. During the week, I don’t have time to do any creative looks but I have all the time during the weekend. This is when I try out bold/bright colors and I just love how I get to play with my makeup. I also film some YouTube videos during the weekend so I need my watch to help me keep track of how long each tutorial is taking. I find that no one has the energy or time to watch a long tutorial so it is always handy to have my JORD Watch at hand to help me.

Overall Thoughts
I am a little obsessed with this JORD Watch in Ely Maple. I always get compliments when I am out and about wearing this watch. Everyone is so curious about it and many people have never heard about them. I love everything about it from the attention to detail in the packaging to the exquisitely simple design. It is so lightweight and it suits every aspect of my life including my work/career. It goes with all my outfits and it just suits my lifestyle. I cannot recommend JORD Watches enough. They also make amazing gifts especially as Father’s Day is just a few weeks away. Have you heard about the JORD Wood Watches?..xx
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  1. Girl! You're glowing :)

    That watch suits your skin so well, never heard of Jord but I love what I see so far.

    1. Thank so much dear!! I know that's exactly why I chose this colour and design. The Wood Watches are really unique and I have been enjoying mine since I got it...xx

  2. This looks and sounds GORGEOUS! I love the idea of having a wooden watch, definitely extremely unique and totally unlike anything I would normally go for, but I love it!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

    1. It really is gorgeous and I would never have thought that it was possible to make a lovely watch out of wood. Thanks for stopping by...xx


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