The Weekend Post #1: All Black Everything

Hi My Lovelies,
I just thought to write something different for a change and I hope I can keep up with this. In fact, I will try not to jinx it. I am hoping to share a nice post every weekend and see how it goes. It will also provide a little break from all the beauty posts..a big toast to many more of these...Here, goes a few things, all black as you may have noticed, that tickle my fancy..

Denman Brush
I have been hearing about the Denman brushes for ages but I never got around to buying it because my relaxed hair, at the time, was very fine in texture and I had no tangles . Since going natural, my hair texture has changed and it has a few tangles every now and then. I chose the one with soft bristles because my hair is quite soft and my scalp is also tender. I definitely recommend this if you have a tangle-prone mane or if you have natural kinky hair.

L'Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer Eye Liner
I may have already featured this already but this is one of my favourite eye liners that ever liveth...:-). It has a felt tip which lets is glide easily across my eyelids for a smooth application and a nice cat flick at the end. I have been using this for brand for years now and I love it.

Nikon Cool Pix Compact Camera
This was my first digital camera as a gift from the BF so it holds a sentimental place in my heart and I really love it. It is responsible for 60% of the photos on this blog; the rest of my cameras are my iPhone 5 and my Bridge Camera FujiFilm. I love compact cameras like this because they are so portable and I can whip them out for lovely blog photos.

iPad Mini and Logitech Keyboard
This is one of my bestest birthday gift from the BF on my most recent birthday in January. I have always wanted to get an iPad but when I got my iPhone last year, I knew I definitely needed the iPad. Apple and I are slowly building a loving relationship howbeit an expensive one if I must say. Together with the Logitech Keyboard, they are both the perfect device for blogging on the go.

Zara Wallet
Another new purchase which I am heads over heels in love with. I adore all leather goods from Zara despite how expensive they could be sometimes but their recent sales have surprised me with their relatively low prices and this was one of their offerings. It's so gorgeous and very compact plus it matches really well with my Zara Office City bag already reviewed here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you love Photography as much as I do, pop over to MP Photography by Mark Prime. He is good friend of mine and his pictures are absolutely amazing. Here is his Facebook Page if you want to have a look see and his website is here too.

It's a relatively new page but he has already uploaded a lot of beautiful shots which would definitely blow your mind. That's pretty much all  for the début weekend post and I will see you in more posts for the week..toodles..xx


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