Natural Hair Update: The Mini Bun

Hi My Lovelies,
It has been a little while since I updated you about the progress with my natural hair. To be honest, nothing really interesting has been happening hence the non-update and my routine has pretty much remained the same. I am very low maintenance with my hair and it has been doing just fine without any fuss. 80% of the time I have it in protective styles such as braids and weaves because they are versatile and easy to maintain.

After I had my weave/extensions installed in November, I took it out in January. I really liked having the weave with the closure but the weave itself started acting dodgy; it began tangling which is my pet peeve with hair extensions. Once it got unbearable, I took it down. I was a little annoyed to see I lost quite a chunk of hair after I took it down which is a bit bizarre because I didn't really have it  in for  that long to justify the amount of hair lost and I have never lost that much hair when wearing weaves; it usually happens with braids.

Despite that, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my hair could get into a teeny weeny bun...Hurray!!! I know I am pathetic but if you know my hair history*sniff sniff*, you'd understand my excitement. You see my hair was never a "grower" when it was relaxed ever since I was young (ask anyone who knows me). I never had the luxury of having my hair in any sort of bun whatsoever. Now, when I say bun, I don't mean a a full blown fluffy bun...I am getting there (baby steps). Basically, it's just a tiny bun but I love it!! I loved it so much that I actually had my "mini" bun on for almost a month which is record breaking for me. I never leave my natural hair out for more than a week because it is at that awkward stage where it is no longer a teeny weeny afro (TWA) and it's not long enough for trendy styles. I  even went further to do some hairstyles which involved enhancing my bun with some "faux buns".

How I do the "Mini" Bun
My routine for my basic bun is pretty straightforward. I usually put my hair in cornrows the night before so it does not shrink or curl back (shrinkage is the bane of natural hair). In the morning, I take the cornrows down and comb my hair with a wide toothed comb. I use some leave in conditioner and coconut oil to seal my natural hair moisture as my hair gets really dry when I am outside. Next, I brush it upwards using my Denman Brush and use a hair tie to bunch it into a small bun. The Denman Brush really helps to catch all the strands of my hair neatly without any snags. That's all really. Sometimes, I smooth my edges down with the Eco Styler Gel and an old toothbrush. I even went to the salon to have my "faux bun"  put in professionally for the first time just so I could learn how it is properly done. I actually loved it.

I enjoyed having my bun but I had to put my hair back in my favourite braid styles which is the Kinky Braids which I think is very flattering. That's it folks; I told you nothing much has changed. I am looking forward to March because it would be a full year since my Big Chop and I can't wait to show you the progressive stages my hair has gone through in the year. Also, it would be exactly a year since I started blogging and a giveaway is definitely on the way so stay tuned and see you in my next post. 


  1. Oh my gosh! The mini bun is adorable on you and I loveee the braids in the bottom pictures.

    1. What a sweet comment to read!! Thank you so much...:-))..x


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