Zara Handbag/Purse Haul (Zara Sales)

Hi My Lovelies,
It has been a while since I popped into Zara for any purchases but the recent January sales presented the best time ever to buy some items I had been lusting after when they were full price. I love Zara for their leather goods and accessories especially their handbags because they are of excellent quality and they styles are always on trend. My favourite Zara bag is the Office City  Bag which has been featured here on the blog and is on its way to being two years old. I am sure you are already fed up with me mentioning my birthday was in January (sorry guys!! but it's just once a year) and my lovely sister sent me some money to spoil myself with. She always, always spoils and dotes on me and I love her so much. 

Armed with birthday money in tow, I headed off to Zara and I bought a few leather goods and office wear. I actually didn't buy all these bags and purses in one go. The purse and wallet were bought in store while the bags were bought online and all of them together cost less than £30<-----...rewind...Yes, you read right and I was as shocked as you each time I picked up any of these bargains. All the purchases have little stories attached to how I found them. There are all sold out online but I am pretty sure you can ransack your nearest Zara store because these gems were all well hidden in some less popular Zara stores.

Zara Wallet with Pull-Out Card Holder (Sold out Online)
This wallet makes me so excited because it looks so chic. It's made of Polyurethane which is the same material as the Zara Office City Bag and the two of them together are what dreams are made of- the perfect companions. It comes with a pull out card holder which is very convenient because you can leave it out if you want the wallet to serve as small clutch or you prefer it less bulky. It has a sturdy inner zip and one pocket in front and behind. I just love it and it's very compact; just the way a wallet should be. I found this little gem under a pile of jumpers/knitwear/sweaters in the Zara in Brompton Road near Harrods in London. I can't believe anyone could hide it there but i was sure glad to find it. It cost only £7.99. 

Zara Printed Wallet/Pouch (Sold out Online)
I have always wanted the Whistles Pouch but the smallest size is about £35 and i can never justify at this time in my life spending that much on a small pouch. I sighted this under another pile of clothes in the Zara in Victoria Street London. Seriously, I don't understand why people are hiding these purses but I am happy to find them. I like the prints on it and it just stands out from any wallets or pouches I own; not that I have that much of a collection. This is perfect as a makeup bag because it's very roomy and even has a smaller pocket inside. It comes with a wristlet so it can also serve as mini clutch for those casual evening outings where you can't be bothered with a normal sized bag. I got this for £3.99 which I think is such a bargain given the quality and trendy style it comes in.

Zara Shopper Bag with Pocket -Burgundy (Sold out Online)
This was an online purchase and I have never been so pleased with it. I was in need of a new bag and I wanted one that was not black just to infuse some colour into my wardrobe. One lazy day, I was nosing around on the Zara website and I spied its burgundy version. I was intrigued and i quickly added this to my basket because the thing with Zara website shopping (especially with sales) is that many other ladies are shopping as well and there is a high chance that if you don't act fast, the item will never make it to check out. I tried to buy two but I was not fast enough and it flashed red that it was sold out. It is very spacious which is why it's called a shopper bag. I am glad it has a zip because I am not a fan of shopper bags without zips; I feel my items are not safe. It has a really deep pocket in front which comes in handy for storing phones, keys, ear phones and just random stuff. Outside is also made of polyurethane but it feels softer than the other bags made from same material. Inside is made of a mixture of Jute and Cotton and it looks like linen a lot. I like the extra touch. It is so large so there is a temptation to over stuff it and trust me it can take a lot of stuff because it is really sturdy. I got this for a bargaini-cious £7.99 :-))

Zara Basic Shopper (Sold out online)
This was a very surprising buy. After my previous bargains on the site, I was on the lookout for more shopper bags and I had checked the website many times already with no luck on sales. So, I entered the word "shopper" in the search box and lo and behold! this little baby flashed across the screen. I was suspicious *narrows eyes* because I was so sure it was going to come up as sold out. I checked and it was not so I swiftly tried to buy two; one for me and one for my sister but that was not to be as expected. So, I had to check out with just one. It was only £7.99. It's a beautiful bag and I can finally give my Zara Office City bag a well deserved rest (or holiday because it would be back soon) and let's face it, the City Bag is quite heavy. A little work out on its own. This Basic Shopper is way lighter and made of the same Polyurethane which looks very much like leather but feels different to leather. It is also very roomy with some pockets inside. 

That's it folks. I am super pleased with all my purchases and I absolutely love them all especially as they were really affordable. Although all these items are sold out online,  if you are near a Zara Store, you might want to pop down there and check for any hidden treasures. See you in my next post...toodles...x


  1. Wow you picked up some great bargains! Wish I had checked out the Zara sales sooner x

    A beauty, food and lifestyle blog by Izzi

    1. Hi Izzi, thanx for your comment and yes, they are amazing bargains!! I think they still have sales going on in store, so check them out...x

  2. OMG! I'm so amazed at how you get all this bargains. You must really have an eye for finding this treasure. Please do you mind writing on tips/techniques and right time of getting a good bargain?

  3. Thanks a lot my darlyn...:-) know I learned from the best ---->You. I might actually put a blog post up regarding your request, so watch this space....x

  4. WOW, What a steal!

    1. Indeed it is an absolute bargain and I am gearing up waiting for next January sales...x


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