&Other Stories Haul- Brocade Aegean Eyeshadow and Caddage Pink Blush

Hi My Lovelies,
So, I popped into &Other Stories which is a sister store to H&M and COS. I was around Regent Street in London for a little meeting and I decided it was a good time to wander around and do some window shopping to see what the January sales was offering. &Other Stories is one beautiful store with a very welcoming set up. Now, I wish I took some pictures but I was busy admiring the décor and all the lovely items for sale. They sell almost everything you can think of and more including clothing, beauty items, makeup, skin care, jewellery, accessories, bags, lingerie, just name it. Think of them like a high end H&M store with more class.. I ended up picking up two makeup items on sale: Brocade Aegean and Caddage Pink. The names are really interesting and very different. The Brocade Aegean sounds Grecian...

Brocade Aegean- Eye Shadow Quad
This is a lovely bright eye shadow quad which stood out amongst all the items on sale. To be honest, bright colours are not the kind of eye shadow colours I reach for often but I was drawn to this one because it held a few of my favourite colours. The colours you get are Purple, Blue, Yellow and Green. Of course, that's the simplest descriptions of the colours I could think of because many could describe the yellow as a bright/neon yellow (if there's anything like that tho) but I am a bit rubbish with describing colours so I think using the bare names of the colours are just fine. Although, it looks really bright and OTT, it is actually wearable. I find that the opposite eye shadow colours complement each other and actually look good when worn with and over each other. They are not very pigmented as expected but I would say they are okay for a non-high end eyeshadow especially when worn with a primer. It would be a little flat without an eye primer but I have been loving this so far. The normal RRP was £12 but they were having 70% off (how amazing!!) so I got it for £3.60 which I think is a massive bargain.

Caddage Pink Blush
I instantly fell in love with this blush because I knew it would be perfect for my skin tone.Silly me, when I first saw the name, I thought it said Cabbage Pink at first and I was like (:-o). I would describe it as a rich dusty brownish-pink which kind of reminds me of Sleek's Sahara blush. I think this is a really versatile colour because it will look flattering on many complexions. Unlike the eye shadow quad, the Caddage Pink blush is very pigmented and you really need a light hand with this if you don't want to end up looking too made up. This has been my go-to blush ever since i purchased it and I think the inscription on it says it all: "Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days"..hahaha it sounds so cheesy but I love it. The retail price for this was £10 but I got it for £3.00 as they also had 70% off...:-)

I like my little haul of &Other Stories but I doubt if I would have bought any of the items if it was full price..Ok, maybe the blush if I was feeling a little rich. In total, I only spent £6.60 which I think is really amazing given the quality of the products. If you don't have time to pop into their store here in London, you can shop online on the &Other Stories website and I still spy some sales bargain left.  Have you shopped in &Other Stories? See you in my next post...x


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