Weekend Post #3: The Most loved Techy Gadgets

Hi My Lovelies,
I am pretty sure you had a lovely weekend and you are sad it's over (or maybe it's just me). I always have a moan every Sunday evening/night because it means the weekend is over and it's time to get back to work. Even though I enjoy my job, I love the weekends more...hahaha. I thought I should share my favourite gadgets since this year which I am sure you may have already spied on here in a few posts.

 iPad Mini with Retina Display
This is my new obsession and it was a birthday gift from le bf. I am seriously obsessed with my iPad Mini and I love it because it is just the perfect size for me. I am not really a fan of the normal iPad because I feel it's not really portable. Ever since I joined the Apple family by getting my iPhone last year, I have nurtured our "relationship" by actively lusting after all other Apple products and the addition of this iPad has even strengthened my love for Apple Products. My iPad mini acts like a small laptop for me because I use it for almost everything I would normally do on my laptop although it is limited in a few ways. Work wise, I use it for emails, creating documents, using the internet and logging on to various work systems. Fun wise, it's amazing as it's a full-on entertainment device/gadget for me. I have my music, videos, pictures and games on it. Most importantly, I have downloaded various apps which are useful for blogging, photography, games, devotionals, etc. The picture quality on the iPad mini with Retina Display is totally out of this world and I am so glad I have this particular one because everything looks amazing on it. Browsing on it is an absolute dream because everything is so crisp.  I can't get enough of it and if you want to see some apps I have on it, leave me a comment and I will write up a separate post on it.

Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Folio for iPad Mini
I am more than glad that the bf also got me the Logitech keyboard to go along with my iPad Mini. I personally think it heightens your experience on your iPad because the keyboard converts your iPad to small laptop or small Mac. I absolutely love it. The good thing about this keyboard is that it also doubles up as a case for your iPad and it's so compact. The keyboard is specifically created for the iPad which means the iPad fits really snugly inside the case. It comes with its USB cable so you can charge it on your laptop but to be honest, I have only charged it a few times as it holds its charge for a really long time which is pretty impressive. It is connected to the iPad via Bluetooth and it also has a magnetic casing which automatically puts your iPad to sleep once you close it. I love typing on this dainty keyboard and it makes replying emails even easier for me. I have also typed many blog posts on this keyboard and i just love how easy it makes blogging on the go. The keyboard also acts as a stand which you can mount so you type easily and you can also watch any films, videos or whatever you fancy easily. The only downside is it does not have different positions as a stand so it's pretty much one incline. It's actually okay but if you like to have a choice with the stand position, then it may be problematic.

These two gadgets make me so happy and I use them everyday. I hope you have enjoyed this post and
if you would like an in depth review of any of these gadgets, then leave me a comment and your wish will be my command. Have a beautiful week ahead....x


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