Pull and Bear Haul- Rings

Hi Me Lovelies,
I doubt if I have ever had a jewellery haul over here which is surprising as I love Jewellery and Accessories and I actually sold them for a little while back in the days. Who knows I may relaunch it soon!! Anyway, I popped over to Pull and Bear stores one lazy day in Oxford Street London during the sales. For some strange reason, I just assumed nothing will interest me in there and I thought it was going to be expensive. I was pleasantly surprised because their non-sale and sale items were actually affordable and of excellent quality. They kind of reminded me of Zara and I have no idea why.

As usual, I was drawn to the sales section which is my favourite section hands down. They had some really nice pieces but I didn't really see anything I needed until I spied these rings. I think they are definitely my style. I am not a huge fan of wearing rings especially heavy ones because I feel they weigh my fingers down (I know it's weird and I don't like bracelets either) but these rings are very light and the designs are just perfect for me. I like rings with simple, clean designs that have abstract themes to them and I think these rings just ticked all the boxes for me with an exception to the skull one which I am not a huge fan of. It looks more gothic or rock 'n' roll which is not my style really. I like to shop for rings in stores like Whistles, Urban Outfitters and now Pull and Bear because I love the style of rings they churn out.

And No...I don't wear them all at the same time; just did for picture purposes :-))

My favourite pair
This pack of 4 rings cost £1.99 as their sales price which I think is a mahoosive bargain. The set contains a silver plated twisted loop rings, a gold plated circular ring, a silver plated inscription ring (I think it says love on it) and of course the skull shaped ring in brass.  I wished they had other designs but this was the only one left at the time. I am really surprised at how well these rings have held up; they have not faded or changed colour and I am really impressed with their quality. They also had some amazing neck pieces which looked like my style but I didn't really want to spend any more as it was unplanned purchase. I am pretty sure they still have some sales on the Pull and Bear Website if you want have a nosey peek...go on, you know you want to.. :-)). I will see you in my next post...x


  1. What a great bargain indeed. And they look very cute :))

    Lu. www.balgarka.co.uk

  2. What a great bargain indeed. And they look very cute :))

    Lu. www.balgarka.co.uk


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