Zara Office City Bag Review

Hey My Lovelies,
I hope you had a smashing weekend. It's been a while since i put up a fashion post..i think the last one was in August during the African Fashion Week London*gasps* that's ages ago. Well, today i am going to be talking about one of the most coveted bags from Zara especially here in London and some other parts of the UK- The Zara City Bag. Just take a look at this beauty..isn't it gorgeous.? Zara is definitely hands down my favourite place to shop when i have an extra bit of money because they have very good quality items ranging from Bags, shoes, clothing and even home ware. Zara Bags are definitely, for me, the best high street brand bags. Not just me as many ladies here in the UK, particularly London, have this bag and it has indeed being the Cult Bag for a while now. I believe it was fashioned after the the Chanel Executive Tote but i am not sure and i don't really care because this bag is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!! It still looks the same as when I bought it a year ago. I and my lovely sister were doing some Christmas Shopping by this time last year and she spied on this bag in Zara in Trafford Centre Manchester. We both fell in love instantly but they had only one so, like the good sister I am, I let her buy it and placed an order in store for mine to arrive a few days later. When I picked it up, I could not wait to fit in all my daily essentials in it.. For More Zara Bags/Purses, see this post on the bags and purses I picked at the Zara January Sales (2014)

Basics of the Zara Bag
The outer material is made of Polyurethane. let's just call it Faux Leather because it is not real leather but it is very sturdy. It feels really smooth and strong which it is meant to be because it is always loaded for me. It has various compartments and two handles which you can carry the bag as a proper hand bag; maybe in the crook of your elbow. When it becomes heavy, you can switch to the longer handle which it comes with. The inside of the bag is lined with a rich purple/burgundy Polyester material which gives it an excellent contrast. There are also some gold plated (i am not quite sure but it looks like it) accents all round the bag which include the zips, zippers and metal handles.

As an Office City Bag, it is definitely packs the punch with its numerous compartments which makes it my ideal bag for working in the city or if you are a student as it can hold all the essentials you need in school. It has three outer compartments which are on both sides of the bag with a middle section. These compartments are very roomy which means you can fit in quite a bit inside. Just looking at it, it looks like it has just three compartments complete with zips until you delve deeper.When you get inside, there is another mini section which is padded which can be used to protect your Ipad or tablet or any small device you have. I don't have any so i store a few random things there. On the other side, you have a card holder section, a phone holder and a small zipped section for maybe some tiny things like keys or any bits and bobs. The middle compartment is also padded so if you feel up to it, you could put your laptop in it...Good luck with that as the bag becomes diabolically heavy.

This was bought last year as previously mentioned and I got it for £49.99 let's just say £50 because i have no use for that 1p. It is definitely one of the best £50 i have ever spent and i absolutely love this bag. I am not sure if Zara still make them but you can check the website for it. It's meant to be in Size M(Medium) and i just had a peep on their website and it was unavailable but they have the Mini Version of the  Zara Office City Bag in other yummy colours which looks really tempting. The good thing is, it costs only £29.99 which is a bargain if you do not like the idea of a heavy bag. I have found a few dupes on ebay but none comes close to the real thing so i won't be recommending any.. :-(

I love this bag very much and it has served me well and i am not ready to let go of it any time soon. It is so sturdy and retains its box-like shape which i love. i am not really a fan of soft or collapsible bags for no reason. It serves its purpose as an Office City Bag as it is perfect for fitting everything you want for your day in the city especially if you are an office worker or a student. The bag without anything inside is heavier than your average bag so beware if you like to load up your bag as it can become really heavy. On the plus side, you can classify that as your work out for the day as lifting heavy weights e.g. heavy bags count as a work out too.. :-)). I also wish it had the Zara Logo in Gold embossed in front just to give it some character but I guess less is more...or not?

I hope you have enjoyed this post and do you have the Zara Office City Bag or a similar dupe? let me know in the comments section. Would you like to see a What's In My Bag Tag? let me know in the comments box below....See you in my next post..x


  1. I have this bag, and though it seems like everyone else has it, I love it! It's my work bag...very convenient and the compartments are sent from heaven. My laptop's flat and light so it doesn't make the bag any heavier. Great buy! :)

    1. Hiya..*waves* Yes, I know it has become somewhat of a "pure water" bag (Naija slangs tho!!) but i still love it...The good thing is; it's not as popular as the Zara Infamous Bucket bags that was everywhere and anywhere...You are super lucky your laptop is light..mine is a no-no for my bag...Thanx for saying hi..x


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