Favourite High End/Luxury Makeup

I recently talked about my Favourite Drug Store Makeup  which was well received and I even made a video about them here. I thought it would be nice to do a similar one on the other end of the scale. I love high end products and I have a few of them because let's face it, they usually have better quality than many drug store products although some drug store products are really stepping up their game in terms of quality and packaging. I don't think all the products listed here are high end per say; some are middle end/range such as MAC and a few others but nevertheless it is not the cheapest but they have one of the best qualities out there and I love MAC for that...let's dive in, shall we?

I only recently started buying drug store foundation because I never thought I could find good quality foundations with Drug Store brands but some of them have really surprised me. However, high end foundation has always been the way for me because I firmly believe that if you get your base/foundation right; everything else would look so much better. In fact, if you have the perfect base, any drug store product can still make you feel like a million dollars. Here are a few foundations that I love and they include: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (review here), DiorSkin Star Foundation (review here) and Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation (review here). I love all of them because they are suitable for different occasions. The Lancome Teint Idole Ultra is suitable for everyday and summer because it feels light but offers good coverage, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is for perfect skin days which are far and few for me, DiorSkin Star Foundation is perfect for outings  and the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation is perfect as a concealer. I love high end foundations because they usually cater to a wider skin range especially with Bobbi Brown and Lancome.

I really don't own a lot of high end concealers because I feel drug store ones do the same job for my skin but I have a few which I think are worth mentioning. The first is the Becca Concealer which has two sides; one for medium coverage and the other full coverage and it really does the job well although I use it mainly to highlight my brow bone and clean up my eyebrows because this shade is slightly lighter than my skin tone. MAC Studio Finish Concealer (mini review here) used to be my holy grail concealer and I have bought quite a few of them over the years. It offers amazing coverage although I am not sure why mine has become way too dry for my liking and I don't get much use from it as I did in the past. The last is the Estee Lauder Stay in Place Concealer (review here) which is one of the best concealers  have tried as it offers even better coverage than MAC but it applies smoother without any drying feeling. It's just way too pricey so I will not be repurchasing after this runs out but it is seriously amazing.

I don't think I have had much luck with drug store powders which is why I always stick to the middle/higher end of the scale just as I do for foundation. My fail safe powder used to be the MAC Studio Fix Powder (review here) which I purchased for years until I tried the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural (review herewhich absolutely blew my socks away. It is just perfect and I have raved about it many times on this blog. It offers the best coverage and finish to my makeup without any cake-iness. On the other hand the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder (review here) offers a really sheer coverage but with an added glow as the name implies. I love both of them but I reserve the Chanel offering for on the go touch up and let's face it, the packaging is rather glam and lovely to pull out for a quick touch up..:-))

Brow Pencils/Lip Liners
I have tried a variety of brow pencils but the one I always come back to is the MAC Brow Pencil which I have used for several years because it always delivers the best results for me and it still has a special place in my heart. However, I recently tried the Anastasia Brow Wiz (review hereand I was completely sold because it is just amazing. Both of them match the shade of my brows and outline them in a way that many drug store brow pencils have failed to do which is why I always go back to them despite the dent they leave in my pocket in terms of their cost. For Lip Pencils, MAC Lip Liners  take it all the way for me. I have two lip liners from them: Cork and Currant and they work so wonderfully well especially Cork which is my go-to lip liner for Nude/Everyday lipsticks.

I love lipsticks because they transform my face instantly especially when they are colours that flatter my skin tone. My favourite middle end/high end lipstick is MAC and I have a few of them although they are a lot to choose from. Half of my collection were free from Back to MAC while I purchased the rest from either Duty Free and/or with discounts. Estee Lauder Lipsticks are also lovely to use and I have about 2 or 3 of them as they are very flattering on my skin while Clinique Lipsticks have a special place in my heart especially because it was one of the first lipsticks I ever tried which was bought by my lovely Mum. I love Illamasqua Lipsticks for their bright colours although I tend to shy away from bright colours but I think Illamasqua makes them a little wearable especially for ladies with darker skin.

When it comes to eyeshadows, I am not really partial to high end or drug store as I find that drug store brands are almost as good as high end brands (almost). If I like the colour, I would buy it as I know a primer can help even the weakest eyeshadow pop. However, I favour MAC eyeshadows because they have such good quality and they last a really long time with and without a primer. I love how easy they are to apply and the colour range is almost unbeatable as there is something for everyone. I have only 6 eyeshadows but I was recently looking at my MAC Quad and Duo and thinking damn!! these eyeshadows cost me £60 in total..I could not believe it. Granted, I did not buy them at the same time but still £60...wow!! Anyway, they are worth it in my opinion. I also really like some of their limited editions although I only own one which was given to me by my sister.  I also have this mini eyeshadow Quad from Estee Lauder which is perfect for little trips as it has the perfect neutral shades. I have a depotted eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay (not shown in the picture) because it looks a mess right now but I will show it when it has been rehoused in a smaller palette.

Perfume and Nail Polish
I can't claim that I am a huge fan of very expensive perfumes. I love them but I usually got any fragrance that I like regardless of how much it costs (well except it is super expensive) and how long it lasts. Currently in my perfume stash, the only high end/middle range ones are from Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir (review here) which is more of an A/W scent and evening scent for me while the Emporio Armani in Rose Diamonds which is perfect as a day fragrance, Spring/Summer and casual outings. I think both of them are amazing and I love them. With nail polishes, I favour Lancome Vernis in Love Nail polishes because they apply really well and last so long. I have a few in my collection and I love them all. The wand is really wide and the formula is perfect so you don't need too many coats and no streaking whatsoever...

Wow this was a long one and I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at some high end/middle end products I love. I am looking to try Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury makeup and beauty line but it's quite pricey so I guess I would be popping them on a Christmas Wish List or a Birthday Wish list...or maybe both. Tell me in the comment box: What are your favourite middle range/high end makeup products?..x


  1. I looove the Bobbi Brown Skin foundation :) I've not really seen it get much love on blogs but it gives a really nice finish and is a great colour match for me. I love your MAC quad, did you put it together yourself or was it pre-made? x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. I know!! I think they are the best in terms of matching the skin tone especially for us who have warmer or more yellow undertones..they are perfect.. I put together the MAC Quad myself and I have a post somewhere here on the blog but inside I have : Sumptuous Olive, Cranberry, Antique and Amber Lights and they are all amazing. In the Duo palette: I have Cork for my crease and Ricepaper for my brow bone...hope this is helpful...x

    2. Thank you! I have Antiqued and Amber Lights, I think Cranberry could be a perfect addition...xx

  2. it's always a pleasure reading your blog xx

    1. Awww bless..same for me..I love reading your blogs and watching your YouTube videos...you really don't want to know how many times I have rewatched your London Vlog....:-)


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