La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Review

La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo has been a big hit amongst bloggers since last year or so but I never really got to try it until this year. I have already written about Effaclar A.I. Targeted Spot remover here which is a staple in my skincare stash because it is very effective. This post has been sat in my drafts for so long that if I told you, you would shake your head rather vigorously. But I am quite glad to whip it out now. I love the La Roche Posay brand especially their Effaclar Duo range which is targeted at people with combination and oily skin and that is right down my alley. They are a French Skincare brand which has fast become well loved and sought after here in the UK and we can finally purchase some products in Boots which is super and the rest are sold online in stores like FeelUnique, Escentuals, etc. The Effaclar Duo was reformulated to the Effaclar Duo+ which they claim helps prevent dark marks that accompany spots as well as clearing up the skin and decongesting the pores. I never got to try the original version so I can't really compare.

Just like Effaclar A.I and many French Skincare packaging, I quite like the packaging which looks almost clinical but I guess that's very common with many French skin care brands and it just makes it look clean and crisp. It comes in a tube but not a metal one. It is plastic or made from some elastic material which goes back into position once you give it a little squeeze. My favourite part is the nozzle which is very pointed and limits/minimises cross contamination and waste.

It has a somewhat confusing texture as it is not quite a serum but it feels lighter than a moisturiser. It's non-tacky (heard the older version was a little tacky) and it feels really light when applied and absorbs easily which goes to say it can be worn under makeup. It has no fragrance to it and it is white in colour.

How I use it
Because I am not quite sure what it is; I use it as moisturiser/serum. Once my face has been cleansed and toned with either Pixi Glow Tonic or Effaclar Astringent toner, I use the Effaclar Duo either as a serum or a moisturiser depending on how my skin is feelinh. Then I follow up with  my sunscreen and get on with my makeup. The good thing about Effaclar Duo is that you can wear it under makeup and it's non-comedogenic which is brilliant. A lot of people use it as their serum and I can imagine why; it has a lovely texture and sinks right into the skin.

La Roche Posay claim that the Effaclar Duo is perfect, but not exclusively for, oily skin and it aids in unclogging pores, anti-acne and prevents dark marks/blemishes, etc. I agree with these claims although I would say you need to be pretty consistent with it to see any results. It does nothing for blemishes that are already existing but if you have presenting acne; it will aid in preventing future scarring. Personally, I feel it works best when combined with Effaclar A.I as it seems to have synergetic effect with it. It is important to note that it's more of a preventative treatment as opposed to an active/action treatment. And you need to use it consistently for any results as mentioned. Other than that, I really like it and I use it either a serum or moisturiser as it feels like both.

The normal RRP is about £15 but I got mine for just under £13 or so from Escentuals when they had their 1/3 off French Skincare Brands back in June. I think a few reductions can be found in quite a few stores and online so it's worth checking if you are interested. Escentuals still have their 1/3rd off French Skincare Brands throughout October so if you are interested in any French Skincare, now is the time to stock up.

Personal Thoughts
As mentioned it did not wow me but it is still one product I like to keep in my stash because I feel it helps prevent future acne scarring along with the Effaclar AI which zaps all acne within vicinity. Having said that, this is my second tube which goes to say I like it enough to repurchase but I was not wowed...makes sense? I hope so..see you in my next post..x


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