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I love fragrances, perfumes, scents and whatever you want to call them. For me, different scents are associated with different memories and I love them. I remember my Dad’s favourite perfume which still brings back many nostalgic and sweet memories every time I sniff a whiff of it; it’s a beautiful feeling I tell you.  My boyfriend’s favourite fragrance lingers in my room when he comes to visit me and it makes me feel like he is close even when he is long gone. I know I am beginning to sound very soppy but I guess I just miss these wonderful men in my life...soppiness over..I present to you my current perfume collection which is not really huge but each of these scents are for specific periods and they are my current favourites..

The Dark and Sophisticated one (Jo Malone Pomegranate and Noir): I have done a review on this earlier this year and you can find it here but I really love this fragrance and I reserve it for evenings or events in the night. It’s quite a strong fragrance and I would not say it is overly feminine but it is quite a matured scent. I love it and anytime I wear it, I feel confident and sophisticated and as expected with many Jo Malone fragrances, its lasting power is great and I usually don’t need to reapply in the course of the day.

The Feminine and Sexy One (Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose): I have not done a full review of this per say but I mentioned it in my September Favourites Video here. It’s a really feminine scent which I love for daytime and summer/spring. Its notes are a great combination of patchouli, rose, freesia and raspberry making it a lovely floral and fruity fragrance. I really like it and every single time I have worn it, people have complimented me and asked for the name. The bottle is so cute and fits in nicely in my hands and on my dresser. I received a small sample in December last year from John Lewis as a Gift with Purchase and since then I was silently lusting after it and I am so glad I finally got my hands on it.

The Fun, Playful and Weekend One (Madonna Truth or Dare Perfume): Generally, I can’t say I am a fan of Celebrity perfumes except Britney Spears which I love. However, I really like the Madonna Truth or Dare Perfume which has an amazing bottle and it smells lovely (if you like floral fragrances) and its lasting power is surprisingly brilliant. Its notes are a combination of Gardenia., Tuberose, Jasmine, White Lily, Amber and Musk with a tinge of vanilla. I love musky fragrances and when you throw in vanilla, I am completely sold. I wear this sometimes during the weekend and it smells amazing. I really like how long it lasts on my skin and it totally agrees with my skin chemistry.

The Instant Pick Me Up One (Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly): This is my number one pick me up scent and one of my favourite scents (Lancome la Vie est Belle is my all time favourite scent and nothing comes close so far). Whenever I am having a dodgy day, I just spritz this  and it definitely perks me up. It has already been reviewed here but I recently repurchased this as it was on offer in The Perfume Shop. The bottle has beautiful tattoos all over it and I love nice and tasteful tattoos but I am too much of a wimp to get one (I hate pain!!) so naturally I was drawn to this bottle. The fragrance is verryyyyyyy long lasting and that’s the reason why I repurchased this again. It’s a strong Fruity (chiefly citrus) scent and a slight floral tinge laced with a combination of notes which include Mango, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Freesia, Vanilla, Amber and Musk. Although it has an impressive lasting power, it’s not overpowering at all.

The Subtle Everyday Ones (Zara Oriental and Fruity Fragrances): Can we just pause and appreciate Zara for these beautifully packed duos? Only few clothing brands/stores get it right with fragrances but Zara perfumes are just amazing. I tried the Fruity one sold alone a long time ago and I fell in love with it instantly and I was so glad I was able to try it again along with the Oriental version. I will do a full review on these perfumes much later but they smell amazing. The Zara Oriental version is a lovely combination of Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cedar and it just smells so much more expensive than it is while the Fruity version has a combination of Grapefruit, Rose, Amber, Vanilla and Sandalwood. They are so lovely and affordable but the only downside is the lasting power is not great but it’s not too bad. You can always reapply this. It’s a really beautiful scent and I can’t believe I got both of them for £12.99 in total that less than £6.50 for one and they are in 100 ml bottles.

That’s all the fragrances in my collection at the moment and I have a few sprays here and there but I really like these fragrances and they are currently on rotation. I know some people prefer stronger scents for Autumn/Winter but I really don’t mind continuing with my Spring/Summer scents because I am more inclined to choose floral and fruity fragrances with hints of vanilla, amber and musk.  Have you tried any of these fragrances? See you in my next post..x


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