MAC Studio Fix Powder NC50 Review

Hey My Lovelies,
I hope your week has been quite swell; mine has been amazing so far.  I recently went into Selfridges sometime last month to buy some makeup for my sister who came in from Nigeria to spend the week with me- will tell you all about what we were up to in another post (if you are interested, otherwise that's fine). I decided to purchase the MAC Studio Fix Powder which has been a long time favorite for me.  Although i keep trying other lovely powders out there, I still find that I am always drawn to the MAC Studio Fix Range especially the Powder. I love the concealers as well but the foundations are definitely not for me.. Sorry MAC!! :-). I'd just dive right into the review for fear that i may keep rambling on and on if you let me.

Of course you knew this would be the first heading, didn't you? Well, I won't elaborate more on how the packaging of products really contributes to me buying products in the first place. I love most of MAC's packaging and the Studio Fix powder is no exception. It comes in a round compact complete with a mirror and a small powder puff (who ever uses that though?!!). I love how the black casing gives it a really classy look and adds an extra edge to my makeup bag especially when i bring it out for touch ups. I have used quite a few of the Studio Fix Powders and one thing i love most about the packaging is they really protect the powder inside as this has slipped off my clumsy fingers many a time but the powder has remained intact..Praise Jah!!

My shade is the NC50 and I think that is my perfect shade because it suits my skin tone all year round even when I am a bit lighter or darker due to different weather conditions which is why this powder holds a very special place in my heart. It matches really well to my skin tone and actually gives it a little flattering glow during the summer. 

I apply this with my simple mini kabuki brush from Black Opal and blend in further with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush which both act as excellent applicators for a flawless finish. It really does apply and blends easily which is excellent. I find that using the Black Opal Mini Kabuki Brush prevents a huge mess and fall out for me as opposed to a normal fluffy face brush. On my skin, it feels really smooth and velvety and blends in really well like a dream.

This is the best reason why I love it- it is a full coverage powder and it can still be built up although i don't imagine building it too much to avoid the infamous cake face. Recently,I have skipped the whole foundation and concealer route and just stuck to my MAC Studio Fix Powder because the coverage is that good. I can't say it covers all the blemishes completely as i still have quite a few but it does blur them out in a good way.

To be honest, i don't think it is an extravagant spend at £21.50 given the excellent quality and amount of product you get in return. I know somehow MAC has slyly upped the price of this lovely powder because i still remember buying it for about £19 or so. It usually lasts me for about 2-3 months depending on what coverage i go for and this is when i use it everyday.

I am pretty sure you already know what the verdict is- I absolutely love this powder which has always made its way back into my makeup stash no matter how many other powders i try. I give this 9/10..oh yeah!! it deserves it because it is amazing like that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and yes, i have to apologize again for not being as regular in this blog like i should be but sometimes, life gets in the way and this time around it is both life and work but I will be getting back to my normal schedule...just stick with me i promise it will be worthwhile :-)...see you in my next post!!


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