Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Perfume Review

Hi My Lovelies,
I hope you all had a fab weekend. There was a time towards the end of last year, precisely in December, when i was on the last dregs of all my perfumes and I didn't want to buy new ones because 1.) Christmas was around the corner and I knew I may get a perfume as a gift and 2.) My birthday is in January which means there is a large chance of receiving perfumes. Anyway, it turned out I didn't really have to wait that long as my lovely flatmate gave me this Jo Malone Pomegranate and Noir Perfume as an early gift in addition to my birthday gift which she gave me on actual birthday (I am so spoiled!!). I was really, really pleased because I have always wanted to try the Jo Malone Range especially the perfumes but you all know they are quite pricey. I mean 30 ml costs £39 and 100ml costs a whopping £78. Damn!!. Now you can imagine how pleased I was to get this.

Jo Malone Brand
The Jo Malone Brand is one that does not need much introduction because it is well known. It is a quintessential British Brand which is renowned for its luxury goods which range from fragrances to candles and other luxury lifestyle products. Jo Malone, the founder (obviously), began her career as a facialist and rose quickly, with hard work, to become one of London's most sought-after skin care therapists. This is my first Jo Malone product and I am more than impressed because it lives up to all the hype and more.

Product- Jo Malone Pomengranate and Noir Cologne
I really like the name although it is quite a long one and i can't seem to say Pomegranate correctly for some unknown reason. I was wondering why it is called a cologne as i always associate cologne with men but after using it, I understood why. It comes off as a strong fragrance which is not very girly in fact i believe it can be unisex (just my humble opinion) although I don't see the bf venturing near this. It is a bold and strong fragrance for a confident, classy lady.

What Jo Malone says 
The Jo Malone website describes this fragrance, also christened "Pom Noir" if it's a mouthful, as a dark and enigmatic fragrance which has a combination of Ruby-rich juices of Pomegranate, Raspberry and Plum spiked with pink pepper laced with Casablanca Lily and Spicy Woods to accompany the warm sensuality of a daring red dress...oooh la la!!

I really like the clean and classy packaging. No frills or thrills, just straight talking class and I absolutely love it. Although I am all for sweet and girly packaging, I think the simple packaging oozes class, sophistication and elegance. The glass bottle feels very sturdy and expensive. From what I have seen on the website and Jo Malone counters in store, almost all the bottles have similar packaging. The lid fits the bottle really securely.

I am not the best at describing scents so I am going to go off what I read on the website for the accurate description of the notes of this fragrance. Top notes are Raspberry, Pomegranate, Plum, Rhuburb and Watermelon. Middle/Heart notes consist of Lily-of-the-valley, Jasmine, Rose, Pink Pepper, Clove, Olibanum, Guaiac wood. Base notes include Virginia cedar, Patchouli, Musk and Amber.

I love this perfume because it is really different from all the other fragrances which i own. I agree this is not a scent for everyone because it quite a strong one but i am drawn to it because of its unique blend of exotic scents and ingredients. It's definitely not a daily perfume or one i wear during the day. I reserve this for outings and nights out (hahaha, I am laughing at myself because I hardly go on any nights out especially with this winter) but I have worn it for the few night outs I have ventured. I even wore this for a classy work event and I think it worked out well. I hope you enjoyed this mini review and see you in my next post. Have you tried any products from the Jo Malone Brand?...x


  1. I love Pomegranate Noir! Also the candles are super gorgeous! I've got red roses burning right now x

    1. I am so tempted to splash out on the Candle but that price tag...... :-((...Thanks so much for stopping by...x


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