ChitChat #3: FAQs and Update

It’s been a little while since I have written any chit chat and personal posts and I thought it would be nice to just get to know you all. First off, welcome to my new readers and viewers on YouTube, it’s so wonderful knowing someone out there reads my blog and enjoys it. It makes me very happy. So, let’s get to know each other. I thought of doing a little FAQ again to answer any questions you may have and also a chance to update you. Although I like to keep my private life away from the internet, I think it’s still important to inject some personality to my blog and be on a personal level with you all. So, leave me any comments or questions you may want answered or you can email me on or tweet me here. Now for some updates....

I may not be posting as frequently because work has just got a little bit busy. Also the weather has not been the best so getting nice shots is very limited especially because I rely on natural light for my photos. However, I have a few posts that I am already working on so I won’t totally abandon this blog. I recently went to Scotland and it was so amazing so expect a little post on what I was up to there. I stayed in Glasgow and it was such a beautiful city and I was almost tempted to pack my bags from London and move there. I have a little haul coming up soon and I am considering doing OOTD (Outfits of the Day) posts ...I don’t know really but maybe, just maybe. There has been so many nice sales going on in shops and I have been browsing the aisles and picking a few things and Warehouse, Missselfridge,Oasis and Coast have been lovely. Escentuals is also having 1/3rd off all French Skincare so this is the best time to stock up if you have not and I think it runs till end of October. ElleUK Magazine has a £20 Gift Card forWhistles which expires on November 6th (can be used in-store and online for purchases from £35 and above) and I already picked up a small Whistles Croc Clutch which I am in love with. Ensure you don't scratch the silver panel of the gift card if you are using it in-store as it won't be accepted, you can find the terms and conditions here.  Other than that, nothing really exciting has been happening. Now back to the FAQs, leave me any questions you would like me to answer and I would answer them in another post or email me on You can also Tweet me here and say hi on Instagram here. See you in my next post...x


  1. Hi I love your blog and channel! I like how you are a bargain hunter? What are your top tips for finding deals and bargains? Also what's your motivation in general for work/life/hobbies?
    Thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing the answers, good luck with work xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your questions and yes, I will definitely answer all your questions in a post once I compile other questions I have been asked now and in the past...x and thanks for wishing me luck at work...x


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