Whistles Clutch and Card Holder (Mini Haul)

Whistles has always been one store that I love to window shop and browse to my heart’s content because they just have the kind of pieces I love to wear; very minimal, feminine and demure but alas! their prices are never purse-friendly. Although I know their quality is top notch, I still think they are overpriced. Anyways, it still does not stop me from lusting after a few items especially from their accessories section. Oh how I love their accessories. They are unique, classy and very chic. Naturally, I was drawn to their card holders, wallets and clutches and I have looked at them in-store and contemplated picking them up but I never did. However, Grazia UK and Elle UK recently offered their readers discounts on purchases. Grazia UK offered a 25% discount for any purchase (ended now) while Elle UK is currently offering a £20 Gift Card for all purchases from £35 and above. I picked up these two offers and purchased two items which were long overdue on my wish list: Whistles Shiny Croc Card Holder and the Whistles Small Shiny Croc Clutch.

Whistles Shiny Croc Card Holder (£20)
There are many variations of the Whistles Card Holder but I was always drawn to the Black Shiny Croc effect one because I feel it is much more practical for my lifestyle. If my cards are going to live in here then it has to be a colour that can withstand fingerprints and various situations including evening outings and Tube stations. It is made from 100% leather with a shiny croc effect which adds an edge to it and I really like it. It has three compartments which can store a few cards but it is always best not to overload it. Of course, you can still store your cards in here permanently but I only use it on weekends and days I am not carrying my bulky wallet. I pop my Oyster/Travel card in, add one or two Bank cards and my ID and I am good to go. It is just really lovely and you can tell that it would last a long time as it is made from 100% leather. I love it!! Its retail price was £20 but I got it for £15 with Grazia’s 25% off discount code.

Whistles Small Shiny Croc Clutch (£40)
Naturally when the time came for me to pick a clutch, I knew I would definitely want a black one as I prefer a colour I can get much use from. The Whistles Clutch has been a favourite among many ladies especially bloggers because it is so compact yet it has adequate space to store your essentials for a night out. I chose the Shiny Croc Clutch because I liked that it matched my card holder and it just looks cute. They have a normal black version which is equally nice but the Shiny Croc version feels much more expensive than it looks (it is actually a little bit more expensive than the plain one). It also comes in various sizes: Small, Medium and I think Large/Rivington Chain versions and the price increases as the size increases as you would expect. But this is the small version. Just like the credit card holder, it is made from 100% leather with a shiny croc effect and its dimensions are 16cm by 24cm.

 Although it looks small, it surprisingly fits in everything I need for a night out. I love it and the gold effect zip makes it look even more beautiful than it already is. Would you like to see what I pack in my clutch on nights out? Leave me a comment as I plan to film a short video. As expected it is not particularly cheap as it retails for £40 but I got it for £20 with the Elle UK £20 Gift Card...now that’s a spanking bargain if you ask me. The sad thing is it is sold out online and I bought this in-store in Glasgow (they only had two left there). So, you need to find this in store but thankfully the Elle UK offer is still on till November 6th 2014. You can still buy this in other Department stores like House of Fraser and John Lewis but I think the Elle Gift card only applies to stand alone stores so you can’t get the mouth watering £20 off but don't quote me on that..double check!!  That’s it folks...Have you tried anything from Whistles? See you in my next post...x


  1. These look so sophisticated! I have to have a shoulder strap though as I find it more comfortable. The card holder is adorable and looks like a great way to organise a handbag or clutch :)

    1. I know right!! They had been on my wish list for the longest time so purchasing it discounted feels so god...speaking of organising a clutch...I just wrote up a teeny post and video on the contents of my clutch...x


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