Weekend Trip to Glasgow, Scotland

I mentioned that I was in Scotland in one of my previous posts here and I thought it would be nice to share a few snippets of my trip with you. I had never been to Scotland prior to this trip so I was really looking forward to it. I totally love the Scottish Accent and a few of my colleagues at work are Scottish and it's always a joy hearing them speak...I digressI was very much a tourist and wanted to do touristyyy things although I did not get to do much because it was a really short trip. I went by Coach via National Express and it was a smooth journey mainly because I travelled in the night and it was much shorter (8hrs instead of the normal 10hrs). I basically slept all through and when I was awake, I entertained myself with my iPad and iPhone which were fully charged thanks to my RavPower Deluxe Series* (review here and giveaway here). 

I went to Glasgow which is such an amazing City with lovely architectural buildings strewn all over the city. I stayed in a flat just 10 minutes away from the City Centre so I was able to walk down to explore the city and do some window  shopping. Their malls look amazing and the architecture just seemed like something you would find in Paris or Rome (Ok, I am just chatting shit now) but you get my drift...they are just so beautiful. I was surprised to find there were a lot of people in the city centre; I am not sure why I imagined it would be a chilled little city. It was fully buzzing like London would be on a good day. As always, I headed straight for their High street (where all the shops were) which was around Buchanan Street and every shop you can think of was right there!!They also had their shopping mall called Princes Square and it was so gorgeous; the building just looked so exquisite and vintage at the same time.  It took a lot of willpower and self control not to lose it but I only purchased my Whistles Small Shiny Croc Clutch (review here*pats self on the back*. There were also so many artistic people on the high street like the man coated with gold paint freestyling on air..no gravity at all and the Scottish Lad playing a musical instrument while balancing on a tight rope (I don't know what they are called). I loved every bit of the buzzing street.

I also popped into the George Square and took some photos as you do.  Most of the pictures were of the BF and one would think he was the tourist here whereas he is the one living right there in Glasgow *sigh* and that's why I have only few pictures of me. Even though the weather was beginning to act dodgy, people were optimistic and sat around in the little park there having their lunch and drinks like though the clouds were not threatening to rain...I totally loved that!! I am really terrible at remembering all the names of places I went to but it reminded me so much of Paris and I am not sure why but I think the buildings had a large influence on that. I even saw the Clanadonia Band play authentic Scottish music which my boyfriend liked so much and was dancing along too. It was really intense and you could see the passion in their faces and voices as they played and danced to their heart’s delight.

I love how friendly Scottish people are and how jolly the seemed. It’s very different to Londoners; I guess it was mainly down to people seeming more relaxed and not too much in a hurry. I am so guilty of always being on the move/rushing/hurrying here in London and trying to navigate my way to work and back; sometimes I fail to just chill, relax and soak in the atmosphere. Sadly, I was only in Scotland for a few days (the weekend) and I had to head back to London but I will be a frequent visitor in Glasgow and I will for sure bring you along (via my camera) with me...Have you been to any parts of Scotland?..x


  1. Hi Liv, what lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing. I find the Scots to be very friendly too x

    1. Awww thanks babes...and yes, they are ever so friendly..x

  2. This is a cool trip! I haven't been in Glasgow yet, although my fiance has been studied in Scotland and his sister now lives in another town there.
    I'd love to go there on a weekend trip too. You've captured great shots on your camera and you look very nice in your casual chic attire xx

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

    1. Awww thanks a lot Lu...It would be so nice if you are going for a visit and who knows I may bump into you there...Thanks again for your kind words....it means a lot to me...x


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