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I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. I honestly don't know where the weekend goes some times. Anyway, thank you for all your love and support in my consecutive every day posting week. Today is Day 6 and I have one more day to go....heeehaaaa

I love fragrances and I am sure many ladies love to smell nice, feminine,demure and sexy. Summer reminds me of gardens, sun, flowers and blue skies and they all influence the choice of fragrance and perfume I go for. I find that I lean towards floral and fruity scents for day time and musky notes for night time. I am not really a fan of very strong fragrances but I love light fragrances that linger a little longer than normal. In this post, I am going to share with you some Fragrances and Mists I have been loving all summer.

                         Marc Jacob's Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition EDT 50 ml £36-£38
I have been enchanted for a long time with Marc Jacob's Daisy Collection perfumes because the fragrances are lovely and beautifully packaged. I love, love all the Daisy Collections. The Daisy Sunshine Limited Edition perfume was a gift from my lovely BF and I have already posted a blog post here about it. I love how summery and playful yet classy this scent makes me feel.

It's really hard to explain. Its top notes are made up of a mix of Guava, Mandarin and Sweet Red Currant which lends it its fruity scent while its heart tones are made up of a floral mix of  the lily of the valley, lychee and violet which helps creates a balance of a floral scent. When it is first sprayed, the first notes that hit you are the fruity ones which settle after a while to a mixture of the floral and fruity tones which finally settles to its slight base notes of blonde woods and musk which I absolutely love. I wear this mainly when I am going to work because it makes me feel classy in a summery way if that makes any

                                        The Zara Woman Fruity EDT 100 ml £9.99 
I had been contemplating buying this perfume from Zara but I was not sure if it was worth the spend (not that it cost a fortune but you know, sometimes, I want to feel like I am money savvy). I eventually bought it and I am so glad I did. I am not sure why they are not as popular as I expected but I feel it is great value for such excellent quality. As the name depicts, it is a summery fruity scent which may be tipping over to being a little too fruity when you initially spray it. I , for one, don't mind at all because I love fruity and floral scents but I also know it settles to a subtle fruity scent.

Its Top notes are Citrus and Grapefruit as expected while its middle notes are Rose and its Base notes are Amber, Vanilla and Sandalwood which makes sense as those are the kind of notes you can tolerate long term if you don't like fruit/floral scents. I really like this perfume and it does have a fair wearing time which I did not expect seeing that it was an EDT. Don't be deceived by its price as it is actually a really nice fragrance that still lingers longer than you expect. This is my go-to fragrance for weekends and casual outings.

                                               Yves Rocher Ming Shu EDP 30 ml £17
I am not sure this is a very popular perfume because I have only seen it being sold online. My former boss at work used to wear it and it smelt so nice and lasted all day. Of course, I was very curious and she showed me the cute little bottle and we started hunting it down. She received it as a gift so she had no idea where it was bought. Finally, we found it on Amazon, Ebay and the Yves Rocher website which is based in Paris, France. I fell in love instantly with this scent and my former boss was kind enough to gift me this perfume as a leaving-do present/gift. I was really pleased. This perfume smells really amazing and it lasts a long long time which is expected since it is an EDP not an EDT. I love anything French because they are so chic and classy just like French Women. The only downside to this is that it does not have a spray top/pump so you can only dab it on your wrists, earlobes, elbows or anywhere you fancy and you have to be very careful to prevent waste as the mouth/top opening is a little wider than expected.

This fragrance reminds me of the sea because I feel calm and relaxed whenever I wear it, again, I'm rubbish in describing scents. I would say it is a mixture of aquatic and floral scents which feels really light on application but lasts for a good time on your skin. Its Top notes are Marine Note and Pepper while its Mid notes are Nymphea Stellata and Ylang Ylang and its base notes are Sandalwood and Vanilla which I guess lends it its aquatic floral vibe. You can buy this on the Yves Rocher Website and they usually have so many juicy discounts. I prefer this for days when I have an evening outing to attend because it is a demure and sexy fragrance which is still very classy..My kind of fragrance.

That's it folks. I am sure you can tell I am a huge fan of floral/fruity and light musky scents. I am still open to try out other scents and fragrances to find out what my signature scent would be as I am yet to find one. 

Sometimes, I am really naughty and I mix all these scents into a nice medley of fruits, flowers and musks which surprisingly is not bad..Hahaha..I am sure many of you are as naughty in mixing scents. I hope this post was helpful and I would love to know/read about your top summer fragrances/scent are in the comment box below.. See you in my next


  1. Hiya, I really like the Marc Jacobs perfume. I also have the daisy and i love its smell, very summery and not as strong as some other summer perfumes.

    1. Ohh Yeah, I love Marc Jacobs so much especially his daisy collections because they are an amazing lot and yes, I totally agree on how light and summery the fragrances are...thanks for stopping by...xx


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