Aqua Mineral Refining Facial Mud Mask Review

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It's day 3 of my consecutive posting week and I am more than thrilled. Thanks to all my lovely readers for all your support; it means a lot to me. If I mention any thing about me trying to look for organic and natural products to incorporate into my skin care routine again, I am sure you would scream "We already Know That" so I won't mention it again (notice how I still subtly mentioned it). Anyway, if you remember my post on Aqua Mineral Spa Nail Kit Review, you would remember I promised to post a review on the Aqua Mineral Refining Mud Mask. So, I am keeping my promise and here we go. If you are new to Aqua Mineral Spa, I suggest you trot along to my previous post on the Aqua Mineral Nail Kit Review or read here for a brief background as I am just going to delve  right into the review.

Aqua Mineral Refining Facial Mud Mask Brand
The Aqua Mineral Mud Mask as the name implies is made from Mud obtained from the Dead Sea in Israel which is known for its natural healing and therapeutic powers as well as skin benefits. If you can't pop down to the Dead Sea, you can have a little taster with this Mud Mask. According to Aqua Mineral Spa, this refining facial mud mask works to refine skin texture while stabilizing oily secretions and reducing unsightly blemishes which are my skin's areas of weakness which is why I purchased it in the first place. You can find more about the brand here.

I love how it is packaged. It does not have an outer paper packaging, at least mine did not have any. It comes in a classy looking glass jar which you do not want to drop at all. The Glass Jar is blue on the outside with a silver lid with the Aqua Mineral Logo boldly embossed at the top. Inside, it has another plastic white inner lid to protect the Mud Mask inside and I think you also get a spatula. I have no idea where my spatula went to :-) but it helps you take out the amount of mud mask needed without messing with your fingernails especially if you have long natural or artificial nails. I give this 9/10 packaging as I really love how rich and classy it looks in my bathroom cabinet.

Formula/ Ingredients
The Aqua Mineral Spa Refining Mud Mask is made from mineral rich dead sea black (or grey) mud and Aqua water also from Dead Sea. The formula is strengthened with a herbal complex of moisturising Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil which all have very good skin benefits including reduction of acne/blemish scaring, preventing dehydration and reducing fine lines or wrinkles to mention a few. Eucalyptus and Mint Oils which are natural preservatives, with added skin benefits, have been incorporated to ensure this mud mask is kept free from anything artificial. Here is a link to their website, if you are interested in all the yummy ingredients their products contain. All their ingredients are SLS, SLE, Paraben Free and are not tested on animals.

How It Works
For me , I view Mud Masks as an essential part of my Skin Care Routine because it is a natural and simple way of drawing out excess oils, sebum and dirt from under my skin which have somehow escaped my hard working cleansers. The Aqua Mineral Refining Facial Mud Mask delivers all the above benefits and more. According to their website, Aqua Mineral Spa tell us that their Refining Mud Mask is designed to freshen troubled skin by drawing out oils and lifting dead cells. It also promises to help strengthen and protect the complexion, giving it a wonderful sensation of flexibility.

Application/ How to Use It
Very simple and straightforward. I start off by removing all my make up with my favourite make up removers-Blog post here. Next, I cleanse my face with any of my cleansers and pat my face damp just to ensure there is still some moisture on it. I take a thin layer of the mud mask with my finger tips and apply it on my face. You really just need a thin layer on your face as that is sufficient to do its work, besides, you don't want to layer this up and waste this pricey little gem. Then, I gently massage it in circular motions all around my face especially around my problem areas on my cheeks.

I use circular motions for the massage just to enhance blood circulation and flow to the surface of my skin for easier and maximum absorption of the mud mask so it can work its action faster :-). I leave this on to dry on my face. Aqua Mineral Spa encourages us to leave it to dry for at least 10 minutes but I leave mine on for about 15 minutes or more depending on how lazy I feel. I rinse off with lukewarm water, pat my face dry, moisturise and Voila!..I am on my way to healthy and perfect skin. Washing it off may pose a few problems like getting some mud or grime on your sink so you have some extra work of washing the sink which is one of my worst chores after vacuuming.

This little gem is a little pricey. It costs about $89.99 and I got it here in the UK for £60. However, you know I am unwilling to part with such a steep price unless I am getting a lot of extras. The sales lady was nice enough to give me the Aqua Mineral Spa Nail Kit (contains Hand and Body Lotion, Nail File, Nail Buffer and Mineral Cuticle Oil) which is reviewed here. She also gifted me with an Aqua Mineral Beauty Bar which has long been used now and  it was actually very nice. I got this about two years ago when I still lived in Manchester.

 I have not been using it consistently because I only recently rediscovered in when I was moving houses as mentioned in my Initial Post on the Nail Kit Review. Although, it may seem very pricey, I believe it is worth it because it is natural and organic product. I also know they frequently have some discount codes on their website. For this Month, it is AM2013 which gives you about 40% discount and free shipping. Nopes, I know what you are thinking, this is NOT a sponsored post, I am afraid....:-). Also, it comes in a 125 ml tub/glass jar which is quite a lot of product to last you for at least a year if you use it once a week in a thin layer which is not too bad for the price, I would say. So, it's worth investing in.

My Verdict
As I said earlier., I have not been very faithful to using it in the past because I didn't have the time and I had packed it away in a box and could not get around to fishing it out.. Ok, let's just say I was lazy and I did not see the point of putting so much effort in taking care of my skin when I had make up to cover up any unsightly blemishes...There, I 'fessed up and said it. Lol. 

Anyway, I have recently rediscovered and it has found its way back into my skin care routine. I use this once every week and may increase it later. I can't claim I have seen massive improvement but I can say my skin feels definitely cleaner than when I was using only my daily cleansers. It makes my skin really soft and smooth after every use. The truth is many skin care products which promise to deliver good results would only do so when you are consistent in using them and also lead a healthy lifestyle. None of them are magic and I appreciate that which is why I do not expect any overnight results. All I expect is to see tangible results over time which are sustainable. 

I also try to be healthy in terms of what I feed my skin with. I try to have veggies, salad and fruits as much as I can while drinking a lot of water. I definitely recommend this Mud Mask because I know it is of natural origin and is nourishing for the skin. If you are looking for any overnight results, this is not the product for you :-). I almost forgot to mention that this may break you out after your first or second application which is normal, so don't panic. This is simply because it is bringing to the surface all the dirt, oil and sebum that have built up over time and are finally making their way to the surface of your skin to be expelled. It should not last for more than an week or two, so fret not. Other than that, I have not experienced any other untoward effects.


I hope you have enjoyed this super long post and you made it to the end. I am super glad I am keeping to my challenge of posting everyday. Thank you for all your support and see you in my next post.. If you have any suggestions for any future posts..leave me a comment. Have a lovely weekend



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