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I don't want to jinx this but I want to see if I can put up a blog post everyday this week. I think I can do it and I know you'd like that, so why not? If you have not already read my previous post on How to get Beauty Freebies, I suggest you trot along and have a good read through. It's no hidden secret that I love beauty samples/freebies because it allows you try out beauty products without splurging or burning a hole in your bank account. I am yet to see anyone who does not like free stuff. If you know anyone like that, point them my way for some brainwashing :-)

 Anyway, I have been loving some recent freebies from many beauty magazines here in the UK such as  Glamour, Instyle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. When I walk into WHSmith, my eyes fleet over to the magazine sections scanning for any juicy freebies and these magazines have not failed me at all. This post would review some of my top and favourite beauty samples. Not all of them are still available but a few still are. Can you believe I actually buy more than one of the same magazine because I want all the variants of the samples it has? I have 2 Glamour magazine July Issue and same for Cosmopolitan; it's ridiculous but the freebies are more than worth the price of the magazine so it is a lil justified, I convince myself. Let's get started

                                                       Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash
I love this lil' product because it is almost 100%natural- it is actually 98.8% natural origin and I think it makes the cut. If you have been following my skin care posts, you'd know I have been trying to stick to natural or almost natural products for my skin like Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar which has made visible difference to my skin. I decided to take a little break (one week) from my Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar to try this cleanser. All I can say is I think it is an excellent cleanser. It has a distinct fresh and organic smell which is kind of hard to describe. It gives my face a good cleanse and it is not very drying as I feared it may be. 

The good thing about it is how it balances out the PH of the skin rather than stripping it out of all its natural oils and altering the PH of the skin. I would definitely buy the full version when this runs out as I think it is perfect for the summer which is when my skin does not do well with the heat and humidity. You can find the Balance Me Cleanser in Glamour Magazine August Issue which is only £2. They have also kindly included three other Balance Me products such as the Balance Me Body Wash, Raspberry Lip Tint and Face Moisturiser- Talk about good value for money..right there in Glamour Magazine.

                                         Eyeko London Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner
Although, I am a religious fan of L'Oreal Liquid and Felt Tip Eyeliners, I could not resist picking up the August Issue of Marie Claire Magazine because of this amazing little eyeliner. Eyeko London has been around since 1999 and have the most amazing eye liners which have very good precision on application. 

They are a little more pricey than the L'Oreal eye liners but I think they are very good value for money. I love this skinny eyeliner because it applies precisely in a smooth thin line which is a look I try to go for when I am off to work or in a more formal setting.

 The best thing about this eye liner is how fast it drys and doesn't budge even if you are a frequent eye rubber like me (that sounded a bit weird?). I literally applied it on my hand to test , within seconds, I tried to rub it off and it didn't budge. 

I was super impressed and it is extremely easy to control for beginners because it is in a pen form. It is easy to take off with the right eye makeup remover or any good overall makeup remover. The skinny mini version fits perfectly into my makeup bag and it has since become a staple partner in there. 

                                              Neal's Yard Remedies Power Berry Daily Moisture
This is one of the freebies I have developed a bittersweet Love-Hate relationship. I am not a fan of its fragrance; I find it overbearing and unpleasant. Although it may not be unpleasant to everyone, it is not one of the favourite fragrances on my radar. On the other hand, it is extremely moisturising and it contains most sought after antioxidants obtained from Acai Berry, Bilberry and Goji Berry. You can say it is a medley of berries which are very rich in antioxidants that help fight the effects of free radicals that our skin constantly faces in the environment. 

You can see why I try to ignore the unpleasant smell and smother my skin with this little goodness in a tube. On top of that, it is a true organic product that does not contain any Parabens, Mineral oils, Silicones, Synthetic fragrances (Aha, no wonder) or Colours and Phthalates. It also promises to deliver a brighter dewy-looking skin although I can't say I have noticed that partly because I have not been using it consistently. What I have noticed is how moisturised and hydrated my skin feels especially in this scorching sun and heatwave. I got this freebie from the July Issue of Instyle Magazine and I think it may still be available in a few newsagents.


                                         Model Co Fibre Lashxtend Mascara
I have already briefly introduced this mascara in my post on What's in my Makeup Bag?.  As you may or may not know, I am not a huge fan of mascaras because they mess with my contact lens. If I must wear it, I always go for lengthening mascaras as opposed to volumising ones. For me, the Model Co Lashxtend is perfect for lengthening.


I love how the wand distributes the product evenly and I have experienced very minimal clumping which means no messing with the contact lens. This is now a staple in my makeup bag and we have slowly developed a little love affair. I got this from the July Issue of Glamour which I think I have spied in a couple of newsagent stores. 

Go grab one if you have a chance because it cost only £2 and you get both a nice read of Glamour Magazine and a free Model Co lengthening mascara. This was one of the magazines I actually bought two issues because I wanted a spare mascara:-)

                                                              Mirror Mirror Make Me Blush
This is one of the best blushes I have ever used and the sad thing is, I don't think it is an actual brand that can be bought. I think it was made specially for the magazine. I got this from Shout Magazine which is one magazine I actually never read or buy. 

I only bought it because this blush had a very attractive packaging which I absolutely adore. It reminds me of Benefit Blush packaging. At first, I thought I had wasted my money because it didn't look very good when I opened it; it felt cheap to touch. 

On application, it was a different story altogether. Firstly, it was well pigmented against my skin and was very flattering against my overall makeup. I used this blush almost everyday and I feel so sad that one day it would run out and I would have no means of repurchasing it.

 I wish I actually bought two magazines at the time. Either ways, I still have the cute packaging to help me haunt it down and as a memento for good blushing moments.

                                                         Sunnies from Cosmpolitan
I decided go throw in a few random freebies I got from Cosmopolitan Magazines July Issue. I love these Sunnies because they actually protect your eyes from the UV rays. I love the different designs and shapes because I find it hard to get the right shape of sunnies to flatter my face. Oh well, when the sun is out, all I can do is try to protect my eyes regardless of fit :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to let me know what freebies you have picked up this summer especially from beauty magazines who have been very generous. See you in my next


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