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Hey Lovelies,
Today is day 7 and Yes! I succeeded in posting on this blog for 7 consecutive days. Thank you for supporting me as usual. In a way, it was easier because I was on leave from work but I am back now. So, Tuesday is the new Monday to me, of course. As you can guess, I was so busy at work today and I had no time to take any new photos so I decided to check my precious stash of photos and share them with you. Many of them are either from my favourite places or food or little random bits that make me happy.. I am going to start with food...
                                              Food and Meals that Make me Happy

I have already shared a post about this meal but this seriously makes me happy. It's  traditional British fish and chips with some veggies thrown in for healthy measures. I buy this from Giannis which is a small eatery near my office in London. It's a lil' pricey and fattening which is why it is reserved for treat time.

This is how I store my food for the rest of the week. I think Lunch is my most important meal because if I don't bring my lunch, I end up spending ridiculous amounts of money on it. I make my meals on Sunday, pack them into Tupperware and store it in the fridge. Plus it allows me eat more healthily. This is boiled rice, salmon and mixed vegetables. I also made some pasta with mixed vegetables. It is so filling and nice..YumYum.


I can see you judging me because I know they are for babies. I love Heinz's Farley rusks which are given to babies with milk to introduce them slowly to solids and also to encourage their teeth growth as they can nibble on it. I had quite a few of these as a child and I still had some when my younger cousins were little so let's say I was never fully weaned from it..So, don't blame me. They are so yummy and the last time I bought these, the lady at Tesco said " How old is your little one?" in her bid to strike a conversation. Hahahaha...

I recently discovered this and I have been loving it all the way. It is Chobani's Yoghurt which is made from only natural ingredients and it is one of the creamiest and thickest yoghurt I have eaten. it is not necessarily the sweetest but it is definitely one of the healthiest. I eat this on its own or add it to my smoothie...double yum!!

Places and Nature Spots I Love
I still love coming down the bus to take pictures and sit down to edit them especially if they are unusual places .

I can do many, many bad things to lay my hands on these Chanel beauty products; I am kidding but you get my drift. This picture was taken in House of Fraser. I really love Chanel because it feels so classy and timeless. I don't own any of the products yet but I have used them courtesy of my cousins and a few testers I have got from their counters. But this selection in this picture just makes me plain happy...


This lone hanging flower makes me really appreciate nature because it screams Spring/Summer in subtle way. I love how delicate the petals look and how the whole flower is hanging upside down from a brick wall..So calming and serene for me.


I took this near Canary Wharf which is comparable to Wall Street in USA. All the huge business and financial firms all have impressive offices here. I took this on my way from a meeting there. I love how well sculpted this statue is and it shows so much strength for such an inanimate object...It feels alive to me..


This was when the Sun was still my friend; right now there is no love lost between us because it has become too humid. I have always loved the mild Sun but this is no longer the norm in London right now. This picture was taken in early spring when the sun was playing the shy lover with us; perfect weather for long romantic walks with the cool breeze accompanying the gentle rays....Bliss


This is one of favourite pictures of Big Ben. It looks so regal here and the lovely sun was doing great justice to all its great features.  I love how the tourists always look in awe of it and rush to take pictures when the clock strikes and chimes away...I think it is really beautiful and lovely to know it is still well admired after all these years....

This used to be my usual Bus Stop in Waterloo before I moved somewhere else that requires using the dreaded Underground/Tube. I love buses because it gives you a chance to see the scenery you may miss from using the Tube here in London. This ticket machine is very naughty because you din't get any change at all. If you are stranded and you need to get on a bus where you need to have bought your ticket beforehand, you would be forced to leave your change with this machine.. Thank God for contact less cards which you can use to pay for bus fares if you don't have your Oyster Card...

I'd leave you with one of my favourite pictures. This was also taken in early Spring when the flowers were just beginning to bloom. I love this tree because it still looks beautiful despite the absence of any flowers, leaves or bloom. Against the blue skies, it looks really special which is why it has a special place in my heart and makes me happy looking at it....I hope you enjoyed this post which was a little different to my other posts which have been all beauty related. My 7 day challenge is over and I have enjoyed the challenge thoroughly...I am writing a special post for Thursday so stay


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