July Favourites 2016

July was an emotion filled month for me but they were good emotions and not horrible ones. I also got to try so many amazing products which I could not resist sharing with you. Majority of them were sent to me by brands so do bear with me. I just really love them and that's why they are featured on here. It's a long post as usual so let me just get started.

I am always big on skincare and last month was the month of testing out new skincare products. I was naughty in July and started taking dairy again and of course, I broke out on my cheeks and forehead. It was not too terrible but considering the progress I had made in previous months, you'd think I will be sensible and avoid dairy. The good thing is I was kindly sent the Body Shop Tea Tree range to try out and they arrived when I needed them the most. I enjoyed the products I was sent so much that I went ahead to buy more products from the line so I could get a complete skincare regime.

Body Shop Tea Tree Range* //Link //from £5.50
Body Shop is currently killing it with their new packaging which I absolutely love. I actually tried their Tea Tree range a few years ago and I didn't like it at all particularly because the tea tree scent seemed too overpowering for me. When they kindly sent me these products, I thought I might as well give them another try and I am glad I did. First off, I think they have improved the formula and the tea tree scent has gradually grown on me and right now, it does not bother me. I think they must have done something to improve the formula. I was sent the Skin Clearing Facial Wash*, the 3-in-1 Wash, Mask & Scrub* and the Tea Tree Oil*. I saw really good improvements with my spots and purchased the Tea Tree Toner and the Anti Imperfection Daily Solution and together, they helped me snatch my face back. I know Tea Tree is renowned for its skin clearing and blemish fighting properties but this improved formulation from Body Shop is very impressive. I have been using it since July and now my blemishes are gone but I still enjoy using it. A proper review will be up soon.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Range* //Link //from £17.50
You all know I am a huge fan of La Roche Posay products especially the Effaclar range but there are also some gems among the other lines they make. The Toleriane range is designed for sensitive skin but anyone can use it and my combination skin loves it especially during Summer. I've had the Toleriane Ultra Fluide* for a good while now and it provides good hydration while remaining lightweight on the skin. The Toleriane Ultra Nuit* was launched this year and I was delighted to try it out. When I broke out, my skin was slightly sensitive due to the blemish fighting products I was using and the Toleriane range came in very handy. I used the Toleriane Ultra Fluide* in the morning and it soothed my skin and provided the much needed hydration my skin craved. At night, I used the Toleriane Ultra Nuit* especially after using the Body Shop Tea Tree range or Glycolic Acid and it's honestly the best at soothing my skin. The Toleriane Ultra Nuit feels silkier and richer than the Ultra Fluide and I think it definitely has more hydrating properties (to my delight). If you have sensitive skin or blemish prone skin and you want a skincare range that will soothe your skin (especially after using other acne/blemish fighting products),  the Toleriane range is definitely one to check out.

Spring/Summer always has the best beauty launches to match the beautiful seasons. I love trying out new makeup almost as much as I love trying out skincare. With skincare, I look for specific ingredients or formulas that will address my skin concerns or improve the appearance of my skin. With makeup, I am a bit more relaxed and if it is suitable for darker skinned ladies, I am all in. In June/July, I discovered some new brands that I already adore and have used them consistently that it would be a crime not tell you all about them.

Nude by Nature Contour and Highlight Collection* //Link // £25.00
I have spoken so much about the Nude by Nature Contour and Highlight Collection on the blog here and here so I will try not to repeat myself. I love majority of the products I was sent and have used them a lot but the two that I have used non-stop are the Nude by Nature Contour Palette* and Nude by Nature Highlight Palette*. I still have not gotten over the beautiful rose gold packaging and I am always drawn to these beauties whenever I open my drawer. The Contour Palette is now my go-to contour palette and it is perfect for both every day wear and glam looks as its intensity can be built up. My contour look natural which is the look I prefer especially for everyday. The Nude by Nature Highlight Palette is also one of my favourite highlight palettes of all times (very bold claim, I know!!). It is well pigmented, blends out easily and still manages to look natural. It just gives my face such an innate glow which looks very flattering especially this Summer.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics* //Available from September in Cult Beauty
I feel so naughty talking about a brand when they haven't launched yet in the UK but I really do like them. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me talk about Vincent Longo Cosmetics which is being brought to the UK via MMCL in September. It will be exclusively available in Cult Beauty and I will definitely do a proper review before it is launched. I was sent a wide range of products to try out however the three of the products I cannnot get enough of include the Perfect Canvas Loose Powder (Golden Oriental 4)*, Pearl X Eyeshadow in Luna Beach* and the Sheer Pigment Lipstick in Cameo*. The Perfect Canvas Powder is finely milled and a perfect match for my complexion. I love me some warm undertones and I reserve it mainly for setting my under eye concealer and T-zone. The Sheer Pigment Lipstick in Cameo has been my go-to lipstick for a few weeks now especially on days when I want to add some colour. I know it says sheer pigment but it actually has a really good amount of pigment in it. Last but by no means the least is my overall favourite- The Pearl X Eyeshadow in Luna Beach. It's one of the prettiest eyeshadows I own and it's incredibly pigmented as well. There are three intertwined shades in the packaging and you can use each colour individually or create your own blend by swirling your eyeshadow brush across the entire pan. I will hold my full thoughts until my review but the Vincent Longo Cosmetics is going to be a huge hit among beauty lovers.

ILIA Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioners and Lipstick* //Link //£22
I attended the ILIA Beauty Masterclass at the Mark McDonald Consultancy Headquarters a few weeks ago and talked about the event here. It was a lovely event and I was kindly gifted some new additions to my already growing ILIA collection (review here). ILIA Beauty Lipsticks are one of my favourite formulas because the shades/colours suit a wide range of skin tones and have good lasting power. The three new additions to my stash include Jump*(Tinted Lip Conditioner), These Days*(Tinted Lip Conditioner) and Perfect Day* (Lipstick). They are perfect Spring/Summer colours and I have worn them for a good part of July. These Days Tinted Lip Conditioner*is my perfect "My Lips But Better (MLBB)" shade for my complexion and I have worn it to work almost everyday. Jump Tinted Lip Conditioner*is my colourful weekend lipstick and I love how flattering it looks against my skin tone. Perfect Day Lipstick* is my all rounder shade and I wore it for my graduation and it stayed put almost all day. It's a special one to me and truly the name Perfect Day is just perfect!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream //Link //£5.50
I've heard so many amazing things about NYX Lip products so when the Boots near my house finally launched their NYX stand, I popped in for some retail therapy.  I had a list of shades I wanted to try so I didn't go too wild. I got the shade Abu Dhabi and London which are both perfect for everyday wear. I know they look very similar but Abu Dhabi has a slight rose/pink hue to it which adds some snazz to my otherwise nude lips and London is more than a perfect match to my lips. It's definitely my lips (but better, of course) shade packaged in a tube like it was customised for me. I love the formula which is not a dry matte but a creamy matte that lasts a good while. I am going to buy more because I am very impressed with them.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte //Link //£8.99 (US version via Ebay-£14)
Yes, this had to make a comeback because it is still one of my all time favourite foundations. I find that I reach for it more when the weather is warmer because it really stays matte. I have a full review here so I won't repeat myself because my initial thoughts remain the same (or maybe I even love ti more). I have been applying it now with a beauty sponge/blender and my skin looks flawless and it stays that way through the day. Of course, I use a mattifying primer and set with a powder but that's what I do with majority of my foundations. My shade is Creme Cafe 110 and this is my second tube. I buy mine from the US because L'Oreal can't be bothered stocking my shade (and other shades) in the UK. I still love it and I will keep purchasing it!!

                              Body Care, Hair Care and Fragrance
I thought it would be nice to have a little category for other miscellaneous products I love which are not makeup or skincare. I am really into my body care products and fragrance at the moment. I am also into hair care especially with my ever changing hair styles consisting of either braids, Afros or extensions. If my hair looks great, I think everything else looks well put together. When my hair is looking dodgy, I just feel like it downplays any other effort I put into my skincare or makeup so having great hair is a must for me.

Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reflective Oil (Light)*/Available from January 2017
I already featured this product in my Inside Wella Event post over here where I professed my love for it. That love is still ongoing because I have found an oil that actually does what it promises and more. I can only describe it as an oil that feels as light weight as a serum but still provides all the benefits of an oil. I have roped in my flat mate/friend into this oil and we are both obsessed with it. I use it for my braids (when I had them on), my natural hair and also my extensions and it is consistently amazing, It nourishes my hair and leaves it looking healthy without weighing it down. Some oils weigh my hair down and I try to avoid them but this Wella baby does none of that. The sad thing is it's not out until January 2017 which seems like eons away so I do have to ensure this oil stretches for as long as possible.

Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Care*//Link // from £20
I am sure anyone who regularly reads this blog will already be tired of hearing me talk about Molton Brown but I do have a very soft spot for the brand. I was gifted the Gingerlily Body Care Set* during their Christmas event last year and I was saving it till I got through my other shower gels/creams. All my discipline flew out the window when I tried out the Gingerlily Home Fragrance Collection* (review here). I adore the Gingerlily scent so I had to bring out the body care set to make it all complete. The shower gel lathers really well and it's surprisingly not as thick as the other Molton Brown shower gels I own. I have not used too much of the Body Lotion as a little goes a long way. The scrub is a new addition as I have never tried an MB polish. It does not smell as beautiful as the other Gingerlily products but it is still a pleasant fragrance. I use it mainly around my hands, arms and knees and it's very comforting and does an amazing job at exfoliating. The Gingerlily range is totally worth checking out if you are looking to get something from Molton Brown.

Atkinson 1788 "Love in Idleness"* //Link // £100
I was so surprised when I received this gorgeous fragrance through the post. This has been my favourite Summer fragrance along with the Roger & Gallet Fragrant Wellbeing Waters. I have been using this fragrance almost everyday since I got it and I have to seriously reign it in now before I run out. It totally deserves its own review because it's such a gorgeous scent. Yes, it is a pricey fragrance but believe me, it will seriously make you fall in love. To me, it is the perfect gift for anyone you fall in love with. It's such a fresh feminine fragrance and it makes me feel really happy. I know I will keep wearing it through all the seasons even Christmas. I have already used a lot under a short time! I can't help myself at all when it comes to this fragrance. I will save all my thoughts on it including its notes, etc. Before then, can we just take a breather and admire the gorgeous packaging? Everything about it is just so dreamy and the bottle in itself is really beautiful. Right, let me just stop here but it's not the last time you'd hear and see it because it will be making a few more appearances.

Overall Thoughts
That's pretty much all I have been loving back in July. I still use all these products even in August and I don't think I will abandon them any time soon. They have been really effective and I hope you found some new products to try out. I would love to know if you have tried any of these products and what your experiences were. What was your July Favourite product (s)? xx
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