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I have been very lucky to attend Hair Care events in the past few months and it's really exciting for me because I am quite low maintenance with my hair. However, I have decided to escape from my comfort zone to try out new hair care products I previously wouldn't have bothered trying. I was very kindly invited to the Inside Wella (Wella Professionals) event last month to learn more about the brands under the Wella Professionals umbrella and also to experience a Wella Professionals styling session. I happily obliged and I was curious to see how well these products will work on my Afro textured hair (I actually had braids on).

The Inside Wella event was held in the posh Mayfair in Central London and I can't think of any other befitting venue. I believe there must have been three floors in the venue and each room was dedicated to a specific Wella Professionals brand/range. I was warmly welcomed by the Wella Professionals PR team and quickly had a drink and some nibbles before I was taken on a tour. The nibbles and drinks were beautifully set out and I just could not help taking photos. Apart from beauty products, Iactually  love taking photos of food/meals as I find them really fascinating. Anyway, back to the event.

I had booked a styling session for 6pm so I wanted to leave the styling room for my last stop however, I could not resist a quick peek to see what was going on. The professional hair stylists were already working their magic on some bloggers/beauty enthusiasts invited to the event. It really felt like a little salon in there and I loved the mood board (I think that's what it's called) which had snippets from Fashion Week where Wella Professionals was in charge of the models' hair styles backstage. I also saw Eugene Souleiman styling a lucky blogger's hair. In case you didn't know, Eugene is the Global Creative Director of Care and Styling for Wella Professionals.

I went upstairs to the first room which I nicknamed the "Nioxin Turf". It was actually a bedroom with a very inviting bed which I just wanted to jump right into as I'd had a long day from work. The Nioxin range is designed to help with hair thinning and loss with an aim of restoring women's confidence. I don't know about you but hair is a pretty big deal to me and I know it's the same for many women. Hair thinning and loss could happen as a result of many factors including age, alopecia, side effects of a drug, chemotherapy (due to cancer), etc. One of Nioxin's campaign is called "Back in the Picture" and it involves celebrating how beautiful women are which I think is amazing. The one product that stood out to me was the Nioxin Night Density Repair which helps improve hair density while one is enjoying a beautiful night's rest. It also reduces hair loss associated with scalp surface oxidative damage caused by UV exposure, pollution, environmental factors, etc. I was really surprised to find that hair care products now cater to UV damage as I've always thought it was just skincare that catered to this. I thought that was impressive and while I am not suffering from hair loss or thinning, I'd be sure to recommend it to anyone I know at least to give it a try.

The next room was the consultation room where people got a chance to experience a personalised hair care regime with System Professional's online EnergyCode diagnostic tool. There was also a hair care professional in the room to help people one-on-one with the took. You can imagine how fully packed the room was with guests at the event because who would not want to know the best hair care range tailored for their hair types. I didn't get a chance to do mine but I was not too worried as the diagnostic tool can be accessed online and you can still get a personalised hair care regime.

I popped downstairs to check out the Sebastian range which I had not really heard about before that day. Josh Wood, theWella Professionalds Global Creative Director for Colour was also there granting an interview to a fellow blogger. I was given a good run down of the Sebastian and two of my favourite products are the Sebastian Professional Dark Oil and Sebastian Professional Sublimate*. The latter was launched in July and I was kindly given one to try out so I will be reporting back on it in my review post.

The last room I popped into was the Styling room as it was time for my styling session. I had the most pleasant stylist called Jasmin from Marc Antoni Hair. We chatted about my hair type and I loved how willing she was to experiment with my hair even though it was in braids. She gave me a good low down of the Eimi  range from Wella Professionals which is absolutely fantastic. She started off with the Dry Me Dry Shampoo which I was really impressed with because it did not leave any white residue on my scalp/braids and smelt so lovely. Then, she sectioned my braids into smaller sections so she could style them easily with the Eimi Shape Me which is a unisex heat activated hair gel with Shape Memory. It will be launched in January 2017. Basically, Shape Me allows you shape or blow dry your hair the way you want it and preserves this look for up to 48 hours. In my own case, it helped to remove any frizz and stray hairs from my braids and helped smooth them down. She finished off with my absolute favourite product from the Wella range - The Oil Reflections Light Luminous Oil*.

I cannot even begin to express how much this oil has improved the appearance of my braids. Jasmin sealed in each section of my braids with this oil and they almost looked brand new. I doubt if I would ever have the patience or expertise she showed on the day but I have tried the oil a few times at home and the results are so beautiful. I am taking down my braids this weekend and I can't wait to use this oil on my actual afro. The sad thing is this beautiful oil will also be launched in January 2017 and I will be hot footing to repurchase another one when mine runs out (I am now using it sparingly because January seems so far away right now and I don't know what I would do if it runs out before January).

I also spied their beautiful Christmas offerings which were in cute gift sets and very affordable as well. They will make amazing Christmas gifts or stocking fillers and I know people would love these gift sets. The price range is quite reasonable ranging from the cheapest at £12.99 and the most expensive at £32.99. They all looked fanstastic but I feel the instant sells outs will be the Oil Reflections Gift Set- £15.99 (containing the Oil Reflections Luminous Oil 100ml, Oil Reflections Shampoo 50ml and matching Conditioner 50ml) and the Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Gift Set £30.40 (contains Dark Oil 95ml, Trilliance Shampoo 50ml and matching Conditioner 50ml).

As you would imagine, I had such a great time and a massive thanks to Wella Professionals and their amazing PR team for inviting me and making sure I had such an incredible time. I was gifted with a super generous goody bag of Wella products which delightfully contained products I was admiring during the event. I will be reporting back to you all on how I got on with the products when I have fully tested them out. That's pretty much it and I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any hair care products from Wella Professionals?
*Gifted PR Samples, read my full disclaimer here.


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