Molton Brown Home Fragrance Collection Review

When I saw the Molton Brown Home Fragrance Collection on the MB Instagram page particularly their newly launched Home and Linen Mist Collection, my little heart skipped a beat. You all know I adore Molton Brown products and I've been lucky to have been gifted many products from them and have also purchased purchase quite a few myself. They are the ultimate luxury gift items and I always include them in my Gift Guides. I was kindly sent the most beautiful package from Molton Brown and honestly, it absolutely made my day. I had just come back from work and was super stressed so seeing this lovely package on my bed instantly lifted my mood and turned around my day  (my flatmate/friend placed it on my bed as a "surprise"- she's a sweetheart). Sometimes, it's the small things that make a difference. First thing I did was give my room and bed a nice spray using the Gingerlily Home and Linen Mist* and it was blissful. That was back in May and I have absolutely enjoyed all the products and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

Brief Overview of the  Gingerlily Range
The Molton Brown Gingerlily range is inspired by Tahiti and designed to actually bring us closer to the exotic beauty of Tahiti even though we are far, far away. According to the Molton Brown website, the Gingerlily range is designed for anyone who craves a bit of wanderlust and escape. I absolutely agree with this description because the fragrance takes me away to an exotic holiday I have only dreamt about and without having to leave my room. From the name, you can easily deduce that it contains Ginger and Lily (White Lily extract) but the various products in the range also contain other beautiful ingredients. One exotic ingredient you can find in the range is the hydrating Tahitian Tamanu Oil. I can only describe this Gingerlily range as heavenly and an instant mood lifter.

What did I receive?
I truly felt special the day these babies arrived because they were a complete set of products designed to give my home the much needed oomph!!  Inside my bag, I got the Gingerlily Single Wick Candle*, Gingerlily Aroma Reeds Diffuser* and the Gingerlily Home & Linen Mist*. Together and on their own, they work so well together. I had to resist the urge of not using the Aroma Reeds Diffuser immediately until I got some nice shots of it. I actually had the Gingerlily Candle from last year which I had finished burning and was plotting on repurchasing when next there was a discount code. So I was super grateful to receive another one!!

Can we just address the packaging of Molton Brown? Yes, I talk about it every time I review Molton Brown but who can ignore it. I definitely can't. The packaging alone feels like a gift in itself and it’s so lush. I always keep my Molton Brown packaging because they are way too precious to be thrown away and they can be used. I also reuse these beautiful packaging to store makeup, makeup brushes or anything else I fancy. That’s how beautiful they are!. Gingerlily is one of my favourite scents/ranges from Molton Brown so I was very happy that to try out the Home Fragrance Collection.

Gingerlily Aroma Reeds Diffuser* // Link //£39
As shocking as this might sound, this is actually the second diffuser I have ever owned. Of course, we had diffusers in our family home when I was younger but as an adult, it feels nice to own a few for myself. I absolutely love the beautiful pink packaging complete with instructions on how to get the best use of the diffuser. Inside the packaging, you get the Aroma Reeds, Diffuser Oil Blend and the Instructions of use. You can choose to use all the reeds depending on how intense you want the fragrance. I am always all or nothing so I popped in all the reeds. The top notes include Cardamom, Peach, Ginger and Orange absolute. The heart notes include Tuberose, Plum and Jasmine while the Base notes contain Cedarwood, Clove and Musk. Now, I realise why I  have fallen in love with this diffuser and it’s simply because it contains some of my favourite scent ingedients (Tuberose, Jasmine and Musk).  First off, I love how secure the Diffuser Oil bottle is and there was no spillage whatsoever when I received it. The bottle looks so beautiful against any surface and completely changed up my room d├ęcor. I had it in the living room initially but I transferred it to my room because that’s where I spend most of my time.

The beautiful fragrance envelops my room but not in an overpowering way. It’s a really perfect balance of fragrance that just does what it is designed to do- invoke a feeling of relaxation. Over May-July, I have had a few changes in my life (not bad ones but major ones) and I have been a little stressed. It’s hard to believe or imagine that something as simple as a fragrance can totally ease my stress and help me relax. Each time I come back from work and pop into my room, I just feel so good. The beautiful fragrance welcomes me and I know that I am indeed home where I can just relax and de-stress. I know this sounds deep (or maybe silly) but all I am trying to say is I have absolutely enjoyed having the Gingerlily Aroma Reed Diffuser in my little space and it’s made such difference in improving my wellbeing.

Gingerlily Single Wick Candle*//Link //£36
This is actually my second Gingerlily candle and I was so delighted to be reunited with it again. I only burned the previous one on special occasions and I will be going down the same route with this one. The packaging has to be one of the best candle packaging I have owned. Even without opening the packaging, I am welcomed with a lovely whiff of the decadent Gingerlily fragrance. The candle is housed in a very sturdy glass bottle which is also pink to match the Gingerlily theme. Although we have a faux Summer here In London, I still burn candles (during the day but mainly at night) to help me chill/relax. It burns really evenly without any tunnelling in sight and I guess that’s why I love it. Its scent is not the strongest one out there but it's exactly the way I love my candles. I am not one for overpowering scents be it in a perfume or home fragrance collection. I love fragrances that provide a consistent and balanced supply of fragrance/scent. I prefer to burn candles in the evening when I get back from work and have washed and had dinner.

 It’s my perfect me time partner and really sets the mood for me. It’s also perfect  when I am working on my blog or even taking blog photos. Let’s not forget that Molton Brown candles are amazing blogging props and can also be recycled as brush holders!! I absolutely love this candle and while it is pricey, I feel it makes a perfect gift to new home owners or to a loved one. A good tip for ensuring you get the best use from your Molton Brown candle is to trim the candle wick to about 5mm before lighting it to avoid soot and maximise burn time. It’s also recommended to burn candles for at least 2 hours to prevent any chances of tunnelling although I have burnt my Gingerlily for less than 2 hours and it was still perfect. However, I think it’s a really good tip especially for other candles that may be prone to tunnelling.
P.S. I was also sent a lovely surprise yesterday- The Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Candle!! It's absolutely divine and will be testing it out over the weekend.  You can check out my unboxing video here!!

Gingerlily Home & Linen Mist*// Link //£24
According to Molton Brown, their new Home & Mist collection is intricately composed from Molton Brown’s signature EDT and now I understand why they smell so beautiful. They are four ranges in the collection including Orange & Bergamot, Pink Pepperpod and Ylang-Ylang. They all look absolutely incredible and I have resisted the urge of using my Gingerlily as a perfume because it smells so good. It is recommended to spray linen about 20cm away and only on washable fabric and that’s exactly what I do. When I transferred the Gingerlily Diffuser to the living room, I decided to fully test out the Home &Linen Fragrance and I was impressed. First off, it has a very even mist which I feel is essential when it comes to creating anything in a spray bottle. Uneven mists just mean the product will be subject to a lot of waste but that’s not the case with this beautiful baby. It’s the perfect finishing touch when I have arranged my room and laid my bed. I just give my entire room a quick spritz and also spray my beddings. I let it sink in and then slowly relax on my bed. I don’t think anyone can feel stressed after doing this. It has been really amazing and I still have a lot left which goes to say a little goes a long way. The best part is that the fragrance still lingers in the room for a good while which surprised me even when I opened my windows. I really recommend at least checking this out whenever you are near a Molton Brown counter or store.

Where to Buy// Link to the Gingerlily Range
 I am surrounded by Molton Brown counters and even a standalone store which is amazing as I don’t have to go far. My favourite stores are the counters in Elys Wimbledon and Bentalls Centre Kingston. There is also a beautiful standalone store in Kingston which is just a mini heaven and your purse will be very light when you leave because there are so many tempting things on offer. Of course, the ultimate shopping haven is the Molton Brown Flagship store on Regents Street. I can totally move in there, believe me. If you are unable to go in-store, you can always check online and their service is amazing. Why? They always beautifully wrap all online orders and they also offer free gift wrapping. If you are like me and hate paying for shipping, you can request for it to be sent to a store so you can pick it up (Click and Collect Service). That’s what I have always done for my orders. The best part is they always include free samples which you can choose and they are perfect for travelling. If you are after sales, they have sales going on currently on their website if you fancy making some savings. If you sign up to their newsletter, you will always have first dips when their sales or discounts go live and believe me, it’s always a good one.

Overall Thoughts
I am just beyond impressed with the entire range and I am so grateful to Molton Brown for letting me experience them. While I know they are expensive, the quality you get is out of this world and the products last for such a long while. I know this because I have purchased some products for myself, loved ones and even for a giveaway and each time I have been super impressed. Molton Brown products are all worth the hype and more. Also, they are aesthetically pleasing in homes. That’s pretty much it. Have you tried any products from the Molton Brown Home Fragrance Collection?
*Gifted PR Sample +Affiliate Links, read my full disclaimer here


  1. Gorgeous pictures and love the look of this collection :-)


    1. Thank you so much lovely!! The collection is definitely worth checking out!!...xx

  2. This range smells amazing - I'm not going on holiday this year *weeps*, and I love the thought of having a scent that can make your home feel exotic. I've never tried a home and linen mist before, and now I honestly feel like I NEED one in my life haha

    Steph -

    1. Awwww bless!! I know what you mean!! It really does takes you away while you are still chilling on your bed!!! I think the Home and Linen Mist is really amazing as it lingers in a beautiful way!!..xx

  3. How beautiful! This is a brand that I really like but don't find myself purchasing much from regularly. I need to change that it seems. And Liv, hun, your pics are reaching a level of perfection that makes me feel like I'm living in them. So beautiful! xxx

    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

    1. I was the same as well and I just used to take what my Dad had until I was reunited with them in 2014 and believe me, I have not looked back. A good time to purchase is during their discounts and Black Friday sales. I also look out for when my local department stores who stock it ave 10-20% offers as it's a good way to make some savings. I will keep you in the loop when next there is an offer going on...xx


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