Atkinsons Love in Idleness Perfume Review

I was having a chilled afternoon at home last month when I received a gorgeous parcel containing some lovely products including this Atkinsons "Love in Idleness" Fragrance*. I didn't know this parcel was coming my way so it was an even more special surprise!! It was definitely love at first sight (and whiff) when I opened the parcel and saw the Atkinsons "Love in Idleness" Fragrance. I hadn't really heard about this brand before then but a quick google search and reading the Press release brought me up to speed. I almost didn't want to use it because it had such a beautiful and unique packaging (including the bottle) and I don't think I've ever owned any similar fragrance or packaging. However, I had to use it and I have not stopped using it because it is pretty damn impressive.

Brief Overview of Atkinsons
Atkinsons is a quintessential British brand which specialises in making fragrance collections, home collections and bath and grooming collections. Under each collection, you can find a good range of products ranging from EDTs, EDPs, after shaves, bath/shower gels,body lotions, candles, etc. The brand was established in London in 1799 (which is why the brand is also known as Atkinsons1799) by James Atkinson who was from Cumberland. I believe James Atkinson actually owned one back in the days and this bear forms part of the brand's emblematic logo. Shortly after the brand was established, Atkinsons fragrance house became the official perfumerer to the Royal Court of England and also to the most aristocratic and exclusive clientele worldwide. Atkinsons is now ushering its newest collections which are the boldest and most irresistible to date of which " Love in Idleness" is a part of. I was so impressed by the story behind the brand that I could not resist linking it to this post. You can read more about the brand here and about the stories of the brand over here. It's totally worth a read, I promise!

Yes, you guessed right; I have to gush about the packaging because it is absolutely gorgeous. I don't think anyone who owns this bottle can just ignore it even if you are not into packaging. First off,  the outer packaging is purple which is my absolute favourite colour so that's the first thing l was drawn to. This outer purple packaging has a drawer-like enclosure which houses the fragrance itself. I love opening and closing it as it reminds me of a vintage lingerie drawer.  The bottle in itself does not come in a regular perfume/fragrance bottle. Instead, it comes in a replica of a glass flacon or flask if you will (very similar to the type for alcohol) complete with a stunning lid. I know this will be one of the bottles I will be keeping long after I have run out of this fragrance. It's just too pretty to be thrown away. Can you imagine this bottle on a glass dressing table? (I sadly do not own one at the moment but soon, soon!!). 

What does Atkinsons say about this Fragrance?
The Atkinsons website describes Love in Idleness as the ethereal innocence of the violet flower touched by Cupid's arrow and transformed into a spell-blindingly sensual love potion. I know it may sound like something out of a Shakespeare novel but this description really captures the very essence of this fragrance in fact it is likened to a midsummer's night dream. For me, I would describe it as a super sensual feminine fragrance that's quite intoxicating but not in a bad way. It just draws you in and I guess that's why I just always want to get a whiff of it. 

Notes in this Fragrance
When it comes to notes, I don't do guessing games and I go straight to the website to make sure the notes I am smelling are accurate. The top notes are Raspberry & Violet Leaves which is quite an unusual but amazing combination. The middle notes are Violet Flowers, Orris and Heliotrope which also give off a unique fragrance and it finally settles to its base notes of Tree Moss and Patchouli. I am all for anything floral or fruity mixed with a woody finish. The patchouli definitely lends this fragrance the perfect balance of a feminine, seductive yet classy vibe. 

Who is this fragrance for?
This is one fragrance that I would say depends on your preference. According to the Atkinsons website, "Love in Idleness" is a neo-Victorian love philter for those who believe in the magic of fragrance. So there you have it!! If you love feminine scents but those with a unique character, this is definitely for you. If you have a mum, nan, aunty, friend, bff etc who is a romantic at heart, she would adore this fragrance. I never used to think of myself as a romantic but this fragrance has really appealed to me in a different way that none other has. So, I would say it's a fragrance for anyone who loves feminine fragrances. 

My experience with "Love in Idleness"
It's very hard to describe a scent especially one as beautiful as this Atkinsons offering because I have never owned or smelt anything exactly like this. Somewhere etched in my brain, the fragrance reminds me of my very first trip abroad (it was to Belgium and abcouple of other European Countries - let's just call it a Euro Trip). I really can't pinpoint what exactly about this fragrance takes me back to that trip (which was a freaking amazing one over 15 years ago). Yet, this fragrance makes me feel incredibly feminine. It's a super sensual but demure fragrance- you know the type you want to wear when you have just fall len in love. Yes, that's the kind of fragrance. However, it's not overly youthful which is why I think any woman can wear this and have a different experience but femininity is definitely one of such feelings.  I know I am not making complete sense right now and that's why I wish blogs sometimes worked like magazines where you could sneak in little sachets of fragrance so readers can nod their heads to the description of the fragrance. The only option is to pop over to House of Fraser or Harrods to get a whiff of this incredible fragrance. I kid you not; it's bound to elicit compliments and questions. It is an EDT (Eau de Toilette) Natural Spray so I didn't expect it to be long wearing as such but I was so wrong. It lasts a pretty long time for an EDT and when I think it has completely faded, I still catch a whiff of it on me. It does not disagree with my body chemistry and it does not give me a headache or heady feeling. It's just pure bliss!!

Cost and Where to Buy //Link //£100
As you would imagine, it comes at a huge price. It retails for £100 for 100 ml. It's a steep one but the quality you get, the rich history and heritage behind the scent and exquisite packaging all adds up. You can purchase this fragrance at Harrods and House of Fraser. I believe these are the only retailers who currently sell this in the UK. You can also check the Store Locator here which will show you your nearest retailer (Americas, Europe, Asia, etc).  I did see it on Amazon but I am not 100% sure of its source (plus the total cost comes to £120) so I have not linked it but do feel free to do a google search. 

Overall Thoughts
I know I have gushed a lot about this fragrance but it really is a firm favourite and was my Summer fragrance. I already featured it in my July Favourites and also on my Instagram a few times. Now, I think I will always remember 2016 Summer because of this fragrance and it was a happy summer for me so that makes everything even better. I have used a quarter of the bottle already and I know I will keep using it even when we approach A/W. I am going to just stop now. Hope you enjoyed this post and see you in my next. Have you tried the Atkinsons Love in Idleness fragrance?
*Gifted PR Sample + Affiliate links used, read my full disclaimer here.


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