La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant Launch + Mini Review

This week is going to be an events blog post week on the blog because I am just editing the photos I took at past events. I love going to events because I can practice my photography skills and push myself when it comes to creating beautiful photos. I never want my skills to be restricted to just product photography so I try to step out of my comfort zone and events are one of my favourites to photograph. I thought I might as well start this week's events series with one of my favourite brands- La Roche Posay. I always look forward to attending their events and their PR (Dowal Walker) do an amazing job each time!! I actually attended this event back in July and it was to celebrate the launch of the Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant*.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'd probably have seen me talk about the Effalcar Duo (+) as it has cropped up in my favourites more than a few times. La Roche Posay decided to step up the Effalcar Duo game by developing the Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant which is a tinted and improved formula of the regular Effaclar Duo (+). I have a mini review of this product at the end of this post. For now, let's enjoy the pictures and blurb of the event.

The event was held in Central London (no surprise here as most events are held around this area). I was so happy I could get there on time because most times I have to race from work so I can make it to an event but I didn't have to this time around. Although I was on time, the venue was packed full of beauty bloggers, beauty enthusiasts, etc. because everyone loves La Roche Posay launches.

Of course, I ran into some of my favourite bloggers which is also another reason why I love these events. I know I can catch up and have a good laugh with other bloggers. I saw the lovely Priya (Poofie), Jamila (Blush London), Natalie (DOS Blog) and so many others. We started off with some delicious canap├ęs and drinks while we caught up from the last time we saw face to face.

We also popped downstairs to check out the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream station from Lick Me and it was absolutely divine. Think Gelato Ice cream but way smoother and creamier. It's just one of those ice creams you need to taste for yourself to understand how delicious they are. In the true La Roche Posay style, the ice cream was blue (although it was vanilla and chocolate flavoured). It was one of the highlights of the event for me!!

Soon, it was time for the unveiling of the new La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant. Apparently, 49% of men and women in the UK suffer from spots,blackheads and oily skin with 21% of those looking for coverage specifically for blemishes. I absolutely agree with these stats and findings because I am definitely one of the 49% and 21% as well. I am always on the lookout for products that provide sensible coverage without causing my skin to break out.

 The Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant is a dual action anti-imperfection formula with sheer coverage and all the efficacy of the award winning Effaclar Duo (+). It is designed to treat and reduce blemishes and enhanced with a mattifying 100% mineral pigment tint to instantly reduce redness and even out skin tone. Some of the ingredients in the formula include Niacinamide, LHA, Linoleic Acid, Procerad and Piroctone Olamine. They all work together to back up these claims. The only downside in my opinion is that it only comes in two shades: Fair/Light and Light/Medium.

To be fair, it was actually alright (in terms of the shade match) when I blended it into my skin but I knew my friend will love it so I gave it to her.  She is so sweet and we used to work together up until last month.  I am so glad I did because she fell absolutely in love with it and is planning to purchase the Effaclar Duo. I took a snippet from our Whatsapp chat for this review:
" Liv, I ordered some more of the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant you gave me to try. I'm in love with it and I think you need to write about it on your blog. It's amazinnnnnnnnng. Also, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the product. I love it".

I feel so pleased that she loved it and you all know I already love La Roche Posay so hearing someone else say they are in love with the brand makes me so pleased. My friend has beautiful fair skin but she also tans so beautifully so I feel like both shades will work for her. I do wish La Roche Posay will introduce more shades but I am sure they are working on it. I know it is an amazing product based on my friend's review (who is not even a blogger) and other reviews I have read online. I think it is definitely worth checking out especially for summer if you are after a lighter base product.

Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant (£16.50) and can be found in Boots, Escentual, Feel Unique, etc. It is always worth checking out which of these sites have some discount going on as I am sure there will be at least one. I know Escentual is currently having a site wide 20% discount off (using code ESCENTUAL20) all their products so it's a good time to try it out. I really had an incredible time at the event and I always enjoy La Roche Posay events. That's pretty much all for today. Have you tried the Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant?
*Gifted PR Sample + Affiliate Links used, read my full disclaimer here.


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