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If you a regular reader of my blog, you'd recall that I was kindly invited to an #InsideWella Event back in July and I had an amazing experience (read about the post here). I learned about the brands under the Wella umbrella (including Wella ones, of course). I was also sent home with a generous goody bag of some hair care products across these brands. I have been trying them out for a little while now so I am here to share my thoughts on them. I may have featured a couple of these products in my monthly favourites because they are truly impressive. Right let's dive into the review.

Brief Overview of Wella
Wella was founded back in 1880 by Franz Stroher who was a hairdresser from Saxony, Eastern Germany. His sons joined him in the business and together they developed and built Wella to be as great as it is today. Wella is known for its innovative products and one of their many innovations was Koleston which was the first hair balm designed to protect and nourish the hair. The ad from Koleston featured iconic Elizabeth Taylor.  Over 130 years later, Wella is still going strong constantly churning out innovative and creative products. You can read more about their heritage here.  In 2015, Wella launched their new styling range called the EIMI range which is incredible and I got a chance to try some products at the Inside Wella Event last month. Wella has other brands under its umbrella including System Professionals, Sebastian Professionals, Sassoon Professionals, Nioxin and Kadus Professionals.

What products did I receive?
I was delighted to see some of the beautiful products that were used on my hair during the Inside Wella event in my goody bag. I have completely made a 360 degrees turn when it comes to my choices of hair products I use both on my Afro and extensions. I really need to do a post showing some of my favourite hair care products. Anyway, I was kindly gifted the following: The System Professional Shampoo Silver Blonde Shampoo*, Sebastian Professional Sublimate*, Oil Reflections Light Luminous Oil* and EIMI Sugar Lift Spray*. They also kindly included a Rachel Vosper candle which just smells incredible. I have been burning it this summer and the fragrance is just perfect. I have put majority of the products to test since July so I thought to share my experience.

Wella Oil Reflections Light Luminous Oil*// Launching in January 2017
I have talked about this Oil more than a few times on this blog and that's because it's pretty damn amazing. I don't think I have ever tried any hair product quite like it and it delivers every single time I use it. It is the latest additions to the first precious oil collection from Wella Professionals and now I need to try the other products from the range. The Oil Reflections Light Luminous Oil is created specifically for fine to normal hair with a promise of offering consistent stunning results and a silky smooth mane. If I could add emojis to my website, this oil will get loads of the "in love" emoji. It is formulated with Camellia oil and White Tea extract which provides a luminous shine to the hair while enhancing colour, boosting softness and helping to protect the hair from natural lipid degeneration. I use this on my Afro and it truly transforms and makes it so soft and healthy looking. I apply it just before styling and all day, I can still see its effect on my hair. On my extensions, it works so well that it has helped revive my hair extensions which I was almost getting ready to toss. I and my flatmate are absolutely obsessed with this product and I know once it launches it will be an instant best seller. Although its called an oil, it feels more like a hybrid of a very light oil and a serum. The texture is truly one of a kind and I honestly cannot sing its praises enough. I could possibly write a whole blog post singing its praises and I don't think it will do it any justice. The long and short of it all is just put it on your wish list as it will work on many hair types. I think it's lightweight texture and its effectiveness makes it a really unique product.

Sebastian Professional Sublimate* //Link //£18
This is my other favourite product from the range and I use this almost every day together with the Oil Reflections Luminous Oil. The Sebastian Professional Sublimate is described as an invisible finishing creme that provides cashmere smooth shine and I cannot agree more. My Afro (when I am wearing it out) has a natural dry texture which means I do have to use products that helps it retain whatever little moisture it can get while controlling frizz. The Sublimate really bridges this gap for my hair and my hair feels less dehydrated with minimal frizz. I currently have extensions with a kinky texture which is similar to my hair texture when it is blown out. With this kind of texture, it tends to get frizzy and poofy so fast especially with this weather and I have tried quite a few effecitive products to help tame my hair. One of these effective products is the Sebastian Sublimate and I am pretty sure it will be running out soon because it's a firm favourite for me. I use it everyday on my extensions and top it off with the Oil Reflections Light and my hair looks amazing and remains that way all day. The Sublimate is formulated for use on dry hair as it forms an even film around the hair's surface, smoothing and lightly coating uplifted cuticles for improved definition and frizz control.  It's also a lightweight formula so it will not weigh your hair down at all. It's also another product I will highly recommend checking out.

Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift Spray*// Link // £9.90 (currently £6.93 on Look Fantastic)
I have to admit I never was a fan of using any kind of hair spray or mist because most of them have not worked for my hair. However, I have totally been converted after trying some amazing brands this year. The EIMI Sugar Lift Spray is designed to infuse some volume to the hair while providing a good hold as well. It also adds a lift to the hair with a slight shine.It has a Hold Level of 3 which I think is decent to do the job without feeling too dry or crunchy. It is actually infused with sugar (hence the name) which made me really want to put it to test as I don't think I have tried any hair product with sugar in it or at least to my knowledge. As you would imagine, it smells so lovely and the packaging is really cute. I use it mainly on my extensions especially when I have some waves or curls in them as it really helps with volume and a lift. I just spray my hair  (when it is dry) and scrunch it up to help the waves or curls last longer. It also helps a lot when my curls or waves are dropping usually on the second or third day and it helps revive them to look so lush.

System Professionals Silver Blonde Shampoo* //Link //£18.25
Last but not least is the System Professionals Silver Blonde Shampoo which I have not tried yet because I have not coloured my hair yet. I plan to do so in the coming months and will report back on how we fare. The Silver Blonde Shampoo is the latest addition to System Professional's Energy Code product line up and it helps transform the vitality and tonality of blonde hair. I do feel it will work on other hair colours so don't feel restricted that it mentions blonde hair. However, I think it may definitely be optimised for blonde hair. Many of my friends who have dyed their hair blonde tell me that it is not the easiest to maintain and I can only imagine. I once dyed my hair a honey blonde colour to match my complexion and it was an absolute headache to maintain because I did gave the right products to help me. I cannot wait to put this to the test when I finally dye my hair.

Where to Buy
Many Wella products can be purchased from a variety of retailers including Look Fantastic, Feel Unique, etc. You can also check out the Wella website for other retailers which may be closer to your area. I know Look Fantastic is currently having a discount off some brands including Wella and you also get a free gift which is pretty neat. Overall, I think Wella products are quite affordable especially for the quality you get.

Overall Thoughts
I am very impressed with Wella especially as it's my first time trying them out. I know I will be repurchasing some of my favourite products from the range including the Oil Reflections Luminous Oil Light. I also suggest trying out their gift sets which will be launched during the festive season as it's a good way to try out a range of Wella products at a good price. That's pretty much my review!! Have you tried Wella Professionals Hair Care?
*Gifted PR Sample + Affiliate Links used, read my full disclaimer here.


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