Chit Chat/Life Update #6- Goodbyes and Hellos

I can't believe how many updates I have written in the past year but I only write them when significant things or changes have happened. The past few months have been more than a roller coaster journey and I am trying hard to achieve a proper balance to my life. Anyways, I am almost there so I thought I should update everyone on what I have been up to.

School Update and Graduation
I mentioned in these posts here and here that I was back in school for an extra academic year to further my career. It was a compulsory one year course in Pharmacy so I could move into the career direction I wanted. I have to say it was one of my toughest years yet because I tried my best to balance everything and it was still difficult. Studying and working full time is no joke and when you add a commute to school which involves 6 train and 2 bus journeys, things could go a little crazy. Thank God I only had to attend school (University of Brighton) twice a week but it was enough to keep me exhausted. I just thank God for seeing me through the entire year. I passed all my exams which filled me with delight  and I was ready to move over to the next stage of my career. I remember when I first started this course, I told myself I won't bother attending the graduation as I already attended other graduations from my two other degrees (including a Master's Degree) and three professional qualifications/certificates. I had no idea how tough it was going to be and I told myself when it was all over, I will definitely be getting my butt to the Graduation ceremony. I was very proud of myself because this particular course meant a lot to me even more so than some of my previous ones. It was a bright and sunny day in July and I happily marched down the podium to receive my certificate.

I am sure I must have mentioned that I worked (up until recently) in the public sector as a Project Manager around policy, welfare reforms and legislation. It was an amazing role and I felt so blessed to be working in such an incredible organisation and surrounded by the best team ever. Sadly, I had to make a really difficult decision to leave so I could get back into Hospital/Clinical Pharmacy. It was a super tough call for many reasons but everyone in my team were so supportive even when I had to study. My last month was in July and it was a very emotional one for me because I was rounding off all my precious projects and saying goodbye to my amazing colleagues. I had worked there for almost 3 years which is a long time for me. During my last week, my team organised two leaving do lunches- one where I made some Nigerian meals which they loved and the other at a restaurant. My manager gave such a beautiful speech and my entire team presented me the most thoughtful gifts ever. It was a very emotional day for me and my eyes teared up many times when people came over to say goodbye. When I got home, I bawled my eyes out. I know it's so silly, right!! I just missed (and still miss) all my lovely colleagues and reading the cards and admiring the gifts makes me really happy.

One of the gifts they gave me was a House of Fraser Gift Card (actually they gave me 2) because they know how much I love shopping. There was quite a significant amount in these cards so I decided to treat myself to a new handbag because why not. I finished my old job on a Friday, went shopping on Saturday and started my new job on Monday and I wished I had a little break!! Anyway back to my bag, I knew I wanted a new bag but I didn't know which one. I originally wanted a Michael Kors Bag but I didn't realise House of Fraser only sold them online and I am the kind of person that needs to see a bag in real life before I purchase it. My friend/flatmate told me to check out DKNY and thank God I did because they had such amazing bags. I fell in love with the DKNY Bryant Park Medium Bag in Saffiano Leather and I can't even put into words how obsessed I am with it. I paid a paltry sum on top of my gift card and it was mine to go home and play with. I am hoping to do a video pretty soon showing its content and possibly a mini review of the bag.

Hello, Hospital Pharmacy
I started my new job in a Teaching Hospital this month(apparently it is one of the largest in the UK; I only learned this during induction so I am very impressed). I actually got the job offer earlier this year which felt so amazing because I could make all my plans knowing I had another job waiting for me. It's only 5-7 minutes on the bus from my house so it's very convenient. I take a bus to work and then walk back which is ever so relaxing for me. The walk back home keeps my head clear and gets me in the right frame of mind for the next day. It's totally different from my previous job and it's been a large learning curve with a lot of adjustments to do. We have several rotations that involve patient services, working in the dispensary, ward rounds, specialist departments, etc. I absolutely enjoy it even though it was challenging in the beginning I am learning so much and slowly but surely easing myself into my schedule.

Blogging Update
As you would imagine, I am still trying to adjust to a new blogging routine. I am not even sure what it will be yet but I will try my best to be as regular as I can. Blogging is my escape and a form of relaxation for me and I always look forward to it but sometimes life gets in the way. Slowly, I am getting back into my schedule and I hope it is one that can last for a good while. I have so many posts in my draft and gazillion of photos to edit which I am getting through so do bear with me. I promise it will all be worth it. If you love events, do check out the ILIA Beauty Masterclass Event with MMCL, OUAI Event with Jen Atkin, La Roche Posay Unifiant Launch Event and Inside Wella Event. I recently attended the Sachajuan Blow Out Hair Event and the Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis Launch as well and they were all incredible!! More event photos will follow shortly. I usually post more on Instagram and even Insta Stories which I am absolutely obsessed with. I definitely prefer Insta story to Snap Chat (yeah, I said it!!!). If you are not following me on Instagram, you should!!

That's pretty much my update. I have tons of reviews to write up on many products I have been enjoying. I will try my best and whip them all out so they are still relevant and helpful to everyone. I usually show my Blogger Mail in Insta stories so it's a good place to see what's new.  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend...xx


  1. Such a lovely post! I enjoyed readin it soo much. Congratulations on making a new step in your career! Pictures are so lovely as well :)

    1. Thank you ever so much and I am so glad you enjoyed this post!! xxx


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