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I love fragrances a lot and I love to switch them up depending on the season. I do have my default notes I go for as I prefer anything with Fig, Tuberose and Musk. I love woody and musky fragrances and I am also partial to fragrances with floral or citrus top notes. Yeah, I just love all kinds of fragrances but I gravitate towards woody/musky notes because I feel they are very sensual. However, I prefer to go for fruity and floral scents during Summer because I just feel it is more appropriate for the season. I love fragrances that are light, easy and breezy. Most of these fragrances may have been reviewed on here already so I would link their reviews where possible.

Jo Malone Fragrances (Lily of the Valley// Peony and Blush Suede)
Jo Malone is easily one of my favourite fragrance brands because the fragrances are really unique.  For Summer, I opt for really fresh and light Jo Malone Fragrances and I love mixing them together. The first one I have been loving this Summer (and also for Spring) is from a limited edition collection- Lily of the Valley (review here). It was from the Rock the Ages collection (now sold out) which was inspired from the various British Eras. I love this fragrance so much and I am really sad that it is limited edition. I am trying my best to make sure it lasts me at least through this year but I am not sure how I can manage. It reminds me of a nice floral garden where I just want to chill and not do anything. It's also very feminine and sensual but in a very subtle way. It's the kind of fragrance you want to wear when you are wearing a crisp white shirt with jeans and going for lunch with friends. I love it so much!!

The next favourite from Jo Malone is the Peony and Blush Suede// Link (review herefragrance and I am so pleased it is not limited edition. It just smells divine and it's very tempting to just douse yourself in it. It's best to refrain from such because it is quite a pricey little perfume but I was lucky to be given this as a birthday gift from my friend. She knew I was obsessed with this fragrance and had it on my wish list for so long. It equally smells like a garden full of peonies and rose (no surprise) but it is not a sickening sweet fragrance at all. It just has the right amount of floral goodness that sets you in the right mood. I love to combine both the Peony and Blush Suede and Lily of the Valley and it's one of the best combinations I have done. I think mixing them even makes the fragrance last much longer than they do individually. If you like a light and fresh summer fragrance, I suggest trying out the Jo Malone Fragrances as they are amazing quality although they are pricey.

Miss Selfridge Beau Fragrance (EDP)// Link // £12
I have had this fragrance for a long while and I am glad it is finally making an appearance here on the blog. When I heard Miss Selfridge was launching a fragrance range, I was really interested in trying out at least one because they bottles looked so Parisian. However, I thought they would be too girly because Miss Selfridge is targeted at younger girls and ladies.. Don't get me wrong;  I still love their clothing despite this because they are really good quality and they cater to shorter girls like me :-). Anyway, I popped in store to get some tops on sale and I spied this in a gift set reduced to £7, I could not say no. How could I? I wish I had a picture of the actual gift set because it was stunning. It came with a vintage packaged powder along with this perfume. It was a dusty pink colour and the powder had a huge fluffy puff in it. The fragrance comes in 50 ml which is pretty standard for many perfumes. The bottle really looks quite expensive but it is really so affordable. I also thought I may not like the fragrance but I was pleasantly surprised about it. It is more of a citrus (fruity) fragrance but it settles into a woody/musky scent which I adore. The top notes are Pink Grapefruit, English pear and Raspberry Apple. The middle notes are Violet Absolute, Roe de Mai and Jasmine while its base notes are Vanilla Absolute, Cedarwood and White Musks. It's a really amazing mix of notes and it lasts for a really long time on me. I am really impressed with everything about this fragrance especially as it is an Eau de Parfum. If you want something slightly sweet and woody/musky for Summer, I suggest checking this out.

Zara Oriental Perfume (EDT)// Link // £7.99
I have mentioned this fragrance a few times and I always go back to it. I would not say it is a typical Summer Fragrance but it does remind me of being on holiday hence it qualifies as a Summer scent (in my head). As the name suggests, it has a musky oriental scent but I like that it is not too heavy. It just sits right with me and I always whip it out during Summer evenings or weekend evenings. It has Bergamot, Jasmine, Patchouli and Caramel notes which is a really unique mix. I don't think I have any fragrance that's similar to it at all. It just smells really unique and for an Eau de Toilet (EDT), I think the lasting power is really impressive. I like how simple and classic the bottle is and it just looks so elegant on my dresser. If you want an inexpensive fragrance that has an oriental/musky fragrance, I really suggest trying this out. It's very affordable for the quality you get. I actually got this in a gift set of two for only £13 which is an absolute steal. I gave the second fragrance (I think it was called Fruity) to my sister and she adores it.

Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier (EDP)*// Review// Link // £40.00
 I have already spoken about the Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier here on the blog with its own review. It's one of my favourite Summer fragrances and I can't seem to put it down. It is also the longest lasting fragrance in my collection. The major ingredient used in this fragrance is Fig which is one of my favourites. It is a perfect Fruity and Woody/Musky fragrance and I love the way the notes interchange with each other. It's an Eau de Parfum so you can expect amazing quality and longevity from it. This is my all rounder fragrance for Summer. It goes well during the day and at night. It is perfect for everyday and weekend and it always sets me in a good mood. I can't rave enough about it because it is truly incredible.

Body Shop Italian Summer Fig // Link// £18
This is the newest fragrance from Body Shop which is the embodiment of Summer. I don't own it yet but it is definitely one to be purchased at some point. I am not even going to start telling you how much I love Fig because I have established that already. This fragrance is a softer fig fragrance that feels very feminine yet with character. I had the chance to test it out in store and I really liked it. The best part is the packaging is very different from the traditional Body Shop designs and I think this looks outstanding. It really does look and feel like an expensive fragrance and I think it is really good value for £18. The best part is there are quite a few fragrances from the range. My second favourite  is called the Indian Night Jasmine which smells incredible. I definitely need to pick this up next time. If you want a really nice light Summer fragrance, then I suggest trying them out in store so you can make a choice.

Overall Thoughts
That's pretty much all my favourite Summer Fragrances. I think there is something for everyone no matter what kind of notes or mixes you like. There is something for the girl who likes something light and fresh (Jo Malone and Body Shop Summer Collection), one for the girl who likes sweet and fruity notes (Miss Selfridge Beau), one for the girl who likes a light oriental/musky fragrance (Zara Oriental) and one for someone who adores fig/citrus and musk (Fleur de Figuier). There is also something for everyone's budget as well. I really recommend trying out the Zara and Miss Selfridge fragrances which are super affordable with impressionable quality. Now, it's your turn- What's your favourite Summer Fragrance?...xx
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  1. Your fragrance collection is gorgeous - I need to try Jo Malone fragrances x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I just love fragrances!! Jo Malone fragrances are truly incredible!! I recommend getting one although they are pricey (maybe check duty free?)...xx

  2. I've been after Peony and Blush Suede for a while but Lily of the Valley sounds gorgeous too :) I also like the sound of the Roger and Gallet scent but I'm surprised at the price! I've had my eye on the new Body Shop ones as well xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Same with me until I finally received it as a gift. Lily of the Valley is beyond gorgeous and it's such a shame that it is limited edition. Roger C& Gallet is amazing and it does look/sound pricey but it lasts for ages and I think it is worth it. I definitely want to pick up the Body Shop Jasmine (your name!!) because it smells incredible!!....xx


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