L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation Review (Crème Cafe 110)

L'Oreal is easily my favourite brand for drug store foundations. I think they are the only brand that I have absolutely enjoyed using a number of their foundations (where I can find my shade). When I heard L'Oreal had launched their new Infallible Pro Matte foundation, I was excited but apprehensive. Why you may ask? Well, L'Oreal (and many other drug store brands) sometimes release very limited (or sometimes no) shades for darker skin ladies here in the UK. I think their True Match Foundation was the only range where they were many shades for darker skinned ladies here in the UK and I really commend them for that. For some reason, they always release more shades in the USA for some of their ranges. Surely, it can't be that ladies with dark skin don't purchase these foundations because I find that darker shades are always sold out in store and online when they are available. So, I am pretty sure there is a huge demand and market for it. I really hope they extend the shades for darker skinned ladies (which they already have) to the UK. Anyway, that's another rant and story for another day.

So, I popped in-store to haunt it down and I was not surprised to see  it was unavailable but I also noticed the shade range  for other skin tones was quite limited compared to what I had seen online. I decided to purchase this foundation from the USA via Ebay because I had read several raving reviews. L'Oreal foundations have never failed me so I was happy to bend over backwards to get it online. I find it very risky buying foundation online (especially if you have never tried it before) because there is a high chance of buying the wrong shade. I watched a good number of video reviews of this foundation on YouTube especially YouTubers who have the same complexion as me. It's always handy to identify bloggers or vloggers who have the same complexion as you do so you can piggyback on their recommendations.

I generally don't like foundations that come in a tube because I find that they could be messy and wasteful if you are not careful. However, I am making an exception for the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation. This is because the packaging is rather sleek and feels sturdy. The product itself is not too runny so only a little comes out at a time and the opening/hole prevents wastage. I think the packaging is amazing and very travel friendly because you can just pop it into your handbag or carry on. Its lid closes really securely so no accidental spillages if you happen to travel with it. I guess the only downside to it is that you can't tell the colour of the foundation from the bottle. They all seem to look the same which is not really the best especially if there are no testers in store and you want to play it by the ear (very bad idea, I tell you).

Shades Available
There are 12 shades in total but they seem to vary in the US and UK.. You can find all the shades over here on L'Oreal's website. : I  think the US and UK packaging are slightly different in terms of designs and details but they do look alike in principle. I chose the shade Crème Cafe after careful  consideration (I sound like I am writing a report for work *yawn*). I was going to get Soft Sable because it seemed to be the default shade for many people who have dark skin like me but I had a feeling it would be slightly dark for me and I was right. Crème Cafe is the perfect shade for me at the moment although I am very tempted to get Soft Sable just to compare. The range also has some powders although their corresponding names/shades have nothing to do with the foundations. For example, the powder shade I suspect will suit me is called Cool Tan but I am not sure the corresponding foundation will suit me. Anyway, I really like the packaging because it is really portable. It also has a good description of what to expect from the foundation at the back.

L'Oreal describes this foundation as an air light, demi-matte finish, medium coverage, 24 Hr long lasting foundation and I agree to all the claims except of course that it lasts for 24 hrs. I don't believe any foundation is capable of lasting that long and even if there was, why would I want to wear foundation for 24 hrs? Even when I worked in the hospital pharmacy and did long calls/shifts,  I could not be bothered wearing any makeup whatsoever. However, I have to say it lasts for a really long time on my face even during Summer. I barely have to touch up and it is really good at oil control. The formula is super light on application but it feels slightly creamy when you are blending it. It offers a medium coverage which can be built to full coverage depending on how many layers you use. I tend to use one layer which offers a really good coverage and then I go back with a light layer to completely cover my blemishes on my cheeks. I absolutely love it and many times I even skip using concealer because this does everything for me. I think my favourite thing about this foundation is the finish. It is a proper demi-matte finish which looks super flattering on my skin. It is perfect for anyone with combination/oily skin and it sets really well. You don't have to use a powder with this foundation at all but sometime I use one just to ensure it lasts even longer. As mentioned earlier, it lasts for a long while and I rarely have to to touch up because it stays put until I get home and take it off.

I prefer to apply this with a round buffing brush as opposed to my fingers and my favourite ones to use are the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and the Sephora Multi Task Brush. These brushes are amazing with this foundation and give me the best application and finish. I use a primer underneath this foundation although I think it would still perform well without one but I am just used to wearing primers. I apply one drop of foundation at the back of my hand to warm it up and apply it with a brush to my face. I like the way it sets to a demi matte finish but it does not affect its blend-ability at all. It can still be blended when it is set. I don't think it would cling to dry patches at all because it has a light creamy texture. I have seen a lot of people with dry skin who have said they still enjoy using this foundation but I can't comment on its behaviour for people with dry skin. As a combination/oily skin girl, I can clearly say this is seriously HG for me especially for Summer and I have worn it consistently since I purchased it. I just can't put it down

Cost// Link
I sincerely wish I could just buy this in UK as it retails for £7.99 and I honestly can't believe how affordable it is. The quality is incredible and at the price, it is an absolute steal. I got mine from a USA Ebay seller and it cost me a total of £11 including shipping which was not too shabby. Now, I wish I actually just purchased two of these foundations and even the powder for good measure as I won't have to pay for shipping again. It's just an amazing foundation and I can't sing its praises enough

I guess the only cons I can think of is the limited shade range and availability especially in the UK. The shades that are even available in the UK are super limited and people on the outer spectrum of skin tones (Pale and Dark skin) would find it difficult to find a suitable shade. As mentioned, the darker shades (Cool Tan, Creme Cafe, Soft Sable, Cocoa) are unavailable in the UK and are even difficult to find in the US so it's a real struggle people!! However, I still have to commend them for releasing at least 10 shades and I hope they do expand this lovely range of foundation in the future because I know many people have been singing its praises including me.

Overall Thoughts
I am sure you already know how I feel about it so I won't bother saying it again. It's an amazing foundation and I have been truly surprised on the results. Well, I am not too surprised mainly because L'Oreal do make one of the best foundations in the drug store. I have enjoyed all the ones I could find my shade in and I highly recommend using them. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the NARS All Day Luminous Foundation (review here), I highly recommend giving this a try. I am not saying it is an exact dupe because I don't think it is easy to replicate the incredible finish the NARS provides. However, this is as close as you can get in the drug store and I even think the L'Oreal Infallible Pro matte is more forgiving on dry skin compared to the NARS. That's it folks!! Have you tried the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation?
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  1. I've been curious about this foundation since so many bloggers said it's the next big thing after True Match (FYI, I finally purchased one on Ulta last month!). However, the price is kinda more expansive than True Match and I'm afraid it's just another average foundation.

    I've been using Covergirl Outlast Foundation for a month or so now, and it's my favorite foundation at the moment. I haven't tried the True Match because it hasn't arrived yet. I wonder if it's way better than my Covergirl, since you know, Covergirl has also been blogger's fave as well ;)

    1. I totally get what you mean especially any foundation or product that is hyped by bloggers. I can tell you that the Pro matte is absolutely worth it. True Match and Pro Matte are really my favourite L'Oreal foundations. I feel True Match suits almost everyone while Pro matte is better suited for people with combination/oily skin gals. I am so keen to try the Covergirl Outlast Foundation because I have heard so many good things about it. I look forward to your review!!..xx

  2. This sounds really good! The coverage looks quite good for a drugstore foundation, as well as for the packaging! Might need to give this a go xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It really is and I have to say I am super impressed with L'Oreal for creating such an amazing foundation. It's definitely worth a try....xx

  3. I'm really unsure about colour matching online. I might give it a go though as I really wanted to like this foundation but my closest shade was awful on! I had a bit of a moan on Twitter about the colour range and L'Oreal UK actually tweeted my saying they're expanding the shade range but I'm not sure how far along that is xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Tell me about it!! I really do wish that they would expand the range because it is an amazing foundation but it is hard to see its benefits if you don't have a matching shade. The pain of having an unmatched foundation is real. I suggest trying Ebay (watch some YouTube videos first to get a feel of the shades). Don't take my word for it because I have not seen you in real life but I think you may be either Fresh Beige, Caramel Beige or Classic Tan...xx


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