Budget Eye Makeup Removers (Favourites)

I am an eyeshadow junkie and I own more than a few eyeshadow palettes. I just love eyeshadows and I look forward to creating new looks every time. However, the problem with eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras is that you have to take them off. And taking them off can be a little tedious which is why it is important to use a good eye makeup remover. I find that if you wear eye makeup and you don't remove it properly, it may leave dark under eye circles or leave your eyes looking darker than the rest of your face. If you pair this effect with not getting enough sleep, you may have the most unflattering eyes. I have tried many eye makeup removers in the past and I do think high end ones sometimes work best. However, I have come across a few drug store gems which I think are super amazing.

There are different formulas when it comes to eye makeup removers but I tend to avoid anything that feels too greasy or anything that irritates/stings my eyes. My eyes are super sensitive and it does not help that I wear contact lenses which is why I very carefully choose what eye makeup remover I purchase.  I think it is worthwhile to invest in a separate eye makeup remover different to your regular eye makeup remover because many regular makeup removers are not  effective in taking off eye makeup (especially waterproof eye makeup). You may end up wasting more product because you want to remove every single scrap of eye makeup. I thought I should share some of these affordable eye makeup removers which are all under £5 but they rival many high end brands...

Garnier Eye Makeup Remover// £2.33 // Link
I think this was one of the first eye makeup removers I tried that I was seriously impressed with. It is a bi-phase formula which means it is a mixture of oil and water and it has to be shaken well to get the best results. The oil phase helps melt away any waterproof eye makeup and eyeliner while the water phase removes other water soluble eye makeup. This is one of the few bi-phase eye makeup removers that's not very greasy. It has some degree of greasy feel to it but it is not very noticeable if you are not a nit picker like me. It is always best to give this a good shake because it provides the best results this way. The few times I have forgotten to shake it well meant my eyemakeup was not removed effectively and it slightly stung/irritated my eyes. It does not feel irritating at all if you shake it well but the slight grease feel is still there. Overall for eye makeup removal, I would rate it a high 3.5/5 but I guess people's experiences differ.

Rimmel Just Let it Go Eyemakeup Remover // £3.59 // Link
I think I heard Lily from Lily Pebbles talk about this eye makeup remover last year and I had to try it because it sounded promising. I was not disappointed at all and it even became a Holy Grail item for me. I repurchased it countless times and I would always still repurchase it. It is a regular eye makeup remover formula and thank goodness it does not have a bi-phase. It feels just like water and it effectively removes my eyemakeup with a few swipes. I am also not left with panda eyes because it just appears to break all my eyemakeup down including waterproof makeup. However, I find that I have to go back in a second time to remove some sturbbon waterproof eyemakeup. The formula is really light on the eyes and it does not sting or irritate my eyes. I think it would be perfect for contact lens wearers like myself. The only downside is that it slightly feel too watery and the opening may let out more product than you need leading to waste. Despite all these little issues, it has remained one of my favorite drug store eyemakeup removers and  I really recommend trying it out. I would rate this 4/5 because it is amazing but sometimes it feels too watery and you may need more than a few cotton pads to remove waterproof mascara.

L'Oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover// £2.66 // Link
I already featured this little gem in my mini skincare haul over here and it is the best drug store eye makeup remover I have ever used. Yep, I know that's a pretty wide claim but I already mentioned I have tried many drug store eye makeup removers and this is the best so far. The funny thing is I never wanted to purchase it because I was not particularly impressed with the L'Oreal Micellar water which was launched around the same time. I thought it would be one and the same so I skipped over it every time I went shopping. However, I read quite a few reviews about it and I decided to try it out and I have fallen hard for it. It is described as a gentle eye makeup remover and I absolutely agree. I hardly feel it on my eyes and it feels exactly like water but a powerful one. It removes all my eye makeup so effectively that I have been reaching for it ever since I purchased it. It does not leave me with any panda eyes and it does not irritate or sting my eyes at all. I cannot recommend it enough and if you wanted to pick just one eye makeup remover, I would suggest trying this out. I am seriously impressed and I would be picking up a few backups. I rate this a very high 4.5/5 because it foes everything I want without hassles.

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased that the drug store brands are now creating better eye makeup removers which don't break the bank. There are several options to choose from and I am pleased with the three offerings shown in this post. They are all under £5 and they last for a good while so they are excellent value for money. I have a high end eye makeup remover post planned so let me know if you are keen to see one. That's it folks!! What's your favourite eye makeup remover?...xx
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  1. I use the Garnier one its the best one i have ever used! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I liked the Garnier one for a long time too!! I think it is one of the best Bi-Phase eyemakeup remover from the drug store although I wish it could be completely non-greasy....xx

  2. I love drugstore eye make-up removers, especially the bi-phase ones! xx


    1. Agreed! I think the bi-phase eye makeup removers are the most effective in removing waterproof makeup...xx

  3. I just have to find one even if it means using torchlight. Super affordable for me. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hahahah, your comment makes me laugh!! I totally get you and yes ooo I am so pleased that the drug stores now have very affordable eye makeup removers....xx

  4. Thanks for sharing! I usually just use coconut oil for makeup remover - but that isn't always travel friendly... going to have to try these out :)

    1. I actually think Coconut Oil and some other natural oils are the best for removing makeup including eye makeup however I do find them greasy and they interfere with my contact lens sometimes. However, they do the job so well. I agree that there are also not the best for travelling as they stability is dependent on the temperature....thanks for stopping by....xx


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