Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection

I recently wrote about one of my favourite perfumes from Jo Malone- Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense (review here) which was a birthday gift from the boyfriend. Ever since I had such an amazing experience at the Jo Malone Store topped off with an arm and hand massage, I knew I wanted to return soon. During the Hand and Arm Massage, the sales lady told me about the Rock of Ages launch and gave me an invite to experience it once it arrived in store. I saved the date and found my way to the store last month. I had already checked out the collection online and decided I would pick up the Tudor Rose and Amber. However, it was the Lily of the Valley and Ivy that stole my heart once I tested it.

Jo Malone Rock the Ages Collection
Jo Malone London recently launched the Rock the Ages collection which is a limited one. It was designed to depict several periods of the British Era/History. The collection has five fragrances and most of them are limited edition except the Pomegranate Noir which is part of the permanent collection and one of their best sellers (I heard!!). The fragrances in the collection include:
Tudor Rose and Amber (1485-1830) - Inspired by the heraldic Tudor Rose which is still used today as a royal symbol
Lily of the Valley and Ivy (1714-1830) - Inspired by the Georgian Era which is associated with fresh greenery and landscapes
Pomegranate Noir (1837-1901) - Inspired by the Victorian era (golden age) which embraced English Drama
Geranium and Verbana (1901-1919) - Inspired by the cool elegance of the Edwardian Summers
Birch and Black Pepper (2015) - Inspired by Modern Britain which is our current era

Lily of the Valley and Ivy
As mentioned, I was so sure I would pick up the Tudor Rose and Amber but I think there must have been something in the fragrance that did not go well with my body chemistry. I just fell in love with the Lily of the Valley and it stood out for me. According to Jo Malone London, Lily of the Valley and Ivy is reminiscent of the pastel gentility of Georgian London. The Georgian era was associated with pastel tenderness, beautiful landscapes, gardens and greenery. It’s such a fresh scent and I think it is perfect for spring.

I won't write too much about Jo Malone packaging because I have spoken about it already. They really know their stuff when it comes to creating impeccable packaging . It feels so luxurious and rightly so as Jo Malone products are not cheap at all. I love the limited edition packaging of all the Rock the Ages Collection and it's truly a collector's item. If I had my way, I would pick them all up but that would be absolutely foolhardy (it would make an amazing gift anyway-complete collection retails for £210). The bottle in itself is the regular 30 ml size but with a little twist. Its lid is lined with a silk-like floral green material which makes it look really pretty especially on my dresser. I know this will also be a lovely blog prop when it is finished because it looks so cute.
You know the drill; I am completely rubbish at describing any scent at all so I would go off Jo Malone London’s description. The Top notes include Sparkling Cassis and Green Ivy which sets the stage and opens up the fragrance. The heart/middle notes are a mixture of the dewy delicacy of the Lily of the Valley and Decadent Narcissus. It finally settles with notes of Amberwood and Musk. I like the way all the notes within the fragrance interact with each other to make an amazing scent

Compared to my Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense and Pomegranate Noir, I would say the Lily of the Valley and Ivy has an average staying power. It is a cologne (not intense) and I would describe it is a fresh and light fragrance. I did not expect it to last as long as the above two. However, I really like it and the final scent that it settles to is really lovely and I can still catch a whiff of it at the end of the day. I have been wearing it to work on its own and layered with Pomegranate Noir and it just smells really beautiful.

Who is it for?
I think this fragrance can be worn by anyone who is after a light, fresh fragrance that will usher in Spring. I personally feel it is a fresh scent that younger women will want to wear although there is nothing stopping older/matured ladies form wearing it. I love it mainly because it is a good mixture of floral and fruity scents with a dash of musk. Everything is really balanced and I have to the nose behind this fragrance (Christine Nagel) has done an amazing job. I really wish this can be a permanent collection as I would definitely save towards purchasing a 100 ml bottle.

It is slightly more expensive than the regular 30 ml which retails for £40. All the fragrances in the Rock the Ages Collection retail for £42 which is really expensive but I decided this will be my treat to myself for payday. I was also given some lovely samples as well. Can we just take a moment to admire these dainty samples (Pomegranate Noir- 9 ml and Pomegranate Noir Cream -15ml)? I have to give it to Jo Malone for making one of the most luxurious samples I have seen. I almost don’t want to use them...just kidding! I already have the full size of the Pomegranate Noir (read the review here) so having a dinky (and very generous) handbag version almost makes me forgive the extortionate amount I paid for this fragrance.

Overall Thoughts
What can I say? I am really pleased I got one of these limited edition Jo Malone fragrances. I am not one to buy into limited edition products but I knew I wanted to try one of these immediately the sales lady showed me a preview. I won’t say you should rush out and buy it because it is quite pricey but it is an amazing treat. I also think it will make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. If not, you can still make your Mum an amazing personalised card here. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you on my next post...xx
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  1. The fragrance sounds amazing and I can't believe those are samples - so luxury! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. I know right!! I was seriously stunned when I saw the samples all wrapped in a lovely velvet bag!! They do know how to deliver luxe items...The lily of the Valley and ivy is seriously lovely and feminine!!...xx


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